Ryu crmk to fireball easier fireball


Did capcom take away the crmk to fireball (no srk short cut input)?
It wasnt in the latest change log.
Can someone please confirm this.



As far as I can tell this has mostly been a result of not pressing down properly. The same thing happens to me sometimes when I play SF3.


It’s actually more of a result of people dragging along the gate of the stick while walking forward, which naturally does the SRK motion.


I know how to do it i just wanna know if its still in the game or combofiend forgot to put it in the change log.


…why would they allow you to execute a special move when you are not inputting the command properly? That sounds crazy.


You are inputting the command correctly, but the game can’t differentiate between a walk up fireball, and an uppercut. The issue is input leniency with these motions.


you can walk , cr.mk xx fireball is you want, you just have to learn to do it. The cancel window have several frames, use the right one.


Easy solution that I got used to: use HCF to throw the fireball. Makes it better when walking back-and-forth and trying to throw a fireball, and also dashing/walking up and cancelling cr. mk into fireball. I never have the SRK come out at all if I don’t want it to.


That’s great for consistency, but it makes your ability to quickly do a cr.mk x fireball slightly slower. I don’t think it makes a MAJOR difference, but it’s something to note.


Not really, the cr.mk still comes out as fast as you input it. It’s the next part that is slowed down making possible to avoid validating a SRK shortcut.