Ryu General Discussion: Frame Data, Strategy, Combo, etc

SRK-an abbreviation for Shoryuken
Tatsu-Short for Tatsumaki Senpukyaku,commonly known as Hurricane Kick
LK-Light Kick
MK-Medium Kick
HK-Heavy Kick
LP-Light Punch
MP-Medium Punch
HP-Heavy Punch
SPS-stands for Solar Plexus Strike or Ryu’s forward+HP
FA-Focus Attack,executed by hitting MP+MK
FADC-stands for Focus Attack Dash Cancel,this is canceling a move with Focus Attack then dashing out of the FA.
st.-will be followed by LP,MP,HP,LK,MK,or HK,indicates moves done while standing
cr.-will be followed by LP,MP,HP,LK,MK,or HK,indicates crouching moves
cl.-will be followed by LP,MP,HP,LK,MK,or HK,indicates moves done close to the opponent
U1-Stands for Ultra 1
DP-Stands for dragon punch,another word for Shoryuken
nj.-stands for neutral jump
fj.stands for forward jump
CBB-short for Collarbone Breaker,Ryu’s overhead

Anti-air: An Anti Air is something that keeps you opponent out of the air. Ryu has several of them that are useful for different situations.

-Ryu’s MP SRK should be used as you main anti air. If you don’t time it late, then it will most likely trade.

-Far Standing HK can be used for jumps that are outside Ryu’s Dragon Punch range,but I recommend far standing HP instead.

-Far Standing HP is a very strong anti-air for jump-ins outside of DP range

-Crouching Fierce Punch should be used if your opponent is directly above you

Hit Confirm: Hit confirm is when you throw a move and it gives you enough time to see if the move hit or it was block so you can cancel in to super/specials.

Spacing:Is where you place yourself on the screen depend on the character you are playing, or your opponents habits and tendencies.

Zoning: Zoning is a way of controlling the space. Ryu has a good set of normals and specials that allow him to do this effectively.

  • Hadoken should be thought of as a poke. It can keep your opponents out, and put good pressure at the same time.

  • Cr.MK has a nice range and lowers your hitbox. It is a very solid poke and can be cancelled into a fireball on hit

**Combos: **The numbers on the right of the combo are Damage/stun

  • cr.LPx3, cr.MK xx Hadoken 152/270
  • cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.HP xx HK Tatsu 206/400
  • cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.HP xx LK tatsu, MP SRK (corner only) 222/430
  • SPS, cr.LP, cr.HP xx LK tatsu, MP SRK (corner only) 292/480
  • SPS, cr.HP xx LP SRK, land, Shinku hadoken (super) 470/460
  • cr.MP, cr.MP, cr.HK 192/280
  • cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.HP xx EX Tatsu, U1 (corner only) 419/400
    -cr.MK xx Fireball, FADC cr.HK 192/280
    -cr.MK xx Fireball, FADC, cr.MK xx HK Tatsu 252/420
    -cr.MK xx Fireball, FADC, cr.HP xx LK tatsu, MP SRK (corner only) 292/530
    -cr.MK xx Fireball, FADC, cr.HP xx EX Tatsu, U1 (corner only) 489/500
    -SRK, FADC, U1 398/150
    -cr.MK xx EX Fireball, U1 (corner only) 393/200
    -cr.MK xx EX Fireball, FADC U1 393/200
    -SPS, cr.HP xx HP SRK 300/460
    -SPS, cr.HP xx HP SRK, FADC, U1 487/420
    -SPS, cr.HP xx EX Tatsu, U1 (corner only) 535/460
    -cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.HK 137/210

**Combo Notes: **Any combos that have SPS, cr.HP can be altered to SPS, cr.LP,MP or cl.MK.Also you can do SPS, SRK as a combo.Also any combos containing tatsu can be done with different versions of tatsu to affect spacing afterwards.

Side Notes: Hurricane kick will stop you’re opponents FA’s. A well-timed Hurricane kick also goes through fireballs. When you end a combo in the corner with a ex hurricane kick if the opponent gets set spinning in the air, you can do an Ultra or SRK and it will connect but ONLY if the opponent gets sent spinning in the corner.

