Ryu c.mk XX hado tinkering



I would like ryus c.mk XX hadoken to be a true blockstring at all ranges, I think that would really put him back up in shape, what do you guys think?


It would be great with cr.mkXXhadou as a true blockstring, but not at all ranges. At max range, it shouldn’t be a blockstring. That would give Ryu yet another option, eg as a bait for people mashing ultras or other special moves.


I personally dont feel I lose because someone mashed their way through my blockstring.

I would like to see other things in his arsenal improved… like his fireballs, DP.

Oh and it annoys me that Ryu can’t utilise EX Red Focus properly, the key to it is a good hit confirm.

E. Ryu has Axe kick, Makoto has Hayate, Yun has shoulder, Zangief EX GH hit confirm for EX redfocus… etc you get the idea.
Ryu only has cl.HP/very close fireball/cl.MP where you have to be point blank.

Theres a few characters in the game that have this problem.