Ryu General Discussion Thread: Frame Data, Strategies, Combos, etc

Just keep combos and strats on this thread. Keep discussion in other threads. Lets try and keep one page long. Thanks to CFAY and Mickey for their input.

Anti-air: An Anti Air is something that keeps you opponent out of the air. Ryu has several of them that are useful for different situations.

-Ryu’s Strong Dragon Punch should be used as you main anti air. If you don’t time it late, then it will most likely trade.

-Far Standing Roundhouse should be used for jumps that are outside Ryu’s Dragon Punch range.

-Crouching Fierce Punch should be used if you can’t react fast enough with a Dragon Punch.
Hit Confirm**[COLOR=black]: [/COLOR]Hit confirm is when you throw a move and it gives you enough time to see if the move hit or it was block so you can cancel in to super/specials.
Spacing**[COLOR=black]:[/COLOR][COLOR=black] [/COLOR][COLOR=black]Is where you place yourself on the screen depend on the character you are playing, or your opponents habits and tendencies.[/COLOR]
Zoning**: Zoning is a way of controlling the space. Ryu has a good set of normals and specials that allow him to do this effectively.

  • Hadoken should be thought of as a poke. It can keep your opponents out, and put good pressure at the same time.

  • Crouching Forward has a nice range and lowers your hitbox. It is a very solid poke.

Combo’ing Ryu’s Normals: Ryu can link a lot of his normals with a lot of ease, such as c.lp, c.mp/c.hp. His c.mp can be followed up with a c.mk or a c.hp. His F+hp also links into c.lp. It’s also said that f+mp (overhead) can be followed up with a c.lp link, I’d like confirmation please. In other words, Ryu can link a fierce off of everything except his kicks. Just know that he can combo well with his normals. It’s up to you to choose what fits for you.

Combos: Since there are so many ways to link things, I’m not gonna list every one of the possibilities. This library can get pretty extensive. All in all, here are the strings you should know. NOTE: If no other ender is listed, all combos end with you’re choice of hurricane kick or dragon punch (ex versions or not). If you end it with a dragon punch, you can always SADC into Ultra.

  • c.lpx3, c.mk xx Hadoken/hk hurricane kick
  • c.lp, c.hp xx ______
  • f+hp, c.lp, c.hp xx ______
  • lp shoryuken, land, Shinku hadoken (super)
  • jump in hp/hk, c.lp, c.mk, hadoken, SADC, s.hp xx ______
  • In corner, SA lvl 2, dash forward, f+hp, c.lp, c.hp, EX hurricane kick, EX fireball, EX hirricane kick.
  • *SA lvl 1, dash forward, c.lp, c.hp, ______
  • SA lvl 1, dash forward, SA lvl 2, dash forward…**
  • *SA lvl 1, dash forward, SA lvl 1, dash forward, Ex hurricane kick
  • SA lvl 2/3, dash forward, SA lvl 2, dash forward…***

Ending a combo with an EX fireball can lead into an Ultra (you have to be pretty quick). its very risky mid screen, especially against heavier characters who fall quicker. In corner is best.

SA Combo Notes: There are a few things you need to know first. First regarding the “***”. This indicates that after you’re lvl 2 SA hits, you’re opponent is put in the air. Therefore, followups to this are limited. A special and quick normal is probably the only route to go. I’ll experiment more on this later.

Regarding the “*” combo’s, keep in mind that these will only work when you’re SA hits as a counter (IE, you charge you’re SA, you get hit, you release). When a lvl 1 SA hits after you take a hit, you’re lvl 1 SA crumples you’re opponent.

When doing combo’s that involve 2 SA’s, you have to wait for you’re opponent to fall to their knees, after the first SA, then do the 2nd SA. Example: SA lvl 1, dash forward (wait until opponent is on knees), SA lvl 2. If you end your combo with a 2nd SA at lvl 2, you can follow up with a normal or special. If you end the combo with a 2nd SA at lvl 1, only an ex special or a Super will connect.

Side Notes: Hurricane kick will stop you’re opponents SA’s. A RH/HK Hurricane kick also goes through fireballs. The EX Hurricane kick is pretty good as wake-up, but can be beaten by a neutral throw. When you end a combo in the corner with a ex hurricane kick if the opponent gets set spinning in the air, you can do an Ultra and it will connect but ONLY if the opponent gets sent spinning in the corner.

