Ryu frustration

Hopefully stating before hand that I’m fairly inexperienced will lessen the irritating and irrelevant comments. Regardless I come to this forum to ask for particular advice.

For one, I would like to state the fact that I strongly dislike Ryu. Mainly because he hurts like hell when he connects anything and well. He’s just a solid character. Regardless I have this problem against a Ryu player who decides to zone the shit out of me with hadoukens and cr. fierce punch when I jump in and cr. fierce sweep when I zone in on him. Yes, I’ve tried parrying all of his projectiles but he just seems like he wants to chip me then zone me out until the timer runs out. I’ve actually played him before (I play Ken and Chun; not suprising huh?) and I did win after I realized his basic tactic but regardless when he does manage to sweep the shit out of me into a corner and chip me to death with low fierces and hadoukens so I get pretty irritated. Well for Ken I just try to EX Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku my way out but for Chun Li it’s just utter rape in the corner.

Regardless I would like to ask for any particular advice to counter such an irritating problem. I mean the times I do beat him I was just baiting his low sweep and sweep him back and/or cr. kick super but I’m hoping there’s a safer tactic of cornering him (since he crouches like mad and cr. fierce punches me if I try to overhead).

And if there’s already a thread that covers such thing I’m sorry.


Jump in parry the anti air crouch fierce. Parry the sweep. If someone is doing the same thing over and over might as well parry and punish for big damage

You want someone who’s getting chipped by hadoukens in 3S to parry in the air…?

Build meter, block the sweep, reversal super. Blam. Or super through the fireball if you’re Chun. Don’t even need to hit him with anything else. Fireball chip isn’t going to outdamage houyo.

With Ken, do the same as above. But you can’t super through the hadouken so just jump over it and bone him with j.HK into… sweep, I guess. Or directly into super or srk if you can’t do combos yet. Fireballs are slow in 3S, you can jump over and hit him before he can low fierce. Don’t wait at the other end of the screen and stare at the fireball. Get closer to him and jump earlier, right when you see it. Instead of doing meaties when he’s down, trying pretending like you’re going to do one, then not doing it and block instead. If he does something dumb, press a button. Preferably something with decent damage and knocks down. Oh and tick throw the shit out of him. Crouching, low fierce and fireballs aren’t going to counter that.

At some point he’s going to strengthen his ground game to compensate for the cheese I described above. You can still keep doing that stuff, but then you need to figure out how to use pokes, safe moves and higher-damage combos instead of doing the first move that comes to mind. Come back then or read those character’s sections.

You should red parry everything, and turtle for gaynei-jin. The power is in you.

youre using chun/ken man. you shouldnt struggle with ryu that much especially with chun.
reversal super after blocked sweep or super through the fireballs.
chun has too many weapons to be afraid of ryu.

for ken, you can also reversal super him on blocked sweep but timing is harder.
just play normally. everybody says how much damage ryu does but ken does just as much.
after super knockdown in corner, taunt for that damage boost.

mix it up. confuse your opponent. parry his same moves and punish.
watch ken vs ryu/ chun vs ryu on youtube. ryu really shouldnt be someone you struggle
against with. good luck.

He has to learn it at some point. It’s only 1 hit after all.

mirume: It looks like at the level you guys are at (and I don’t mean to roast you or anything), you could pick Necro and poke that Ryu all day long and he’d feel cheated, lol

You play Chun and Ken, right? Learn cr. MK into super for both of these, it’s the staple, non-fancy BnB combo for both characters and knowing it is essential. You can easily win with just that + normals by learning to punish and getting an overall feel for the game. Don’t try to parry too much if you can’t do it yet, mix your game up with throws, don’t jump too much, don’t whiff normals when the opponent has meter, etc. Just play smart, keep at it and in a couple of weeks your understanding of the game will ramp up and you’ll feel silly about using to be shut down by cr. HKs and cr. HPs :sweat:

It seems as though the key to beating Shotos is to be able to parry their sweep.Because knock downs are so important to them and it creates alot of their momentum, shutting down that part of their game helps out alot.

Okay, to repeat what other people are saying: if you are having problems with this matchup as Chun, you’re doing something wrong.

Playing against bad players like this is a great chance to leisurely work on your counterpoking. If he’s good at mixing up his anti-airs, don’t try to jump on him. Just stand a few character lengths away from him and figure out what buttons he likes to press, and use a fast, far-reaching normal of your own to beat his moves out the second you see his sprite twitch.

Chun’s basic counterpoking arsenal includes cr. forward, cr. roundhouse, st. fierce, st. back fierce, and st. roundhouse.

So yah, just spend a few games playing reactively, pressing one of the above normals at certain ranges when you see his sprite twitch, and you’ll start to see why most people just hate chun. (In fact, just keep your finger above the roundhouse button and press it while moving the joystick randomly whenever the opponent does something and you have a good litmus test for how scrubby the competition is.) After a while, you’ll figure out the best distances and the best timing for mixing up the different normals, and voila–your training partner will start losing and start calling Chun-li broken, how only lamers use her, how he hates 3s, etcetc

But hey, you’ll win.

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What you described is the typical sf2 Ryu trap (fireball from afar, srk / some other mix up when they jump over or get close). This would be difficult to get around in sf2 or 4 because there’s no parrying, but situations like these are easy to counter in 3s.

You say you’re getting messed up by Ryu’s zoning… but that doesn’t make sense to me because his zoning (especially fierce and roundhouse) sucks ass in 3rd strike. There are several ways you could be getting hit:

  1. He hits you from far because he’s got good spacing
  2. He hits you up close when he finds the opportunity
  3. He hits you as you’re doing a move or while you’re dashing to stuff it

Whatever the case, one of the slowest characters in the game (Ryu) is outpoking two of some of the fastest characters in the game (Chun and Ken). The scenario that you described tells me that it’s not the match-up of Chun vs. Ryu or Ken vs. Ryu… and in fact I’d say it’s not even about Ryu… it’s more about improving your technical defensive skills. Once you get better at those, the problems you’re having in this match should be cake. Practice your blocking, parrying and reversals. It might take a while to get better at these things, but it’ll help you pinpoint these kinds of traps and give you the opportunity to deal good punishes.

You have to remember that Ryu’s normals have a huge recovery time, so you have a pretty big window to punish if they don’t connect. So after getting around the fireballs, just make sure you don’t get hit with a normal (whether that be a block, parry or a faster normal to stuff it), and then punish with a super or grab if you wanna put them into the corner. Chun doesn’t even need to parry, she can easily block a low fierce or roundhouse, and if she has meter then she can reversal super on reaction and that’s half your opponent’s blood already. Her far fierce, back fierce and low forward should rape Ryu like a Catholic alter boy. If you want to get out of the corner, you can grab and put them in the corner (if you think they’re gonna grab then jump), you can block and then jump off the wall, or you can do an EX spinning bird kick when you wake up. Ken’s normals will beat Ryu’s almost all the time if used correctly. Both Ken and Chun can hit confirm their supers. You have tons of options to resolve this issue.

Also… don’t let your opponent control the flow of the match. Make sure to set the pace somehow so that he will have to submit and react to your game rather than you submitting and reacting to his. If you’re Ken, then try playing the fireball game better than he does and see how he adapts to it. Seeing his adaptation to the same situation will give you a better idea of how to deal with him.

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