**Frame **Data:
Okay this frame data is going to be for AE with the Super data in parantheses and will have the numbers in the following order: move name/damage/stun/startup/active/recovery/on guard/on hit.

cl.LP/30/50/3/3/6/+2/+5 (same)
cl.MP/70/100/3/3/21/-3/+3 (same)
cl.HP/100[80]/200[150]/5/7/26/-15/-10 (same)
cl.LK/30/50/5/5/7/-1/+2 (same)
cl.MK/80/100/3/5/16/-7/-2 (70/100/3/5/16/-7/-2)
cl.HK/4070/12575/8/8{2}4/15/-1/+4 (4070/12575/8/8{2}4/17/-3/+2)
st.LP/30/50/4/3/6/+2/+5 (same)
st.MP/80/100/5/4/14/-4/-1 (same)
st.HP/120/200/8/3/15/0/+4 (same)
st.LK/40/50/5/6/6/-1/+2 (same)
st.MK/80/100/8/2/17/-5/-2 (same)
st.HK/110/200/9/4/20/-6/-2 (same)
cr.LP/30/50/3/2/7/+2/+5 (same)
cr.MP/60/100/4/4/8/+2/+5 (same)
cr.HP/90/200/4/8/28/-18/-13 (same)
cr.LK/20/50/4/3/9/-1/+2 (same)
cr.MK/60/100/5/3/14/-3/0 (60/100/5/5/12/-3/-0)
cr.HK/90/100/5/4/28/-14/- (same)
nj.LP/50/50/10/7/-/-/- (same)
nj.MP/80/100/5/5/-/-/- (same)
nj.HP/100/200/6/5/-/-/- (same)
nj.LK/40/50/5/9/-/-/- (same)
nj.MK/80/100/6/10/-/-/- (same)
nj.HK/100/200/4/4/-/-/- (same)
fj.LP/50/50/4/7/-/-/- (same)
fj.MP/5030/5050/7/34/-/-/- (same)
fj.HP/100/200/6/5/-/-/- (same)
fj.LK/40/50/4/8/-/-/- (same)
fj.MK/70/100/6/6/-/-/- (same)
fj.HK/100/200/7/7/-/-/- (same)
50/5050/17/1{1}2/14/-2/+3 [+1 on crouching opponents] (same)
50/5050/17/22/18/0/+4 (4080/5050/17/2*2/18/0/+4)
Forward throw/130/140/3/2/20 (same)
Back throw/130/120/3/2/20 (same)
FA lvl 1/60/100/21/2/35/-21/-21 (same)
FA lvl 2/80/150/17+12/2/35/-15/- (same)
FA lvl 3/140/200/65/2/35/-/- (same)
Hadoken/60/100/13/-/45/-6/-2 (same)
16~17f focus cancellable

EX Hadoken/5050/5050/12/-/40/+1/- (same)
15~16f focus cancellable,knocks down,can juggle

LP SRK/100[70]/200[100]/3/14/14+10/-17/- (same)
1~2f invincible,3~16f low invincible4f~ airborne,knocks down,[] refers to 3~14f

MP SRK/8050/15050/3/2*12/25+18/-34/- FONT=Helvetica[/FONT]
1~5f invincible(1~4f invincible in super),knocks down,second hit can juggle

HP SRK/160/200/3/2*12/28+18/-37/- FONT=Helvetica [/FONT]
1~4f invincible,knocks down,not FADCable

EX SRK/8060/100100/3/2*12/30+18/-39 (same)
1~16f invincible,knocks down,second hit can juggle

LK Tatsu/100/200/11/2(6)2/12+5/-6/- (same)
7~20f lower body projectile invincible,knock down,armor break

MK Tatsu/110/200/12/2(6)2(6)2(6)2(6)2/18+3/-2/- (same)
7~45f lower body projectile invincible,knock down,armor break

HK Tatsu/120/200/12/2(6)2(6)2(6)2(6)2/18+3/-2/- (same)
7~45f lower body projectile invincible,knock down,armor break

EX Tatsu/30x4*40/40x5/11/1(3)1(3)1(3)1(3)1/18+3/-1/- (same)
[FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica]6[FONT=Helvetica]~27f lower body projectile invincible,knock down,armor break,can juggle,forces stand[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

[FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica]Air LK Tatsu/70/100/9/2(6)2(6)2(6)2(6)2/10/-/- (same)[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica]knock down[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

[FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica]Air MK Tatsu/80/100/9/2(6)2(6)2(6)2(6)2/10/-/- (same)[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica]knock down[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

[FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica]Air HK Tatsu/90/100/9/2(6)2(6)2(6)2(6)2/10/-/- (same)[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica]knock down[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

