Ryaigo vs Justin - Battle of destiny

Ryan Hart vs Justin Wong


great vid but put it in the video gallery next time. FGD isnt the place for youtube only links

where is the video gallery?

Can somebody move this in there and delete this thread


Parrying SA2 after a c.mk isnt what impressed me.

The nice Kara palms did.

Fuck, you think he’d learn the first time. =[

lol… now a sad Wong Humbag.

awesome vid, those kara palms came outta nowhere too.
anyone know how much they played for?

Guess it’s safe to say JWong will be one of the people who’ll quit 3S once SFIV comes out:rofl:


Ryan Heart has always been boss

Fuck 3S.

Such statements cannot be said enough.

History is doomed to repeat itself.

Um…thanks for…that?

Anyway fun match, and even Wong can’t catch a break sometimes.

What happened to the vid?


Someone else uploaded it.


Unfortunately I didn’t see this, good stuff…

Do Majors always get that hype at some point or another? If so, i must start going to them.

i do them better! u seen first hand son!

good stuff though ryan