Ryu C.MK to Special


So I finally got a stick and as everyone has already said on this forum a ton of times it takes some practice to become fluent with it. They were right, when I try to use it I feel like I just stepped on a skateboard for the first time. I feel completely lost and uncomfortable, I even stumble with the start/select buttons! But, this is not the reason for my post. I’m aware that comfort will come soon enough the more I play with it.

My biggest problem so far (despite not being able to excecute my specials cleanly) is when I have to do a crouch attack to a QCF or QCB.

I’m playing as Ryu and I’m trying to do his C. MK to either fireball or hurricaine kick but, I can almost never get it to come out. The only way I can get either to work is if I input them so fast it’s like I’m doing 1 move instead of 2. Granted this is the POINT of cancels but, it just doesn’t seem like it’s working right to me.

It’s almost like the crouch doesnt count for my down in the motion.

The other problem I have with it is when I’m crouching I’m pretty much touching the gate (read: AM touching the gate) so when I try to do the motion (which I usually do without even hitting the gate) I end up riding the gate which is nearly impossible to do on a square gate.

Long story short, because I start on the gate rather than in neutral I’m having trouble doing the QC-motion when I start on the gate because I have to do it like it’s a totally different move from the way I’ve already learned to do QCFs on the stick.

Or is that cancel just something you’re meant to do extremly fast and I’m overreacting and should be hitting it like it IS a compeltely seperate move?

One last note about my new stick, sometimes when I throw fireballs he’ll throw out a light punch before the fireball comes out despite the fact I’m only hitting LP once and the input display only says I’m hitting it once. What’s up with that?


it should be one fluid motion…so yes…it becomes one move, not two separate ones.
However, don’t try to do it so fast as speed comes second. You want to make sure you are doing the motions correctly before you speed things up.
best way to do this is turn on inputs in training and make sure you’re hitting the right spots, not hitting stuff you don’t need, etc.

Switching to a stick is not an easy task as one is forced to basically relearn the game from almost scratch. Forget what you know and how you used to do it.
Just concentrate on small BnB combos first (like you are doing) and go from there.
Patience and practice

Good luck

PS: What stick did you get, if I may ask?


Sounds like you might have turbo switched on for LP.

What you’re looking to be doing in one smooth motion is :d::mk::df::r::p:


Turbo is not on. In fact if turbo was on it would display that I’m inputting multiple LPs.

I got the 1st edition SF4 TE Madcatz stick.

And I do have inputs on and it looks like I’m hitting it right but, it just wont come out.

Also, the main one I’m having trouble with is doing a c.HP to hadoken, it says im inputting rgiht but he just wont do it unless i do the hadoken before im even punching.


Here is me trying to hit the c.hp to hadoken(top of the input line)
It looks to me like I’m hitting it.


Have you heard of a term called Negative Edge? I think that’s what is going on here. Negative Edge (correct me if I got the term wrong lol) means that for some specials, releasing the required button for the special will also count as an input. This helps cancel a lot of normal moves into special ones.

If it’s happening and you don’t want it to happen, it means you’re hitting your input too early, most likely.

As for everything else, I know the feeling. I got a stick fairly recently as well, and it is definitely sort of a grind getting used to it. The best advice I can give you is just play a few games, arcade, or online, or trial mode or whatever you want. You’ll get used to it over time just by playing.

Good luck!

EDIT: Had to edit out a part, I misread the picture you posted about your inputs.


For 2-in-1’s, when I was first learning on stick I found it helped to swing more towards down-back as opposed to straight down. It gives the full motion more of a circular swing to it, like so: :db::mk::qcf::p:. The idea is that it feels smoother to me to swing down back on a diagonal angle than it does to go straight down then curve upward. Entire motion is curved, instead of straight line then curve.

Mileage may vary on that. Some folks would undoubtedly call that overcompensation leading to bad habits, etc. They’re not wrong, but it works for me. :wgrin:


Ive defnitely found that out myself that the overcompensation helps but I’m worrying that it’ll make it harder for me to get out my ultras and supers

I’ve kind of found a way to figure out the c.HP to hadoken, I don’t k now how to do those neat letters so i’ll just type it out:


it’s been working if i do it as a single move but with 2 button presses. I think the c.mk to hadoken is significantly easier than the one i’m actually stuck on and shouldn’t have put it in my thread title.


Yep, that’s the idea. One slick motion.

The directional arrows and strike images are in the emoticon section. Just click [more] under the emoticons on the right side of your screen and scroll down.

EDIT— hey, while your practicing your motions, here’s a good one for a stick newbie Ryu player to tackle. Not too tough and has a little piece of several motions you’ll be wanting to get comfortable with moving forward. You get a focus attack followed by a dash into a command normal linked into a special. Lots of good motions to drill into muscle memory all in one combo:

lvl 2 Focus attack, :r::r:, :r::hp: (two hits) > :dp::hp:.

hey hey! video example. Blue Ryu does this one at 15 seconds into the video.


That’s how you’re supposed to do it. Just keep practicing.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll work on that tomorrow

I’ve been doing this all day and I’m at my wits end.

