Ryu combo video premiered at evo2k9


on the front page of eventhubs.com


great combo exhibition! can anyone tell me what’s the first music in the vid? I tried looking up Calcius Repton - Ryu is strong but I didn’t find anything :\


the alpha segments were the shit. haven’t seen editing so on-point since the ‘ode to the 2-hit combo’ video.


great job Maj. Great transitions and fantastic soundtrack for it. You know you’re gonna do another one =D so i can’t wait for it lol


That’s fantastic. Thanks for sharing it.

Makes me want to play more of the games you showed there and I really digg the ending. Very stylish.


People don’t know this, but Maj was actually performing those combos in real-time on stage, jumping from cabinet to cabinet.

Anyone else notice Ryu’s gi burning up after Dhalsim’s ultra? Sexy.


Great video maj. The only thing I wish you would have added is this. :karate:


wheres the crowd reaction one…
well at least I was at EVO to watch it 4 the first time, along with hundreds of others
good sh!t Maj


Nice awesome video. I think it is best if you seed the file and push it up to a torrent. 140MB is a lot for the server to handle. 1000 ppl download gonna cripple your website.


I can mirror it too if needed/wanted.


really awesome work Maj… like Wats said, keep em coming!!

ps- any way you can upload it to youtube or vimeo?


Server’s doing okay so far. I don’t care if it goes down though. The month’s almost over and i’m sure demand will die down considerably as soon as the next cool thing comes along.

Btw it’s already up on the DFS channel: [media=youtube]5FpqBlCA8tc[/media]



This Ryu vid is a masterpiece. SRK community is lucky to have you.


Hey Victor, It’s GoogleMyName.
Email me alexjebailey@gmail.com.

I have some pics of you to send you.


You can also PM him. :slight_smile:


Someone asked me to capture the [media=youtube]mBP9SjV7bys[/media] so i did. Couldn’t use it in the combovid obviously, because i needed Ken alive.

I’m working on the writeup for the Ryu vid so hopefully i’ll have it done by this weekend. Might be interesting, i dunno.


SF? Ryu Exhibition Guide, Part 1

Sorry about this taking so long, i’ve been working on a bunch of things at once.


Here’s part two of three.

SF? Ryu Exhibition Guide, Part 2

Got a little more wordy this time, cuz of all the multi-combo clips during that stretch.

Part final:

SF? Ryu Exhibition Guide, Part 3

Damn those are some big paragraphs.


I know I’m replying to an old post but thought I’d post this here in case anyone else is ever looking.


Sounds like a different version but that’s all I could find.


Any chance you could tell us where to get the version you used Maj?

By the way, I LOVE your video! Not sure how many times I’ve watched it over the years :slight_smile: