Ryu Beginners Thread

You’re just starting to learn Ryu, and you don’t know where to start. Well, this is the place to pick up on the beginning concepts for the character.

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Should you ask beginner level questions in this thread or in the general QA thread?

What is the best round starter? I usually walk back and chuck fireballs or walk back neutral jump. What other options are there to apply pressure at the start of the round?

Personally I either hold back (block if they attack) or dash back and try to setup spacing for fireballs. I think if you jump in on them they can counter easier. Also with some characters you have to block low at the start. For example with Cammy. She has the Spiral Arrow that can hit you at the start of a round.

I wouldn’t say there is a best round starter. Just whatever you choose, look at your opponent and see how they react from what you have done. Even if you walk forward/backward, how did they react? Like Bruce Lee said, be water my friend.

So what’s some basic gameplans with Ryu? I’ve been using him and I can tell he’s fairly simple to pick up but actually getting good with him is another thing…

Everyone gains a huge advantage when their opponent is cornered.
So if you want to start with a concrete gameplan which is stupid simple, just work on cornering your opponent.

Ryu has great normals for keeping someone cornered and also good ways to take someone to the corner (specifically tatsumaki).

So focus on keeping yourself out of the corner and putting the opponent in the corner.
He has good stun potential and when someone is cornered they have fewer options to deal with your aggression. They have to escape ASAP which can lead to easy damage from stuff like back + roundhouse which can be combo into standing short, etc.

Remember, in v-trigger his super guard crushes. In the corner they can’t be pushed away further so you will more easily get some kind of real follow up even if they block. You’re basically guaranteed to get something if you put them in the corner.

What’s the first thing I should learn to do with the parry?

What are some of the normals I should be using the most?

How do people input DP so quick from the couching position?

I have been learning Ryu as I was told he was the core of Street Fighter, I am really interested in picking up Chun-Li though. Is it time to switch away from Ryu or should I keep working fundamentals with him? This question bugs me quite a lot so I might as well ask around!

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What are your options for a strong oki? Usually I’m defaulting to 4 things when I knock someone down, I either do a throw, a sweep, or a neutral jump into a combo, aside from the obvious block in anticipation to a wake up dp. As a complete beginner I have no idea if they are bad options or if I’m missing something. I’m guessing maybe I should do a couple punches before using the throw instead of pressing throw right when they get up? I also attempted trying to hit st.mp to confirm into a combo but the timing to hit them as they wake up seems to be extremely tight.

I’m sure there are other options I’m not aware of.

I trained as Ryu for the better part of SFIV. I’m glad that I did for that it made transitioning to other character so much easier. If you haven’t really studied him before, I would suggest to do it despite what other people say. He will help teach you all aspects of the game without the ‘gimmicks’. I’m continuing my study with him in this chapter as well. I think you could benefit alot from learning the new system with him and then moving on. How long that may be, I couldn’t tell you. It all depends on you. Good luck.

Never sweep on their wake up, it’s unsafe, so if they block you immediately lose your advantage. Always do safe pressure. My favorite wake up options are (1) s.MP, s. MP hit confirm into target combo, (2) walk back slightly c.mk xx fireball (confirm into super if I have it) or block to bait the DP,this works soooo well, (3) cross up jump MK if my spacing is right, either hit confirm s.MP, s.MP into TC or tick into throw, or (4) just throw. 3/4 confirm into very high damage. All are safe and easy.

It doesn’t matter who you learn, just have fun. Chun Li is great and will teach you street fighter just as well.

Thanks for the input guys. A lot of things I can work with so far. I would reiterate

I would also like to add the new option select with grab and v-skill. I have to open slots on my arcade stick that would go perfect with this. Would it be worth the time spent investing in it? And are there any other option selects for Ryu in SFV?

I love Gootecks bringing the bare bones basics to the community.
I fought several people online today that sure could benefit by watching these.