Ryu back fp link



my question is whether it’s possible to link ryu’s back fp attack into a fireball super? there will be times when i’ll have the opponent just shy of broken guard where i know the fireball will do the trick and i’d like to know if comboing it in is a possibilty. i play k so if nothing else it would be good to burn the meter safely and do a little chip damage. i’ve been trying it out all day (on controller :lame: ) with no luck.


It’s not safe against N-groove with meter.


kcxj: Why is that exactly?


N-groove can counter movement right through you and land a lvl 3 super, or anything else


not many people play n around here but i’ll take it into consideration. i just feel if i could master that it would help make my ryu that much better.


im not sure i understand wht you mean by “back hp”, do you mean a s.hp?


it’s his standing fp. not the uppercut. it’s the one all people who rush with ryu use. i can’t really think of a better to describe it. sorry.


u mean his FAR st.hp
jeez…:rolleyes: back…:rolleyes:
i thought you were talking about his forward hp[rush punsh] like his mp an mk

man, no, you cant link, st.hp, or the rush punch either.


By “rush”, do you mean run up far s.HP? :lol:


you can link far neutral s.fp into a super…easily


to hoaxe: why all the sarcasm? i couldn’t think of what to call the move. it does happen sometimes.
besides, some of the other people who posted here say differently. any one know for sure?

to kcjx: exactly. what’s funny? i may have phrased the action a little awkwardly but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s uses in a match. that stuff works any way you slice it. i’d love to see a ryu that doens’t incorporate that into his strategy.


oh sry, i thought special, my bad, ya u can cancel in to super, fo shure!:stuck_out_tongue:
[no sarcasme intended]