Ryan Hart (O.Sagat) vs Combofiend (Decapre) exhibition match


anyone think this match was staged? it looked like Capcom wanted Decapre to get much limelight so that we could buy it. Honestly that character Decapre just looks like another Oni or Ryu, and Decapre will probably just be a shenanigan character. she doesn’t look like an actual strong character.

How the fack did O.Sagat lose to her and AE Yun? lmao Ryan Hart didnt look like he wanted to try


Simple, Decapre is an incomplete brand new character that Ryan had no idea how to approach (how could he? Her reveal happened minutes before their exhibition), Combo on the other hand has been working with her for months (shallow estimate, a month) so he understands her nuances, tools, and tricks. That’s without the reminder that Combo is also a great player in his own right, so he had that working for him as well.

Case closed.


I heard that Capcom was behind 9/11 as well.


Doubtful it’s staged Ryan wouldn’t throw matches he’s not that kind of guy. Also what TrueB said is very real. You know what’s also real? The tears of salt that came down from the crowd watching the exibition match they were amazing.


Ryan didn’t know the matchup.

When people don’t know matchups, matches like Sanford vs Ricky Ortiz 6-0 happen.

When they do, matches like Ricky 2-0ing him back happen