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Ryu footsies
The purpose of this thread is to try to expand everyone?s knowledge of Ryu?s footsies game. In light of the recent posts on Sonic-hurricane I have decided to make this thread to see if we can get some more specific tactics to use in a match.

  1. all i have to say to start you guys off is to cr.MKxxhado. Know its range. Use it, abuse it, make people your bitch with it. You can win games with this alone. amd if your doing it right you should.

watch this whole match and realize the power of the cr.MKxxHado exhibit A: [media=youtube]_usIADlKRKM[/media]

  1. One of my favorite mix ups that I like to go for is to keep more advanced players guessing off my normal block strings. I picked this one up from daigo. My normal block string Is cr.LK,cr.LP,cr.LP,cr.MKxxhado, also this is applicable if you have shown your opponent you are VERY comfortable with cr.MKxxhado range.

To set this up initially you have to probe and find out what you opponent has been doing after the hado. If you notice that they generally don?t do much at all and jus teat the block string than you can pretty much skip this technique, however, if you are noticing your opponent going for a FADC through your hado you can begin to punish this.

Instead of finishing you block string with a hado you can choose not cancel the cr.MK and instead go for a solar plexus punch. If you guessed correctly and got wind of their habits you will catch them in their focus attack and will punish it with a pretty damaging combo. Use this to keep them on their toes and to keep them from trying to get fancy with you.

momochi sets up his fwd.HP at 1:12 and 3:52 in this game: [media=youtube]KD3XlxHHwnc[/media]

  1. Another one is a simple one to apply to your game. This one requires you to attack some tick throws here and there. See if your opponent is teching them well. Hopefully if your good enough you can tell if he is standing to tech or crouching OS.

During your regular tick throw block string condition them to tech a throw say after 2 jabs. Now what you do is after your 2 jabs back up a little bit and punish their OS/tech wiff with cr.MKxxhado. Very simply, very safe, and very effective at chipping away at their life. Also keeps them guessing about whether to tech or not and will probably net you a couple more tick throws than you would have gotten before.

Check out 4:25 in this vid, diesel footsies from chris hu: [media=youtube]8f3HyM5Us04[/media]

These are all the ones i have time to type out for now but i will try to update this OP with more later on and ill also try to add in any others you guys have.


daigo makes this look so easy… i try this all the time and i get ex scissor kicked on or fadc> tiger up cut on

i guess its just practise, know when to throw the fb, know when to hold it back.


And know how to move, defend, and attack so that you’re not as easily predictable, in both what you do and the timing of how you do it. That’s less a matter of knowledge and more a mindset. Though without knowledge you’ll still fall to a lot of things. I’m amazed at how some people can seem to internalize matchups so easily.


Yea that is the basis of all footsies. That’s more of the strategy and I’m trying to help give people the tactics to execute that strategy. If that analogy makes sense.


If it’s all blocked do I not want to throw the Hado in cr.LK,cr.LP,cr.LP,cr.MKxxhado, or is the hado still safe?

EDIT: Errr, I guess the whole point is to see how they react and then when they get wind of it, I do a solar punch because im predicting they’ll do an FA?

Also why do all common Ryu block strings start with c.lk since c.lk is -1(?) on block? Why not start with the c. jab?


yea. The solar plexus punch is afte ryou have done your hado several times and you have seen the guys FADCing it and coming in close. You are absolutely right that the whole point is to probe them a couple times at the beggining of the match.

You start your block string with cr.lk because you cancel the animation into cr.jab. This completely bypasses the -1 on block as that has all the block stun(for the opponent) and the Recover (for you) calculated. You don’t need to worry about that unless you are doing a single cr. LK. Even then, there are no moves in the game that can punish a -1 on block.


i can think of think of two things that can punish a -1 on block ahaha

zangief !


Thanks for clarifying the first part.

I understand that you’re chaining the c.lk into c.lp but why not just start with c.lp? Like instead of c.lk c.lp c.lp, why not just do c.lp c.lp c.lp? Plus I don’t understand what you’re saying in the second sentence of that second paragraph.


c.lp can be blocked high or low. When you do c.lk, it forces them to block low, increasing your chances of getting them hit for you to confirm into a damaging combo.


ding ding ding to the guy above my post

the -1 on block is referring to the fact that your opponent recovers +1 frame ahead of you. That means that any move he does after your both able to do a move is a frame faster than yours. So if your move gives 5 frames block stun after it hits, and it has 6 frames to recover from your move than your opponent is +1 on block and you are -1 on block. Thats why if you chain it you can subtract your recovery from your move and that is why you are able to keep going. this is all the frame data you have for characters

that is simplified and in specific situations there is much more to it but that is the gist of it. Hope that made sense. you can find that information in a lot of places so maybe they can word it better.


Yea it makes sense now. I keep forgetting that when you cancel something you’re cutting of the recovery frames.

thanks crushingyen for the reply. It all makes sense to me now :slight_smile:

Now lets have the thread go back to more footsies tips. I’m already implementing the OPs tips into my game.


What are everyone’s thoughts about cr. Medium Punch? What about in block strings vs. by itself? I ask because I love it and I was wondering if there were more ways to incorporate it into footsies.

I’ve found it’s got its uses if you don’t get predictable with it. I love the fact that the attacking frames of the hitbox stay out there for a lot longer than most people think. I’ve caught “jab spammers” with this one many times.

Plus it’s beastly after cross-up. I like to use use j. lk, cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. med. p xx hado/EX hado. Much fun.


I like c.mp. Occassionaly I’ll go with c.mp,c.lp,c.mk xx hado - I don’t actually know if I have frame advantage on this but it seems to catch people out especially after c.mp.