Well here it is, I tried to compile everything that’s been said about the famous cancel. Hopefully this will get rid of a lot of people’s questions, here it goes.

…Dragon punch, SADC, Ultra: This is the combo everyone is trying to do. The “…” signifies anything that links into the dragon punch afterwards. Some things to know before trying this out…dont bother doing the anti air DP, SA cancel unless you have an Ultra stored. There’s nothing special to it just relax and do it…practice makes perfect, etc.

The Input: Shoryuken, mp+mk, hold mp+mk, forward, forward, release mp+mk, Ultra

The best way to practice this is to get used to doing a dash afterwards you’re SA on hit AND canceling it to parry. A more detailed explanation and inputs for both are:

  • To parry: mp+mk (hold), forward, forward.
  • When hitting: mp+mk (hold if you want to increase the level), release (hits opponent), forward, forward,

As you can see, the dash cancel is a compilation of both to some extent. You can also do a slight variation of the inputs to cut time down by inputing: shoryuken, mp+mk+forward, forward, release mp+mk, Ultra

Combo’ing into Ultra: By adding in normals, you scale the damage of the Ultra. By going into a huge strings into the Ultra, the damage gets scaled heavily. A way to combo into it without huge scaling is c.mp, shoryuken, SADC, Ultra. The c.mp into shoryuken is actually a link (think 3s Ken c.mp, SA3), so therefore this combo’s pretty hit comfirmable. All in all, the way you’re most likely going to hit this combo is through a shoryuken anti air

From Mickey D. - Ryu vs. Zangief

Quick Notes: Do NOT hadoken much from up close or half screen, this is just asking for Gief to jump over you and Ultra. The goal is to play Gief from half screen distance. Ryu needs to zone well by using c.mk. If Gief advances a little to much push him back by c.mk hadoken/ex hadoken. At this distance, Ryu’s best tool is to jump straight up and j.hk. It will make Gief whiff green hand and lariat, letting you push him back or possibly combo him. Lastly, ANTI AIR him EVERY chance you get. To do this, you need to be LOOKING for the anti air, I don’t think that having good reactions is just good enough, start LOOKING for those jumps to avoid Ultra’s.

From afar: Ryu’s only real option is to throw hadokens. Hadoken’s are NOT hard to get around with Gief. Gief can easily close the distances via SA’ing the hadoken and dashing in, Lariat’ing (not the best option), or green handing his way in. Jumping isn’t very good for Gief to cover ground because at this range, Ryu should be in position to Anti air with s.hk from afar. Because it’s so easy to anticipate Ryu’s hadoken’s from full screen, Gief is most likely going to be green handing your fire balls.

Up Close: This is a dangerous territory for both characters. It really depends who’s rushing who. If you’re rushing Gief down, you need to be very careful not to fall into an SPD during your strings. It’s real risky for Ryu to be doing the rushing because of this. However you CAN stand just out of SPD range and attack. If Zangief gets a knockdown, you’re in big trouble. Gief can easily do 20% worth of damage if you don’t make the right decision. Your options are very limited if you don’t have meter. You can either jump straight up in anticipation of a wake up SPD/tick into SPD, or you can block in anticipation of a combo. The best way to get rid of this gimmick, is to save your meter during the match. This way, once you’re knocked down, you can: hp srk, SADC back dash. This gets you completely out of trouble, and gives you another chance to play the match up from half screen distance.

Half Screen: This is where Ryu succeeds in the match. Ryu needs to make it a goal to be just shy of Green hand range for the majority of the match. Green hand is Gief’s ONLY good tool to get in on Ryu. By staying out of green hand range, you are able to punish on reaction, poke out at Gief with c.mk (to stop him from advancing into close up range), bait it by whiffing a couple c.lp’s, OR most preferably jump straight up and land with hk. One thing to know is it’s important not to throw to many hadokens as a good Gief will try to anticipate this and EX green hand you. Use hadokens from this range VERY conservatively.

Conclusion: This match is tough for Ryu because he’s limited to how much he can rush (the main way Ryu does damage). Stay about half screen distance of Gief in anticipation of green hand. Keep him in this distance by poking him and pushing him back.

