Ryo Matchups



Let’s discuss how Ryo does against commonly used characters (CBS) and the lot! I’m sure if we put our heads together we can figure out someway around Sagat fierces and into his juicy inside…


I’ve been playing CvS2 Ryo since the game came out, and I noticed that he doesn’t really have anything over CBS. They even beat out your DP (which we know has no inviciblity but heaps of priority).

Just hope you are generally a better player. (IE- If you combo/crossup/tick throw/link better, you’ll win anyway)


Well, I’ll say this.

J.SK has quite a bit of priority. I was damn near rushing down A-Rolento the other day with repeated J.SK, C.FK into his HCB P / QCF P…

… He tried to AA me with his S.SP and it failed. It actually beats out quite a lot of AAs. Probably his best AA IMO, too. Beat Vega 80%+ of the time.


best character in thr gamr baby!:cool: :cool:


come back

i think this thread is important, imo we should bring it back,
to get over sagat, i like to presure him by jumping towards him and throwinf a fireball. this works better when your far away.

also try the combo by charging down db.lk xx f+lk
what should happen is that your poking him non stop( 4 times if your close ) then when you loose range, press f+lk to do the jump kick special,

just be carfull for his wake up DP, its known for sagat players to do that. if you block and he DP you, do a crazy hands and get him on his fall, scince even if the move is about to finish, the damage starts up only on touch !:stuck_out_tongue:

stupid sagat, thought he could kill me ! :lame:

[edit, wrong combo, for some reason, lk dont combo up, just use jabs instead :lol: ]


Ryo’s DP has more full body invincibility at each strength than Ryu’s. It just lacks the frames of “below-the-chest” and “below-the-knees” invincibility that Ryu’s has.


… so full body does not constitude below the chest and below the knees? :confused: No comprend.


Ryu’s Jab DP has 4 frames of full body and then 14 of below-the-chest.

His Strong DP has 8 frames of full body and then 12 of below-the-knees.

His Fierce DP has 8 frames of full body and then 14 of below-the-knees.

Ryo’s DPs have full body frames of invincibility of 6, 9, and 9, respectively. They do not have the frames of below-the-chest/below-the-knees thereafter.


Ahhh… gotcha.


I’d be interested in Ryo-Bison/vega matchups.

I think A/C Ryo can kill Haomaru not too hard, he just seems like a slightly faster version of Haomaru to me, and ryo can chip hao and hao can’t chip on ryo(fbf+lp)… Only thing Hao can do is j.hp really, not much is safe for him


my real problem is vega and nakoruru [ the one with the bird on top ] its my hardest match up, espacialy nakoruru scince he can slide under my fire ball… she is a hard match up.
i would like some advice on how to deafeat her and vega


I love s-groove ryo…

Does Ryo’s db, f+rh go over low tigers?

I seem to remember it trading with the blanka ball AND the cannon drill…

Zanretsuken grabs…somebody good out of something you wouldn’t expect…ARRGH! Been so long since I played as Ryo…It was the Psycho crusher, blanka ball, or cannon drill. Something that shouldn’t get caught…


What a waste of space this post was…


Properly setting up the EVO Monitor

why would you jump back and throw fb??
you sould jump FORAWRD and throw fb to persure him.
land with a sweep. on his wake up
make a hcb+fp dont underestimate that move, although f+b+f+fp does more damage, de hcb+hp is better scince ryo slides forward making the attack see to miss but it actualy hits[if done frome a distance ]

i think ryo is a rush down kind a guy, you have to play him hard and fast. his fireball is only his [ get the fuck away!!! ] move, not to be abused…

his db,f+K is used to get close to your oppoenent when your far away. itll get you there in no time, [edit]and no, it doesn go over low tiger strikes, unfortunatly, but try jumping up and fb from afar, roll when you see a fb from sagat , then get ready to block or else he will dp yo ass to the next underworld…, after the block, make a grab or try this combo s.fk + c.rh
for some reason, its fast and effician if done close but doesnt combo but it acts like a combo, weird…
also, the combo i put on my last post, well doing a db.lk xx f+lk
actlay works, once again this one doesnt combo but acts like a combo, again, dunno why, but i prefer the jab version scince it DOES combo but i can only follu up with the f+lk on an arcade, cant do it pad… maybe button layout… what ever.

his rdp+p is used to get over hadoken and waves [ fb from snk]
only problem is it doesnt go oever sagat’s high tiger strike…:bluu:

thats why sagat is “top tier” his fb’s are all over the place,
even if you see a low tiger strike coming at you, byt the time you evalute the situation, and know what kind of a fb it is, deciding to block or go make a move, then do your rdp+fp your gonna get kicked out of it. so just be carful… jump fb or rc a hcb.hp or a f+b+f+hp, dont try a dp on sagat cuz he has more invincibility frames then you, so you get knoked out, but a f+b+f+fp gets it cuz if the oppoenet touches the attack in any way… phisicly… the attacks prioritises. this is usful against yamazaki scince his snake hands “touch you” so you get to whip him right next to you and to the damage all on automatic, same goes for vice’s long sleave throw…:smiley: