Ryu combo video.



I thought I post a short video I created on different ways Ryu can combo.

Feel free to post your videos on this thread to help other Ryu players. I would love to see other peoples flashy Ryu combos on this thread compared to mine.



Thanks for the vid. First time I saw m.p. into ultra off the fadc.


Same as hu yu fu, nice ideas, thx!


ok i am gonna make one Ryu combo exibition video :wink:
some of my combos i use quite often in game
just tell me what software u use to record the gameplay and which one to edit it


My video was recorded on a Pc copy version of SFAE using fraps and Unlead Video Studio 11 software.


Here you go guys ,have fun and any sugestions and advices are welcome … Also this was the first time in my life i worked with movie maker and video editing in general so this is the best i could do ^^



Very Impressive video. I saw that combo on Dhalsim aswell on Yoga channel too. Half of life meter gone just by using two meters.


thx man ^^ … in fact i didnt finish it,there is much more “fancy” stuff to show but i wanted to finish it as soon as posible and upload it … and since my new grapic card sux the game run much slower when recording so it was a pain in the ass to do combos… maybe i make another video to show some character specific “glitch-combos” (you probably know which characters i mean by that :wink: )

btw yeah that combo is sick …i am curious on which characters it also works ,but i am too lazzy to try it out (sagat,hawk,abel and rufus probably too) … plus, it does 850 STUN!!! that alone is enough to stun akuma and seth :))


I tested out j.fp, s.hk, c.fp xx FB. So far it works on Honda, Gief, Sim, Cody, hakan. It can be done anywhere on the screen with good consistency.
It does not work on majority of the cast though


All these combos looks awesome, but are you guys able to execute them all in real matches? Training mode i have no problem, in real matches sometime they can blocked between moves.


if the conection is good ,no problem at all … I actually always go for an FADC combo wehenever i have the oportunity
mid screen combos are best to finish with HK tatsu cause it pushes the enemy verry far away near corner,and thats most of the time better than raw damage


Add Gouken for s.hk, c.fp

S.hk, c.mp work on boxer and chun li


i tested all chars for the st.HK-cr.HP/MP combo … i cant remeber them exactly but i made a document where i keep all the character specific stuff and combos and saved it in my phone “infiltration stylie” …
and from top of my head i think:
-stHKcrHP works on dudley too
-on bison i think you can do only crHKcrMP … on midscreen it can be follewd only by :super or ex tatsu , in the corner it can be FADC’ed in to a larger combo of choice
-against yun only stHKcrMP works
-against viper stHKcrMP only works and only has combo potential in the corner

maybe some day i wont be lazy and i will copy some stuff from my document and share it here, but probably wont since i am a scumbag and want all that nice stuff to keep for myself :wink:
its not like a top secrete file , its just character specific max damage combos and some punishes or moves i should do in certain situations against those chars


Such intellectuals skills to have for a fighting game… 30+ characters, each with their moves AND their reaction to combo…
Thx for the video, really inspiring


i am thinking of making a new video about Ryu’s option selects … most common,and usefull option selects after a hard knockdown (but my pc is ass right now so i dont know if i’ll be posible to do that)<div><br></div><div>it will cover all the option selects you will ever need against all the characters (exept shotos)</div>


Looking forward to seeing that video.