RX related footsie questions


The first match of this video is going to be my reference for this, as I’m hoping it’ll help me make sense of all this to everyone. It’s really recent footage, so I thought it might be good instead of the outdated SBO stuff.

In RX’s footsies, I’m seeing him use his trade mark jump > instant headbutts. I’m finally starting to realize that he’s actually partitioning these headbutts from his whiffed moves earlier on. I’ll try to explain as best I can understand…

0:39 - RX jumps, instantly does a EX headbutt over ken, crossing up and throwing. This pretty much leads to him winning first round.

If I’m guessing right, he partitioned part of that charge from the backdash, right?

Unfortunately he goes on a rampage and ends the match without using this again, but I see him use it throughout the older SBO matches on a fairly consistent basis.

Sorry for the long winded start, but here’s the question: How’s he doing it? I’m thinking that he’s just charging up for .x seconds, hiding it inside his footsies, before jumping. Will this automatically partition any charge move when he lands? I’ve seen him do it from standing fierces and cr. mk. Since all of these moves have somewhat similar startup, the timing can be pretty similar for all of his whiffed normals?

Lemme know your thoughts, holes in my conclusion, etc etc. Thanks.

Right, you can’t get enough charge for an immediate charge move in a single jump with Urien. You have to charge a bit a before, and the range is surprisingly lax for a partition. I recommend going into training mode and experimenting to get a feel for the maximum and minimum amount of charge the game will allow before your jump (actually, you can then charge more or less during the jump to compensate so you get even more versatility, or attempt a parry in the air, etc.). You’re good as long as it adds up to a valid amount of charge.

Once you practice and play around with it yourself, you can start improvising on the fly instead of sticking with predictable patterns.

You can get enough charge for a charge move in a singe jump. It’s just harder to buffer it in such a short time span. There are vids of it being done from a single jump with no buffering other than the air time. Same with tackle tackle in corner from an elbow. That’s less charge time and it can be done.

I sure can’t do it, and I doubt anyone would attempt that in regular matches. Mind showing me one of those videos? Double tackle I can understand since you can start charging for the second one before you fire off the first, but that principle can’t be applied to a jump.

Let me see if i can find some vids. I’ll mess around with it in training and post up. It’s not something I try to do in serious matches but in casuals I occasionally go for it. The charge has to take place almost simultaneously with the jump.

You’re right, I’m wrong. I messed around in training last night and recorded it. You can’t do a normal jump and land with enough charge. Now if I throw in a normal on the way down it gives me maybe a 1/4 or 1/5 of a second more which is enough charge. But it can’t be done from a normal empty jump. I’ll post up tonight with the vid.

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In the case in the OP, all the charging was done in air. RX used the roundhouse to give him enough charge time. Very useful trick and with about 5 minutes in training mode, you can have it in your arsenal as well.

How does that work, Indy? Riot Guard meant that the hitstun and presumably blockstun of an air normal causes Urien to hover longer and allows a charge move to be done more quickly (not to split hairs or anything, but it still looks like it could have been done ever-so-slightly earlier, suggesting that maybe there still isn’t enough charge time available). RX whiffs that j.HK in his match so there’s no contact to add extra airtime.

Okay my bad…its a partition. I was doing this in matches over here and the instant headbutt seemed to be created by the roundhouse. You can’t get a headbutt without partitioning, but you can get chariot tackles as the back charge remains.

However now I do fully understand what was going on here. RX basically used a concealer similar to how you can do multiple crouches to conceal a back charge only he accomplished it through his jumps. You can partition it through two jumps very easily. A fun trick I like to use, and actually the basis for my confusion, is to jump rh., mp, lp headbutt (whiff), jump over lp headbutt.

Gaijinblaze: You had it right. There are so many ways that you can get the charge for this that it can sometimes be confusing as to where it all comes from.

Sorry for the misinformation guys.

Edit: I’ve toyed around with the partitioning of this. Two crouches in rapid succession is all the ground charge you need. The rest can be done with the air. I seem to be having a higher success rate with roundhouse for some reason but I think that may just be me.

That was actually the easiest way I was seeing RX charge the partition back in the videos from 05, but he almost never does the double crouch method these days.

His playing was really interesting to watch in Shend’s GameStop tournament videos. It all seems to come from a headbutt > dash > fireball > fierce aegis trap now, in comparison to the godly parries > cr. fierce. Very refreshing.