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Because we need one!

Been in training mode and I have been using no gems. I found what I believe to be Ryu’s max damage 1 bar combo. It’s Solar Plexus Strike, St.Lp, Cr.Mk, EX Joudan, Cr.Hp and end with HP SRK. Also, if you land a Cr.Mp, (link) Cr.Hp, EX Joudan. It’s better to hit Cr.Hp into HP SRK, instead of jumping and hitting HK. It does slightly more damage, (a few pixels more!)

Anyone have combos to share?

My combo isn’t the max damage combo! There is another. Solar Plexus Strike, Clst.Mk, EX Joudan, Cr.Hp, HP SRK. There could be even more, time to hit the lab!

Edit for the month of September.

I’ve discovered many new things since the creation of this post, I will now add my finding to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

[details=Spoiler] Hit confirms
Hit Confirms

This post will cover Ryu’s combos in Street Fighter X Tekken. But, I must give a MAJOR shout out to Grumpy64 of Shoryuken.com. I wouldn’t have discovered many things without his efforts!

The damage listed here is WITHOUT gems, obviously they would do more with the right gem setup.

Hit Confirms:

Cr.Mp, Cr.Mp, Cr.Mk, EX Joudan, JP.Hp, Cr.Hp, HK Tatsu. (379) Credit goes to Grump64 for telling me that it’s possible to land a Cr.Hp after EX Joudan.

In theory, this could be Ryu’s best combo punish, but we’ll see with time. It involves linking into his St.Mp off his Solar Plexus Strike. (F+HP). The notation is this:

F+HP, link St.Mp, St.Hp chain Ex Joudan, JP.Hp, Cr.Hp, HK Tatsu. (441)

F+MP, St.Lp, Cr.Mk, EX Joudan, JP.Hp, Cr.Hp, HK Tatsu. This combo doesn’t seem to work on crouching opponents, but I need to test it on more of the cast.

St.Lp, Cr.Hp, EX Joudan, JP.Hp, Cr.Hp, HK Tatsu. (369)

To get the Cr.Hp to hit you must allow them to drop a bit deeper than normal. I advise you guys to watch this video to understand what I mean.


Basic Ryu Combos:

Not much has changed in regards to Ryu’s basic combos. Some of his combos have been altered, mind. Such as Cr.Lk, Cr.Lp, Cr.Hp only working on counter hit or not working at all because of hitboxes.

Cr.Lk, Cr.Lp, Cr.Mp, Cr.Mk, LK Joudan. (204)

Cr.Mp, Cr.Mp, Cr.Mk, LK Joudan. (231)

Cr.Mp, Cr.Hp, HP SRK. (278)



In my opinion, it’s a bad idea to combo into EX Tatsu or EX Hadoken, as you get much more mileage off of EX Joudan.

In terms of positioning, Ryu’s combos off Cr.Hp or his crouching mediums can be diverse. You can either use HK Joudan to get your opponent away from you, HP Shoryuken or HK Tatsu to them across the screen.


Post patch you can’t combo into HK Joudan off of his mediums, it’s only possible with Cr.Hp/St.Hp. Nor can you combo off his HK Joudan in the corner.


Corner Combos

What do players message you after you beat them - SFxT EDITION!

Wouldn’t ryu’s strongest combos start with a close standing F+hp? it does as much damage as an srk and you can link it to standing mp. The bad part is due to the 17 frame start up you have to start combos with it as it’s to slow to link after anything else. Still seems like it would be a good move if someone figured out how to work it into their game. Would need to be some sorta frame trap set up though


I do believe that would be his strongest combo starter, as you say though, the start up time is lousy. Maybe it needs to be used in a surprise situation.


Ok i’ve tested it a little bit in the lab and close standing mp has some funky properties. You can go close clst.mp to sweep by mashing the sweep but clst.mp,cr.mk seems impossible. I have a sneaking suspicion that capcom made it so that you can only use an ender after you use CLST.mp in a combo


That’s very strange, the frame data says it’s 0 on hit. Was it a chain?


ok you can link an ex joudan after CLst.mp you can also link a st.hp but combing after seems to be difficult. Ex st.hp,mp srk is fairly easy but CLST.mp,.ST.hp ,Mp. seems to be hella hard and impossible for me to do but i’m no combo meister


I would assume it was a chain as i literally just mashed the hell out of hk. It could even be a glitch in training mode i just know i had the dummy set to autoblock and the sweep hit and i got credit for a combo


Yea technically you shouldn’t be able to link anything after it .


you can also combo into a st.hk


I’m trying to link things now, but, it seems impossible. I will investigate more!


Off his normals without chaining?


if you tell me how i will post a vid. It could very well be some sorta training mode glitch. I only have a digital camera that can record about 5 minutes of video. I just have no idea how to get it on youtube. Also i’m useing ken as the dummy not that it should matter. I meant that technically you shouldn’t be able to link anything after clst.mp as it is 0 frames on hit


If you can, upload it to YouTube, then copy and paste the address to this forum. :slight_smile:


ok i have it on my comp but the quality is shit. It looks like someone shined a light directly on the tv. I’ll up load it later and maybe someone who actually knows what they are doing can watch the vid and tell me how to make it less shit. Be warned though you want be able to solve anything from this vid.


I appreciate all of your efforts, the video should be interesting. If you can, try and block the sunlight.




Hey man, can you get the actual YT video link? We can’t view it otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue:


done and i will try again later tonight. I’ve turned my ps3 off and put my stick up.


I see what you meant about the quality. :stuck_out_tongue: I will try and find a use for this potential glitch.


i redid the vid and got rid of the light on the screen but text in the background is unreadable so you can’t actually see that it does count as a combo. The text just looks like a smear on the screen. Is their any free software that i can use to try and clean the video up? The only other thing i can think to do is record at night time with all the lights off.