Air EX Tatsu/40x5/50x5/7/1(3)1(3)1(3)1(3)1/4/- (same)
knock down,can juggle

Super/50x4*100/0/1+2/-/52/+11/- (same)
1f invincible,untechable knock down,can juggle

U1/42x7*75/0/0+11/-/120/-25/- (same)
1~9f invincible,untechable knock down,can juggle

U2/27038x450x3[270233]/0/-/0+8/33+7/43+41/-84/- (same)
1~10f invincible,untechable knock down,can juggle,first hit goes in to animation,[] refers to animation

Option Selects: My explanation of an option select will be the way Air explains it in his blog.An option select is like rock paper scissors but you can have rock and paper out at the same time.It is you doing something and then having another option to back that up under certain circumstances.As an example, say you sweep Abel down and safe jump with j.HK and OS a throw. If he just blocks or gets hit by the j.HK you follow it up as usual with a combo or blockstring,your throw will not come out.If he does a roll your j.HK will whiff and your throw will come out and grab Abel out of the roll.You can option select ANYTHING including Ultras,jumps, and dashes. Now that you should know what an option select is,here are some useful ones for Ryu.If you have any questions about how to perform them you can PM me or ask in the Q&A thread.

On the Ground:

-c.MK OS Fireball. Probably Ryu’s most used OS,if the c.MK whiffs nothing happens but if it hits the fireball will come out.You can do this on other normals such as c.MP as well though that is mostly used against Dhalsim.

-c.LP,c.LP OS Sweep. This is an OS used to catch people who backdash out of blockstrings.

-OS teching with c.MP. This allows you to tech throws and have c.MP come out if you are given time. This allows for a decent chance of counter hits and you can,with practice,use a hit to go into a c.MP,c.MP,c.HK combo for a hard knockdown.

Safe Jumps:

-OS HK Tatsu. Catches backdashes and backwards teleports.It also beats Bisons psycho crusher.

-OS MP SRK. Beats some wakeup reversal options,backdashes, and jumps.

-OS Block and Sweep. This is an extremely useful OS vs guile and other characters with 4+ frame reversals and no teleport.This OS will allow you to block their reversal if they do one,sweep them if they backdash,and gives free pressure if they block your jump in attack.

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ok combos updated…plan on adding frame data and working on the matchup thread soon.also i talked to Air on facebook and he has agreed to help me out on the matchups

Nice writeup ZOMBIEGUTS, hopefully should get the Ryu’s back off their asses and started again! :smiley:

lol thanks bro plan on doing a lot more soon

If you haven’t found it before:


List of all Ryu’s frame data. I’m going to check to see if anything’s changed. Doubt it, but still worth checking. Haven’t read through it properly as I’m still in work! :zzz:

ok added some of the frame data…will finish it up soon.

you’re missing the most important combos, that link to cr. rh for untechable knockdowns to make the opponent guess right after. my fav. cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.lp or st.lp, cr.rh.

i’ll add that one in soon.i have cr.MP,cr.MP,cr.HK

cr.MP, cr.MP, cr.HK is my personal fave. Easy as pie to land.

You can add my list of ryu mixups onto there (it should cover at least 80% of all good ryu mixups). You might want to modify it a bit, considering that it is a bit disorganized…

ok added more frame data

I think the combos list should be more extensive. Keep up the good work

yeah i could add more FADC combos like the Daigo vs YHCmochi combo

Just and idea, The combos section could be split in couple of section

Example: 1: Ultra combo 2: Super combo 3: Hit confirm combo 4: FADC combo
5: Sps combos

In the hit confirm section couple are missing

c.lk, c.lp, c.mk xx tatsu
c.mp, c.mp, c.mk xx tatsu or ex fireball; Super
c.mp, cmk xx tatsu or ex fireball; Super
c.lk, c.lp xx srk

It depend on the goal of the page, stay basic or be as extensive as possible.

Personnaly I am a combo ‘freak’ I could send you a pretty big file I have on Sps
and St.hk will all the permutations and Character specific and corner possibility
like the Daigo vs Mochi.

For those (like me) who fail to be consistent with the SPS to cr hp link, since the close standing mk buff of AE, SPS to close st mk became a viable option only 10 damage less, and very easy to hit confirm since it’s a 3 frame.

ok i added some more frame data,it will be finished soon.Do you guys have any suggestions? I was thinking a write up for option selects maybe