Videos demonstrating the above

[media=youtube]hLpmQ5KoS_0[/media] --> this video show the whats and what nots to do against 'Gief. Mix of good zoning tactics and some scrubby play. It seems pretty straight forward so I wont go into detail about it. Unless people what a time breakdown then i can do so. More to come later.

[media=youtube]8QmCxkF6LyY[/media] --> this video has a lot of what not to dos against Zangief. Also note that patience is key to winning with Ryu.

[media=youtube]bGbzjd9O_oE[/media] --> i question the level of skill of the Zangief player, nonetheless, notice the sense of urgency by the Ryu player to get out of Zangief’s range, his use of low mk, fb, etc.

[media=youtube]ofe4p7hVQy0[/media] --> not much can be said here that has not be discussed.

Ryu - Frame Data

If someone could help me out compile some frame data for this guy, it would be MUCH appreciated. I just thought that I would begin the thread so that we can get started on it, I’ll obviously be editing this post as I am able to read more/get more help. So far here is what I have got down (more like, jacked from other threads).

startup / hit / recovery / guard advantage / hit advantage / guard recovery / hit recovery / power / stun / gauge


LP 3 3 6 +2 +5 10 13 30 50 20 
MP 3 3 21 -3 +3 20 26 70 100 40 
HP 5 7 26 -15 -10 17 22 100[80] 200[150] 60 
LK 5 5 7 -1 +2 10 13 30 50 20 
MK 3 5 16 -7 -2 13 18 70 100 40 
HK 8 8(2)4 17 -3 +2 17 21 40.70 125.75 60.20


LP 4 3 6 +2 +5 10 13 30 50 20 
MP 5 4 14 -4 -1 13 16 80 100 40 
HP 8 3 15 -/+0 +4 17 21 120 200 60
LK 5 6 6 -1 +2 10 13 40 50 20
MK 8 2 17 -5 -2 13 16 70 100 40
HK 9 4 20 -6 -2 18 22 110 200 60


LP 3 2 7 +2 +5 10 13 30 50 20
MP 4 4 8 +2 +5 13 16 70 100 40
HP 4 8 28 -18 -13 17 22 100 200 60
LK 4 3 9 -1 +2 10 13 20 50 20
MK 5 5 12 -3 +/-0 13 16 70 100 40
HK 5 4 28 -14 __ 17 __ 90 100 60

from the videos i’ve seen, if you want to do the ultra after an anti air, you don’t even have to use the SADC, you can just do a lp shoryuken when the opponent is in range, you will land fast enough to just do the ultra, i think you only have to FADC into the ultra if you are doing it off a combo or a non anti air

although i can’t 100% confirm this because the arcade is really far from me, when i played a month ago for the first time, the late LP shoryuken anti air > ultra worked just fine

^ no you’re right you dont have to SADC at all if you hit lp dp close enough as an anti-air.

You can also link an ex fb if you don’t have an ultra yet.

You can also do the same if you traded hits on any of the srk versions.

awesome, thanks for that extra info!

Just want to get something right. You can punish a green hand on hit (-5 for Zangief) with a c.lp (3rd frame active) and not be punished by a SPD (2nd frame active)

Edit: Any way we can get the rest of the data like the other threads?

close st. HP: Forces opponent to stand on hit. Numbers in [ ] are for active frames 3-7
close st. RH: 2nd hit on inflicts 22F of hitstun on standing opponents.
**far st. RH: **21F of hitstun on crouching hit.
**cr. HP: **Forces opponent to stand on hit. Can cancel into special moves on active frames 1-2, all active frames can be EX Focus attack [what everyone calls FADC] and super canceled.
cr. RH: Knockdown on hit
Jumping attacks: 1-x legs invincible to fireballs. (most all jumping moves get your legs up and out of the way)
j. MP: 1st hit floats on air hit. 2nd hit on air hit puts them in special juggle state. 2nd hit can juggle.

**f+MP (overhead): **1st hit inflicts 20F of hitstun on standing opponents, 18F of hitstun on crouching opponents, 2nd hit inflicts 16F of hitstun on crouching opponents.
**f+HP (rush punch): ** Recovery frames 16-17 have a character specific cancel. [Ed note: think hop kick xx shoryuken in A3, or see below, Fireball xx shinkuu hadou before fireball hits] 1st hit inflicts 25F of hitstun on standing opponent.

