Ryu Fundamentals

Hello it’s me Zega again, still less than a week since i joined SRK.

my First thread was getting advice on my mean T. hawk and i was told that i shouldn’t be messing with T. hawk until i play Ryu.

But now that i’m trying to play Ryu i can’t even get his combo’s or play style down because he is so much diffrent from a grappler. They often say practice makes perfect but in truth i’ve found that practice makes permanant. So is it aboustely vital for a new player to master Ryu before moving on to another character? I ask this because if i am going to end up maining T. hawk after i mastered him why pick him up in the first place if they play nothing alike?


But, learning the bread and butters of all the characters–or at least the ones you struggle against or find to be stronger–can help you understand the match-up.


But, learning the bread and butters of all the characters–or at least the ones you struggle against or find to be stronger–can help you understand the match-up.

play who you like

Go play T.Hawk. Learning Ryu before any other character isn’t going to really help besides making you better at playing Ryu.

Consdiering the skill needed to actually do well with Ryu, learning how to play him before anyone else hurts your fundamentals more than helping them. The extent of which the misconception of “Ryu is a fundamentals character” has spread, is frankly embarrassing.

There is no “Street Fighter 101” character. If you want to play a Grappler, OP, then use a grappler.

This is like asking do you have to eat your fries first to enjoy the burger. It doesn’t matter who you learn first. Fundamentals are fundamentals AKA they work with everyone so you might as well just start your learning process with the character you intend to devote your SF career too.

The only reason people suggest you learn Ryu first is because Ryu is a versatile character. His footsies are pretty good, he can rushdown, and he can turtle. He’s a jack of all trades and is generally easier to learn all the different playstyles with.

EDIT: Also, be sure you take everything you see in here with a grain of salt. There is no 100% set in stone way to learn as everyone learns differently. These are merely peoples opinions about what they feel is most effective.

Not really. SF4 more than any previous SF has a lot of characters who don’t particularly rely on what would traditionally be considered “SF skills”. Still, you should play who you like.

This. Viper, Abel, Fuerte, Juri and Rufus ring giant massive bells when I think about nontraditional characters. Good job Capcom, all the S/SF4 characters you added troll newcomers in a game that specifically targets newcomers.

I’m just sayin’ footsies and zoning are footsies and zoning no matter who you’re using.

I’ve been playing for 3-4 years, and I am just starting to pick up Ryu because it seems like a fun idea. So that’s really your answer. I started playing Guile in Marvel, I play Vega in ST and 4, and I don’t know who to play in 3rd Strike.

If you do want to play Ryu, play him in Super Turbo, where fireballs are incredibly buff and he is their king.

like i said in your other thread, if you want to play a successful grappler you have to learn the psychology of a grappler. here’s a good article explaining some of the stuff that makes a grappler different and why you should just learn one sonic hurricane dot com Grappler Training

Yeah Ryu is good for people who may have played street fighter before, because a lot of his old tricks like his crouching forward to fireball and getting your opponent to jump over a fireball into SRK. Ryu just seems familiar. The problem is that most players are comfortable or at least familiar with the Ryu matchup.