I throw 50 fireballs in training. Punch the dummy a few times and then try to throw a fireball but, I can’t do it despite spending the last 10 minutes chucking them over and over. It’s maddening. Why can’t I just learn everything in a single day, Is that too much to ask.

Also, I’m not seeing any emotes of any kind in quick reply or in advanced. Could it be because I’m using the “dark” forum theme?


There’s two ways to practice these kind of moves.

From player 1’s side:

#1 Normal - :d::hp::df::r::hp:
This is pressing the punch button twice. Most players tend to do this one that I’ve seen.

#2 Negative Edging - :d::hp:(Press):df::r::hp:(Release) I’m starting to lean towards purposely learning to do it this way as I tend to get it to happen when I don’t want to. A classic case is Akuma’s cr.:mk: xx light tatsu, at least 7 out of 10 times I’ll get a medium tatsu instead of the light because it’s counting the release of the :mk: as the input for the tatsu due to negative edging.

The overcompensation thing may work, but I find that if I’m actively blocking which is usually just holding :db:, I have a hard time going straight into the :d:(button):df::r:(button) moves as it’s hard to judge exactly when you’ve crossed that line into straight down. It’s easier to just return to center for a moment, then start with a fresh :d: motion.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve also had good luck with the :df:(button):d::df:(button) motion for moves that cancel a crouching normal into dragonpunch special.

So as a rule of thumb… if I know I can safely stop blocking, (like they just whiffed an easy-to-punish move) before starting the normal xx special, I will release the stick to center and start from there It just seems to work better.

And you can find the Street Fighter move emotes under the “more” link in advanced reply under the normal smileys to the right when you’re typing a response. It should open a separate window.

Hope it helps.


Kelter, a question that might seem odd, but it made a difference to me.
How do you hold your stick?
I have 3 ways myself, depending on what character I’m using. I main guile but if I try to hold the stick the same way when I play shotos, things don’t come out for me. Only way I can play shotos right and link combos is the wineglass grip. My 2 finger charge character grip simply doesn’t work in terms of shotos.

Now, you might not have this issue but it might be the culprit. The reason for this is that different grips cause you to perform motions differently. With charge characters, riding the gate is a good thing as it allows you to confirm charge as well as time your links with the stick motion (Guile is all 1 frame links so timing is beyond important)
With QCF characters, excessive stick motion messes up the required timing as well as smoothness and riding the gate gets in your way quite a bit.


Granted I’ve only been playing with a stick for a day and I’m still coming to terms with the most comfortable way for me to grab it but, so far I keep instinctively putting two fingers on either side of the stick and have my palm facing somewhat up. It’s about 50/50 having my thumb on the top/side of the ball or just hanging it off in mid-air. When I’m not doing that I’m usually gripping the front of the ball with main 2 fingers and thumb on top/back. Pretty much slight modifications on the wineglass because I have long fingers.

At first I thought it was my grip so I switched to guile to see if charges were easier and it turns out they’re harder to do on the stick for me than the shoto moves.

But, I’ve also been having trouble with dashes, If I view the inputs sometimes I’m hitting down between my two forwards. It blows my mind how that’s even possible.

The random LP before a fireball has gone away. I was hitting the punch too early and I think I was negative edging the fireball. I’m used to playing on a controller where you have to hit the button almost before you finish the movement to get the move to come out. I had to teach myself to slow down and make sure I’m hitting the button after the motion.


When I first switched, the first time I gripped the stick is how I’ve always gripped it since: 2 fingers + thumb on the ball with the shaft between middle and ring fingers. Works with shotos/charges/whatever. I guess some people have to experiment with every grip in the book at first? meh… If it feels good, it’s right. Don’t worry about if you can perform X move with it at first, because that’s not really a grip issue at the start. That’s more of a OmgIHaveToUseMyWholeHandInsteadOfMyThumb issue, which goes away after week or two. I couldn’t reliably dash out of a focus at first, the movements were really foreign. It’s something you’ll probably have down 80-100% after the first few days. So don’t sweat it. I remember thinking, “Omg, I’ll never be able to do a Shoryu FADC Ultra”, but then one day it just came out smoothly. Not that I main Ryu, but it’s good to main one char, and 2nd one with another type of motions. Keeps ya versatile.

I suppose you were hitting the punch too early because your stick movement isn’t as fast as you can do it on pad with your thumb, so you’re left hand has to catch back up with the right? but eh, another thing time fixes. I’d say the biggest thing with the transition is frustration. I’d get really pissed because I couldn’t do X Combo because I’d fuck up an FADC or not complete a motion on a special, take a break. Coming back the next day really does wonders if you’ve been hammering away for a while. No seriously, take the break.

But for general execution practice on a stick, I sat around in training mode with Akuma. He has a million ways to combo and just FADC loops like cl.HP xx Fireball FADC Repeat can help with muscle memory on dashes, motions, whatever. Play your main too, of course.


The frustration was coming from doing a move over and over and hitting it every time then trying to do it on demand a few minutes later and I’m still not consistent with it. It’s exhausting to see your last 30 minutes practicing did nothing.