Ryu Fundamentals

Hello it’s me Zega again, still less than a week since i joined SRK.

my First thread was getting advice on my mean T. hawk and i was told that i shouldn’t be messing with T. hawk until i play Ryu.

But now that i’m trying to play Ryu i can’t even get his combo’s or play style down because he is so much diffrent from a grappler. They often say practice makes perfect but in truth i’ve found that practice makes permanant. So is it aboustely vital for a new player to master Ryu before moving on to another character? I ask this because if i am going to end up maining T. hawk after i mastered him why pick him up in the first place if they play nothing alike?

Well I’m embarassed.

No. it’s not necessary. Most people say start with Ryu because he is an all around character by design(He can rush down or play defensively or just play neutral) and has all the tools to win. good zoning game, consistant anti air, easy to combo u1, good normals, decent damage and average health and stun. Play who you like and work at it but Ryu is a good baseline if you are confused as to who you should pick up.

Use ryu and learn his combos, spacing , work on his dp, st.hp st. rh for anti defense. zone them out from far with fp. hadoken, and jab. hadoken. Learn his Bread and butter combos from the wiki. And keep T.Hawk has your back-up from you main. And Carbs is correct ryu is a great beginning character to start off with. Hope that helps

Derp derp my everything combos into my everything, i’m lerning 2 paly

There’s a lot you can learn with Ryu as he is one of the most (or the most) used character in the game. You need to have the mindset that you’re trying to master Ryu to up your T. Hawk game. Ryu is a hard matchup for T. Hawk (well I guess most are)…

One of the most basic things to learn with Ryu is how to punish jumps and learning this in turn helps you to see when it’s a bad time to jump in with T. Hawk. With Ryu you can force them to jump with your fireball and what I just recently opened my eyes to because I am still a beginner too…

The threat of the fireball
Just because they can fireball doesn’t mean they WILL fireball. Just when you think they will and jump over this imaginary fireball you’re eating a DP. Frustrating as hell because now you are in the exact same situation. Patiently blocking/Focus backdashing and not giving them their antiair should make them wary of the fact that you are willing to wait. Now it’s harder for them to guess when you will jump. That’s the T. Hawk point of view. As Ryu you would still need to gauge when they are going to jump BUT also take advantage of the fact that they’ll wait and chuck more plasma. Because Ryu kinda controls this situation you need to apply one more thing to it, to make magic happen with BOTH characters…

The awareness of space
Ryu is more “attuned” to this because of how directly he can control it with the fireball and his normals. At full screen his fireballs are safe to throw out. A little bit closer is still safe, then comes the danger zone after which it’s pretty much safe again. [media=youtube]yBUe7HkRkNM"[/media]. I suggest you look at all those tutorials to understand Ryu better although the guides were for vanilla.

I don’t know if this helps, I’m ready to admit that I read these kinds of advice and suggestions a thousand times for tensome years and only RECENTLY did it actually click in my head without any direct help… :smiley:

Pffft… Start with Dan. Don’t worry about any fb combos, practice dp and lk danku mixups. jhk hp hk danku takes over 300… Super easy combo. Even if they block you can throw them off with a dp or backdash because his dankus are pretty safe.

Also, if you like t hawk, just use him. Just because other people started with ryu and Ken doesn’t mean you should. If they are uncomfortable for you, then you are hurting yourself. Practice hawks condors, 360s, pokes, and matchup strats and you will be besting in no time.

To play Ryu you just throw a fireball and if they jump use ur uppercut

Honestly there’s no reason to learn Ryu if you just want to play T Hawk. Ryu does everything, which is why he’s the ‘beginner’ character. He gives a decent foundation to move to any character. But really that’s only helpful if you’re not sure who you want to play.

If you play long enough you’ll pick up secondaries eventually.

But if you are getting frustrated with T Hawk (because he’s not that good) then you might consider playing Ryu for a while because he’s good.

two things

  1. you are still very new to the game, you dont know that you will actually like thawk when you understand everything. back in the day(hf days) i used to play blanka the most, but i didnt understand anything, I would find myself getting owned by everyone in the room until I found that Ryu was ACTUALLY the best for me at the time, and I still play Ryu to this day.

  2. considering that you are new, its no surprise youre attracted to t hawk because you can just 360 mash your way to lucky wins. new people should be AVOIDING t hawk at all cost. Youll never learn anything by using t hawk gimmicks.

play ryu. in about 6 months you can begin to talk about t hawk seriously.

EDIT: After reading this thread im getting the hunch that people consider Ryu to be a beginner character only. That is plain wrong. Playing Ryu does not always lead to playing someone else. Ryu has all of the fundamentals which is why hes good to newbies, but he has so many advanced things that really good players stick with him(…daigo…). Ryu is a good character for pretty much anyone.

No, Ryu is good to newbies because he has no actual deficiencies, and in fact has massive advantages where most other characters have noticeable weaknesses. It’s great for retarded egomonsters who want to pretend they’re earning their bullshit, but the fact that Ryu has no deficiencies when nearly everyone else does just means that there’s absolutely nothing about him that forces you to learn anything even remotely resembling the “fundamentals” you scrubs like to constantly prattle on about.

