Ryu crouching short kicks

I’m facing a local guy who just jumps around from side to side using the crouching short kicks against me. A serious of 4 or 5 of these rapidly takes a toll over a time. I can AA him effectively to keep him out, but when he gets in or stuffs a flashkick, I face this whittling power.

It is working for him, so he just uses this method repeatedly until he gets an advantage on power. The crouching strong helps to stop it, as well as the jab, but it usually trades.

Any suggestions on this matchup?

Shouldn’t the upside down kick go over the c. lk and tag him?

Start up on that kick blows.

If that’s all he does try blocking. =\ A series of low shorts will push him out of range.


Alot of people make the mistake of thinking they have to attack back to prevent shenanigans. Blocking is win.

use c.hp as an anti air instead of flash kick.

s.hp will stuff it or at least trade
forward medium kick goes over all lows

block them

Thanks for the tip…I just got to play harder and more careful! Appreciate all the tips here though.

Time to kick some ass!

Block their jump-ins is ok if they have no command throw. If it’s Able or anyone else with command throw you just get thrown left or right after block.