RX's new combo video

I think RX made a new combo video and it looks pretty cool. It’s on youtube.

okay here’s the link.

if you’re talkin about this
thats not new its in fact about 3 years old its called power strike

all of rx’s vids are on his site

oh dammit lol it said it was submitted on the 26th so i thought it was really new. i went on that site before but i never saw this video on there. i just dl the unblockables from there.

RX does in fact have a newish combo video he made a while after Powerstrike.

Go to Combovideos.com

Go to the Combo Videos Hall of Fame, in the 3rd strike section

It’s the one called “New CV by RX”

It’s very good

oh i think i saw this one already. it had that pretty crazy combo with the unblockable EX fireball.

thats untitled