On jump-in block I usually go with c.lk,c.lp,c.lp,c.lp simply because it’s safe. Lost too many games vs shoryuken spammers.

I’m rather bad at footsies. I try to zone, but against the better players it fails miserably. They know exactly what c.mk range is and tend to stay out. I on the other hand will think it’s in c.mk range and attempt to poke xx hado and get all kinds of messed up. I’m learning to buffer a shoryu after c.mk in case it whiffs and they jump late, but my shoryu excecution is meh. Better footsie players tend to punish my c.mk too. Like good Akuma players, whiff the c.mk = get swept.

My personal though about footsies is learning the range of your normals to avoid whiffs. Sometimes you j.hk, c.lk,c.lp,c.lp,c.lp and then bam reversal shoryuken because the last c.lp whiffed. Same with the c.mk.


If you are using Cr.mp in your combos after a cr.lp you might as well substitute t in for cr.fierce as they have the same start up and its a 2 frame link.

The best use i have seen for cr.mp would be against dhalsim and abel. Cr.mp beats out all of abel’s pokes and will stuff his crescent fall kick thing clean. also if you are throwing it out there against dhalsims a good thing to do would be to buffer your fireballs into your counterpokes so on the chance that they hit you throw out your hado and you can gain even more ground.


cr.mp is great in footsies against shoto cr.mk. Due to it’s hit box it tends to go right over it and punish. Also good against Dictator st.mk and st.rh. I don’t use it too much in combo’s, but it’s pretty great for when you land a j.rh or j.fr, because you can do cr.mp->cr.mp->cr.rh which then sets up Ryu’s offense and does pretty good damage. Also it’s good after a jump-in because to my knowledge you can’t SRK through the cr.mp’s if they block it

EDIT: cr.mp is in general very good in footsies and it should be used in conjunction with cr.mk quite a lot. Intentionally wiffing a few cr.mp’s and then sticking out that cr.mk can be very deceptive and make can it very hard for the opponent to know at what distance their pokes are safe at


I just wanted to say real quick, I beat a Sagat player the other night using almost nothing but cr. mk xx hado, cross-ups, and cr. medium punch X2 > sweep. He wasn’t the best player ever, but I mean… I seriously didn’t even throw out a single SRK. This stuff, when used smart, can win matches. Footsies, gotta love 'em.

Also that’s good info on cr. medium punch in general. I’ve found so many uses for it, it’s hard to list them all, but now I have some more stuff to test out. I really like the tip of using cr. HP rather than cr. med. punch during combo’s, since I love to land cr. HP xx Hp.SRK xx Super :lovin:


I’ve been trying to relearn ryu after a break and I’m having a problem. Now before I say this, I played ryu like 3 out of every 10 games before but I was in no way dedicated to learning him.

Right now I want to learn him deeper and have been working on my footsies. back then i could do cr.f xx hado but now that i’m getting into crazy footsies wars i need MOBILITY. so when i’m moving back and forth, i have a problem executing this. most of the time it’s when i’m walking forward, i’ll do cr.f xx shoryu instead. i’m not sure what’s wrong, i can do it slow but sometimes it wont connect or something.


This issue has been addressed in a lot of other ryu threads. However, il save you the trouble of looking there. There are several ways to get your hado to come out instead of a shoryu. My prefered way to do it is to let the joystick hit neutral before you go to cr.mkxxhado. :r: to neutral :qcf: Thats how i do it. I know a lot of people use a method where they try to hit down back on the joystick before they bring it forward. :r::db::qcf: would be the notation.

The input “correction” system put in place makes it so that your shoryu is coming out. you have to trick it by going to another direction before you do your cr.mkxxHado.


Hey guys,

Something Valle did to me that I noticed when watching the ‘Beat a Pro’ vid of my match with him… When he had me in the corner he did c.mp --> c.lp --> lvl 1 focus --> backdash which put him just out of range of my c.mk. I threw it out there and he swept me. I thought this was a pretty sick blockstring/setup.

He would also use s.mp a lot and on block put me just out of range for c.mk and he would punish with sweep.

Another thing that he did was SPS --> walked forward for a split second and then SRK’ed me knowing that I would try to go for the throw or jab.

I’ve been hit with something similiar to this by other good Ryu players. C.lk, c.lp, stand up for a split second to make it look like you are going to throw and then immediately SRK…works great if you condition them to tech throws prior to this.

Keep in mind these setups work on block, if you hit the ranges are different

As I side note, if you watch this match… bear in mind that it was on a big screen in front of about 200 people and I was super nervous as I’m a 6 month Ryu with only XBL experience. Not my best match, but hey, good learning experience.


I’d find that the exact times for you, but I’m on terrible wireless down by mexico at the moment.

I love high level footsies, just implementing it into my game is going to take time.


Interesting match, made me realise my footsie is suck… but I think I already knew that…lol
lot of different angle Valle did: jump hk , follow by a focus instead of going for the classic c.mk xx fb ( think he did that like 3 times )
Also clk, clp , Focus in one of his blocksting + getting out of range and sweeping a whiff.

What I am going to say is pretty basic but thats what I am trying to work in my footsie now.

  • trying to use the right move at the right distance: dont throw to many cmk xx fb when I am in range for a clp, clk or cmp.

-dont throw a move with no purpose , I am guilty of overabusing cmk even when It wont touch my opponent.

-dont stick a move out when I dont have the iniative : ex coming out of a block stun since I will often get frame trap.
Also sometimes I land in front of my opponent I dont have the iniative so my pokes will get beat

-being careful trowing to many fireballs at bad times: ex: when I am coming out of block stun opponent will often jump in at those times

I realise those are bad habits that work againt weaker oppositions but when facing stronger opponents you get punish.
Sometimes the best thing to do is simply blocking especially without the initiative.

my 2 cents