RYU Combo help

I’m new to street fighter as a serious player and I have been practicing with ryu the last few days in training mode. today I’ve been pulling off this combo but i’m not entirely sure how I am doing it, I do have the option to show my joystick movements on the only problem is it happens so suddenly it is hard to tell where it starts.

it appears to be as followed: close LP (possibly crouching) to shoryuken canceled to the shinku hadoken (super)

I do not believe it is a FADC either because ryu does not turn yellow at all
if anyone has any info on how to properly pull this off, or if this is even possible and if not what do you think it could be, I would greatly appreciate it

  1. Maybe better luck in Ryu Sub forum than here.
  2. look for super cancels
  3. look for shortcut, buffering, super or ultra

You’re cancelling (not Focus Attack Dash Cancel, regular old cancel) the animation of the light DP into the super, because the game lets you do that. You’re most likely just mashing for the DP (or super) to come out, and it’s coming out with both due to the leniency on inputs in SF4… You can do it with:

forward, down, down forward jab, qcf (any) punch.

To do this your inputs should be as follows: cr.lp xx mp.srk xx super

So there’s two cancels in this combo, from the crouching lp to the medium punch srk and then cancel that into a super. The first part is pretty basic, just do a cr.lp and then quickly to a mp.srk. Now to cancel that into a super you DON’T have to do 2x QCF punch. The game has a ‘save’ system where it remembers your previous inputs which you can use for moves afterwards. Because of this, to do the super all you have to do is 1x QCF punch. So it’s basically a hadouken motion but your super will come out instead. This is because the game remembers that you did a QCF motion for the mp.srk. So in order to cancel that into a super all you have to do is just one more QCF motion and a punch button.

Hope that makes some kind of sense.

OP you might have explained what inputs the game wants you to do wrong judging by EmSixTeen’s comment. if you meant so say lp.srk xx super then it’s really simple. Just do lp.srk xx 1xQCF any punch button

Yeah, we’ve said pretty much the same thing, though I forgot to write the first jab in.

awesome thanks guys i’ll be testing both out combos out!