Fuck’s sake. T.Hawk’s still a garbage character, but at least he forces you to learn how to poke and punish with normals. Characters with tight links force you to learn how to do those. Characters with specific crossups teach you those. Ryu just teaches newbies that you can press any two buttons after jab with the most lax timing and end up with a KD, that you can jump in as sloppily as humanly possible and still land j.mk crossup, that you can herpderp the easiest ultra in the game without any real setup save for your own inexperience, and that waking up is magically safer for you than it is for most of the cast because of mash SRK so who needs to learn how to fucking block.

Ryu is a terrible beginner’s character, and doubly so online. You pick Ryu starting out if you care more about getting damage you didn’t earn and don’t understand than you do about actually learning fundamentals. The flexibility of the char just allows people with ridiculously incongruent egos to fool themselves into thinking what they do is brilliant and creative when the reality is simply that other chars can’t shit out specials like Ryu can. Nothing more.

Actually, Ryu is a very advanced character to use at high levels. I know this. f.hp combos are hard. Sweep combos are kinda hard. And Ryu is just really solid, he doesn’t have too many good mixups besides crossup tatsu and throw/EX tatsu. This is why I wouldn’t suggest him to newer players because they’re just going to get frustrated that they can’t do his good combos. Also anti-airing with Ryu in Super can be hard because his DP sucks now.

Outside of health t.hawk is crap. That is basic knowledge. Your best bet is to play ryu until you understand all of the fundamentals, THEN come back to T. Hawk. Fact: A garbage character is only as good as the player who uses him…

ryu is a quarter circle style character. T. Hawk is a 360 spin the stick style character. Don’t waste your time with ryu if you want to play T. Hawk.

Ryu’s game play is completely different then T. Hawk. I wouldn’t bother. Its the cool thing to suggest new people play ryu, but its not always the best idea.

Maybe try some Zangief? Same style of character, so what you learn with one will directly carry over to the other. You want to stick to guys that have a “command grab” since they have a style all their own.

Ryu is a zoning projectile character. If you have no interest in that type of game play, don’t waste your time.

Play what you like.

Goes without saying

Horrible and ignorant post. I won’t type out a full response because I basically said the same thing in the other thread, but everything this guy said is pure BS.

Ryu might get you to 1k PP relatively easily, but after that, it is a tough tough road. All of his combos are 1 or 2 frame links and are not easy at all.

No deficiencies? That’s a laugh. He only has 3 moves, and all of them are incredibly risky if they aren’t used to perfection. Other characters like Bison, Balrog, Adon, Honda, Blanka, Guile etc etc… can just spam their moves all day long with no risk at all.

Mash SRK? Once again, that might work against complete scrubs with 500 PP, but after that, 1 blocked SRK means MASSIVE punishment just for the chance to do what… 120 damage?

I’ll stop there, but in short, this guy is retarded.

Stopped reading there.

Bison’s air moves are flat out beat by characters with air throws, or air command attacks. Psyco Crusher gets completely beat by every projectile in the game, and LK scissors are the only ones that are marginally safe on block. EX scissors are just… lol.

Balrog’s rush punches can be inb4’d by armor breaking moves, and multi hit moves. If timed right, Balrog can get thown out of any rush punch. Headbutt is laughably easy to punish on block. In AE, it will be even easier.

Adon? Jaguar tooth? Rising Jaguar? LOL

Honda’s buttspash is just HORRIBLE on block, and against projectile characters, any non EX headbutt is useless.

Blanka has matchups where he cannot ball at all, because in some cases Blanka balls can be punished on hit.

Guile? Don’t make me laugh. Flash Kick is incredibly risky. It gets completely raped by cross-up attempts (the attack that at face value percieved to stop), and is pretty much asking for a free combo. Sonic boom, while having a quick recovery just flat out loses to mix-up characters.

Obviously I was not insinuating that ALL of their moves are safe, jesus christ, use your head.

My point is that ALL of Ryu’s moves are incredibly risky. Each one of them will result in massive damage to Ryu if he uses them at the wrong time. And since these are his only options, that is a huge disadvantage.

Having just ONE move that is safe on block makes this game 100000000x easier at beginner/intermediate levels. High level is a different story obviously but we aren’t talking about that so who cares.

Same goes for every other character in the game, scrub. Except you’re not going to see Cody mashing CU out of a blockstring. And it doesn’t change the fact that his framedata is so retarded that he can link cr.mp – a better normal than a lot of characters have on its own – into fucking cr.mp and cr.rh for a hard KD. It doesn’t change the fact that the hitbox on j.mk doesn’t even make sense, he has baseline HP and stun, good walkspeed, or that he has an excellent projectile.

Every other character in the game has to work around weaknesses: chun has great pokes and great backdash, but every single one of her AA normals is highly situational and her only wakeup reversal takes meter. Some chars are extremely weak to the fireball game, others to wakeup, or footsies, or mixups, or some combination thereof. Ryu doesn’t have quandries like that. Oh, except for your utterly brilliant example of whiffing, what, fp.SRK or fullscreen tatsu? The former of which can be easily FADCed out of thanks to his overall ability to build meter and overall lack of total reliance on it.

Reading this post made my head hurt. Please do not listen to this guy tons of misinformation here…