Ryu cancel advice required


Firstly, a big thank you for approval of my application to join SRK, longtime lurker! I have a question regarding a particular cancel/combo.
I have just bought a pre loved HRAP 3, my transition been great, but one simple link i’m failing.

Link: CHP>DP>Super

I’m able to Fhp>mp>lk>hk>lk>l.tatsu> super pretty consistently, my issue (I hope) boils down to timing as i’m re-learning, after 20 years on pads.
I find it strange as I apply tech like negative edge in the right ways, know my inputs are seemingly ok.
Any links/advice is graciously accepted.


Is it the DP into CA that’s troubling you?


:df: :hp: > :d: > :df: :hp: > :d: :df: :f: :hp: Should do the trick


I’ve heard that using down forward when you hit the cr.HP sorts the issue out of the commands being read all weird?

Not tried it myself yet though.