Rust inside a stick?

Hi, I just recently bought a custom stick that’s passed through a few owners’ hands and the top panel is metal. On the outside the stick is okay but on the bottom of the top panel its super rusty. The pcb is on the metal there with the rust. My question is whether or not I should be worried about the rust. Thanks.

yes it may damage the pcb.

Rust although bad, its unlikely that it would seep into the case where the PCB is. Unless of course it was opened up or left outside with a lot of moisture.

Best option is to look inside and see.

Alright, so if I just take the pcb off and sand the rust off the plate it should be fine right?

Yup, if your really worried, you can use hot glue or adhesive pads to give your pcb a bit of a buffer so its not sitting directly on the metal -hth :slight_smile:

After you sand the rust off, use a coat or two of primer to prevent future rust build up.

Alright, thanks for all the help in this thread I’ll definitely do that.

Buy a can of contact cleaner. They’re about the same price as compressed air.