Ryoto Niitsuma

if anyone knows anything about him please post up, it would be interesting to learn a little about the guy who is making our beloved mvc3.

He was the producer of TvC, TvC: UAS and the arcade version of SF4. He’s also not “making” the game, he’s the producer. To the best of my knowledge this means he’ll have little direct input into how the complexities of the game system work, he’s mostly responsible for requiring/vetoing specific features, shaping the game’s general direction and ensuring everything is done on schedule. The lead designer will have far more control over how the game actually plays. I could be wrong though.

He produced Tatsunoko Vs Capcom.

I’m sure you knew this already.

Edit: NVM.

Here’s a pretty healthy interview gamespot did with him right after TvC came out.


Follows the trends of most Japanese developer interviews.

Actually, the reveal trailer stated that he was both producer and director of MvC3.

I definitely think he should be included in the game and given Air Dash.

hes japanese

He can eat a lot of doughnuts.

Does he have a Twitter?

Yes he does


He’s Japanese and lived in Japan.

He is the lover of Yoshinori Ono (I TRULY BELIEVE IN THIS OBV) and both like to troll a lot.

They are japanese and eat doughnuts together.

This is probably his most impressive talent (seriously, TWELVE doughnuts? I can barely manage half that.)