RVArcade possible tournament. Need a bit of help :)


Hey guys! I recently starting working for a mobile gaming company called RVArcade. The Founder is a really cool guy and is a fan of fighting games. So am I. (Mostly play SSFIV AE) So I recently suggested to him that maybe we could have a mobile tournament. Since we’re on wheels we can pretty much go all around LA county (any further I’d have to ask) but I think it would be pretty cool to have a mobile competition going, and of course it won’t just be limited to Street Fighter.

Currently we have 6 hi def TVs and several xbox 360s. We have a couple of PS3s too. We could also possibly provide some joysticks and fightpads if some people don’t have them.

I just need a bit of advice setting it up. Are there any experienced organizers that could possibly work with us, give advice, etc?

Would love to hear back from you guys! Feel free to post here or send me a PM and i’ll give you my contact info.


How much experience do you have running brackets? Do you plan on having a stream? Recording matches? How bad is the input lag on your TVs?


Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

I have no experience running brackets. Yes, we will be streaming the event live. Since it’s a mobile gaming tournament we were looking into getting the CLEAR wi fi service. Any other suggestions on mobile wi fi would be great.

I actually wanted to bring someone on who has experience running tournaments. An adviser, so to speak and there would be some pay involved. We would have to meet up and go over the equipment that we have. Or I could give you the specs of the TVs that we have in the next few days? Do you have any suggestions on who I could get into contact with on this forum who’s had tournament organizing experience?


I’d recommend either the Level Up Live guys or IEBattlegrounds, as both groups both have experience in holding professional, high quality streams in the fighting game community.