Ryan Hart vs Infiltration in SSF 4 casuals

Hey. I just happen to witness these two playing and so I figured I’d take some video. I apologize for the quality; all I had was my smartphone and I don’t do a lot of video recording/editing. But for those that want to endure it, here you go. You might want to turn down your sound a bit. I put a recap of what I remember after the links. There is also a funny story about how this came about, if you want to know scroll down past the recap:





A recap of the events that night:

When I got there, Infiltration was bodying random dudes with Gouken. He got up to 26 wins in a row. He finally lost to a Boxer player who wasn’t half bad. He then switched to Ryu and went on a 12 game win streak. This is when Ryan Hart showed up and put an end to that.

Hart played Sagat a lot at first while Infiltration was rockin Gouken. The Boxer player would randomly take a match off of them every now and then.

Infiltration switch to Ryu for awhile and then Juri. Hart picked Guy once but got owned. Hart also used T.Hawk a couple times.

They had a few Sagat mirror matches that were full of Tiger Shots.

Hart started using Ryu and Infiltration went to Akuma. Hart then went to Yun and Infiltration back to Gouken.

They played for about an hour and a half. All in all they were pretty even, Infiltration was probably slightly better winning 55% of the matches. Both of them seemed to dislike the cabinet sticks (the sticks and panels were pretty destroyed, they were not in good shape).

The two hypest moments I remember:

They are both low on life, Hart does an EX Tiger Knee to finish off Gouken. Gouken says “Just Do It” and hits the Shin Shoryu.

They both literally have the magic pixel going on their life bars. Infiltration uses an EX Air fireball with Akuma and Hart EX Tiger Uppercuts to take the match.

Here is the story. I walk into this arcade and see Infiltration sitting there playing in his trademark silver coat and beenie. This isn’t that crazy since he is, you know, Korean and lives in Korea. But a little later Ryan Hart walks in. I introduce myself and we talk a little bit. Apparently, he was in Busan for the World Cyber Games. He was commentating for Tekken 6 for the WCG. They obviously know each other and they have a good time playing some casuals.

The funny thing is that I wasn’t even going to be there at that time. I live and teach English in Korea right now and I live about 2 hours from Busan. This was on a Saturday and I was in Busan to go shark diving. Well, our car broke down right outside the city and we missed our deadline to be at the aquarium. We had to pay non-refundable deposits to even sign up (but that is whole different story). Anyway, I stay in town for a bit and hang out with friends. The last bus that goes to my town leaves at 9 P.M, but I miscalculated how long the subway would take so I end up missing my bus! I decide to go to the one arcade I know about and dick around. That’s when I see Infiltration and later Ryan Hart. So all in all it was a blessing in disguise. I got to witness some great casuals by two great players. I have never been to any tournaments in person before and this was my first time meeting pros from the FGC. After they left I stayed behind and played some random Korean dudes while waiting for the subway to start back up at 5 A.M., then I went home.

Great matches, thanks for posting this.

OMG an SRK poster being nice!?

Lol but really, thanks and you’re welcome!