Ryu/Akuma player seeking good Vega player to practice with :)

Hi there! I’m hoping that this is the right place to post this, but if its not, i apologize and I’ll gladly delete the post or ask a Moderator to delete it for me. I’m a Ryu/Akuma player that hovers around the 3000PP/5500 BP range (not like online play really matters). I’ve been trying to learn the Vega matchup but i can’t really find any good vega players on ranked or endless matches. I was hoping if I could get some friendly sets in with one of you guys. Any feedback or critique would be appreciated, and I’ll gladly return the favor. My gamer tag on xbox is xFoRcEx76. Feel free to msg me for some games. Thanks!

Damn, I came in here to accept your challenge but I’m on PS3 :(. Good luck with your quest though.

Sure man I’ll beat on ya with my Vega haha
Hit me up
Gamertag: Cevic

I’m down, hit me up anytime. GT = Fauxx82

hey i tried to add u the other nite an ur friend list is full…clear sum space 4 me!

Hello new to SRK

hihi, I’m new to SRK but been playing the game for a very long time. I consider myself a decent Vega and I play with a lot of good player online… if you want add me I’m Raging 6 Button