Russian Driver Hits Cows Doing the Nasty


You’d think they’d be at least smart enough to moove out of the way of oncoming traffic.


So cows fuck in the road 11 years from now? The future is scary.


I was hoping he was making some kind of first person reality-porno and strayed off the road into a cow field while busting a nut on some desperate 18 year old.


The bull didn’t even care. It was all like “ey! Ey! Come back here!” then the succeeding bull was like, “heyyyyy, I want some of that too.”


But for real, you’ve never seen animals in the middle of the road?


It’s an animal. To it, a car is nothing but another animal. I know the cow is probably smarter than the person who made the comment, but don’t expect it to think “OMFG AN AUTOMOBILE IS ON THE WAY I SHOULD CONTINUE TO FORNICATE ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD.” Idiots.


Probably helped that he still hadn’t put it in.

The question is whether or not he could have avoided it or slowed down. From the video, you can hear his tires locking up due to the sudden braking, and the couple did come out of the bushes rather suddenly. That said, there were other cows on the road that everyone else seemed to miss.

That, and this is Russia where cows are arguably the least of your worries in terms of things that can hit you on the road.


xaxaxaxaxa cyka


In 2025, all cattle are bio-mechanical and able to grow back the delicious beef harvested from them and eaten by humans. For a family, two is usually enough; one to be harvested and consumed while the other regenerates, via a complex grid of hormone-infused stem cell accelerators.

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.

And breakfast.

And lunch.

And then dinner again.

If you’re still alive.


This has been a public service announcement from your local beef harvesting, processing and then re-processing for harvesting again association.

Eat beef. It’s our only hope.



Cows are female.

If two cows are fucking they’ve went lesbian.


Razor and Matriarch taking this way too seriously,


Fucking cattle.


In before should have gotten ABS


AS … hot? as steamy cow tribbing is, I just said grown, as in raised, as in to eat! . . . not that kind of eat.

It’s not sexual! OMG, you pervs! :mad:

Cow sex. :tdown:


Why did he get out the car? You expecting minor damage or something? You just hit a baby tank… and he had his dick out. Now you got cow booty juice all over ya cracked windshield.


I’m actually surpised this wasn’t in India.




Damn that driver was like ‘‘MOOve over’’


Would it be safe to say “holey cow?”