RX Interview in Brazil


Sorry for the delay, but here it is. A quick chat with the legendary RX during his passage around Brazil.

English and portuguese subtitles.


See you guys!


rx is just too sexy


Thanks for posting that. RX has always been my favorite 3S player. It’s nice to know that he’s successful in things other than 3S. He also has good taste, because Brazilian women are fyyyyne :tup:


rx doing slap chop HYAHH


thanks for the vid. awesome stuff and 3S fans should check it out.




Wow. Good shit.

Really enjoyed the interview.


That was an awesome interview. Great to see him still have love for the game, as well as continuing to spread the wisdom for everyone. Tokido may’ve brought Urien to the US, but RX has definitely shown the world just what Urien can truly do.


Nice interview man ! Good to see he still enjoys the game and plays it :slight_smile:


thanks papito for uploading the interview.