Ryu Combo List?



I was wondering if anybody had a list of the combos that Ryu can do. I found a small list online at gamefaqs but the entire list is all jump in combos. If anybody who mains Ryu could help me out that would be awesome or just knows mass information that would be great too because this section has nothing like that yet.


If the FAQ at gamefaqs has nothing but jump in combos. Start from the standing or crouching normal and ignore the jump part and continue the combo from their. But I will help you.

Crouching LK -> Shoryuken (any)

C.LK x2 -> Shinkuu Hadouken or Shinshoryuken

C.MK -> EX hadouken (regular hadouken works, but dont fucking do it)

C.MK -> Shoryuken (any)

C.MK -> Joudan Kick (HCF+K) (LK version only)

C.MK -> Tatsumaki Senpuu (any)

C.MK -> Shinkuu Hadouken or Shin shoryuken

Close standing MK combos into everything I mentioned above, but it has some things low LK and MK cant do.

S.MK -> Joudan (LK or MK)

S.MK -> EX Joudan -> HK tatsu or HP shoryu

Standing HP up close does everything close standing MK, low MK and low LK can do. However I only recommend doing EX joudan or MK joudan off of a standing HP, and only as a punish.

Hope this helps. If it doesnt, I will try to go into detail with what you dont understand.


Thanks a lot I feel that me executing the combos is the last thing I need to get good with Ryu, I feel my mix-up game is fairly solid and that has gotten me by fine. If anybody has more input on Ryu combos, tactics, and other stuff please feel free to add to this topic I want to learn as much as I can.:woot:


meaty combos:

c.lk c.lk xx sa1 for hit confirm
cl.mk x ex fireball
c.mk x ex fireball
c.mk x tatsu, but this one is risky. Use the hk version to get over opponent if he blocks, many characters can’t punish. But if that gets you cornered, use lk instead, that won’t cross them up.

footsie combos:

when poking with c.mk, input option select tatsu. So the motion is plainly c.mk x tatsu, but if it doesnt hit, only c.mk comes out, if the opponent dashes in, you tag them and get a combo.

punishment combos:

cl.hp/cl.mk x ex joudan, hk tatsu midscreen or hp srk when cornered. When that isn’t possible, c.hp x ex joudan does the trick, but it is fairly hard to execute. One situation to use c.hp as the combo starter is when you parry and punish.

That’s pretty much all the combos you need to know. There are some better combos like cl.hp, ex joudan, ex tatsu, srk but it can be done in corner only and is a huge waste of meter. Not worth it, unless you kill the opponent.


For shinkuu ryu, hit confirm and combos to learn:
short short super
low forward super
medium kick (the knee) into super.
c. fierce into special move of choice, including ex donkey kick.
medium kick (the knee) into donkey kick.
normal move -> cancel jab uppercut -> shinkuu hadoken, use ful for building bar if you’re just short of getting a super…
The end. Anything else is just flash.