Ryu color WIP



Hope ya’ll like it :wink:

i am assuming you used corel painter (is that what WIP stands for?–or windows i-somthing painter?). it doesnt matter though, it turned out superb. i like how you substituted blue for black in coloring the darker parts. nice job overall.

To my knowledge, WIP = Work In Progress, which would mean he isn’t finished.

What he said…:stuck_out_tongue: and what you said about more bleu or black
I think your right He’s a bit to bright

nice colouring R1lf! i need to start learning photoshop so i can CG my pics! keep them coming R1lf!

well I’m still a rookie and I’m not very good
I’ve seen some great artist who does amazing things with colors
You can search on deviantart for examples like warlockss or danimation

those guys are great check them out