FA lvl 1:
1-10F or 1F after button’s are released: Has super armor.
Crumples on ground CH. Puts opponent in juggleable state on air hit. From frames 5-11 or on hit/block can cancel into dash/back dash. If charged, saving attack hits on frame 12 after releasing the buttons.

**FA lvl 2: **1 ~ 1F after button’s are released: Has super armor.
Crumples on ground hit. Floats on air hit. From frames 5~buttons released or on hit/block can cancel into dash/back dash. Charge time: 17-49F. If charged, saving attack hits on frame 12 after releasing the buttons.

**FA lvl 3: **1 ~ 64F has super armor. Breaks super armor.
Crumples on ground hit. Floats on air hit. From frames 5~50 can cancel into dash/back dash. Charge time: 50F.

**f+LP+LK: **Knockdown. Opponent gets up 64F after Ryu recovers.
b+LP+LK: Knockdown. Opponent gets up 55F after Ryu recovers.

**Hadouken: **On air hit, puts opponent into special juggle state. 16-17 character specific cancel. Hit stop 8.
**EX Hadouken: **Puts opponent into special juggle state. Can juggle. 15-16 character specific cancel. Hit stop 8.

LP Shoryuken: 1-2 fully invincible. 3-4 invincible to throws . 3-16 lower body invincibility. 6~ airborne. Puts opponent into special juggle state. Data in [ ] is for active frames 3~14
MP Shoryuken: 1-4 fully invincible. 5-16 lower body invincibility. 6~ airborne. Puts opponent into special juggle state. Data in [ ] is for active frames 3~14
HP Shoryuken: 1-4 fully invincible. 5-16 lower body invincibility. 6~ airborne. Puts opponent into special juggle state. Data in [ ] is for active frames 3~14
EX Shoryuken: 1-16 fully invincible. Puts opponent into special juggle state. 2nd hit can juggle.

LK Hurricane Kick: 7-20 lower body invincibility to projectiles. 7~ airborne. Puts opponent into special juggle state. Will not hit crouching opponents. Breaks super armor. 2nd hit hits behind Ryu. Listed frame adv is for when only the first hit is blocked.

MK/RH Hurricane Kick: 7-45 lower body invincibility to projectiles. 7~ airborne. Puts opponent into special juggle state. Will not hit crouching opponents. Breaks super armor. Hits 2 and 4 hit behind Ryu. RH version does 120 damage.

EX Hurricane Kick: 6-27 lower body invincibility to projectiles. 6~ Airborne. Hits 1-4 on air hit, or Hit 5 put opponent into special juggle state. Hits 1-4 force opponent to stand on hit. Breaks super armor. Can juggle. Hits 2 and 4 hit behind Ryu.

Air Hurricane Kick: Damage - LK: 70, MK: 80, RH: 90. 2nd hit hits behind Ryu.

**EX Air Hurricane Kick: **Puts opponent into special juggle state on hit. Can juggle. Hits 2 and 4 hit behind Ryu.

Shinkuu Hadouken: 1~ 1 frame after super flash fully invincible. Hits 1-4 on air hit or hit 5 put opponent into special juggle state (untechable). Can juggle. Hit stop 8.

Metsu Hadouken: 1~ 9 frames after super flash fully invincible. Hits 1-7 on air hit or Hit 8 put opponent into special juggle state (untechable). Can juggle. Hit stop 8.

oh yeah, to do the FADC>ultra you dont have to hold MP+MK, you can just tap it and then quickly tap ff after that :tup:

close st. RH: 2nd hit on inflicts 22F of hitstun on standing opponents.

I don t undertand, if it s 22f advantage then it should be possible to link down Mk. I know it s listed like this in the arcadia but fo me it s defeetly less than 22frame advantage.

or after FA lvl2 everybody will do ST RH down MK tatsu or hadouken for big damage

can you explain me?

ranix u’re looking at the wrong value.
a standing roundhouse puts u at -2 frame advantage when you HIT you opponent (which means u’re at a disadvantage)
the breakdown is. you hit on your first hit frame, there’s 3 more hit frames and than 20 more recovery frames before you can do jackshit (unless u cancel or sth). That’s a total of 23 frames after the hit before you can link in anything.

while the opponent that you hit will recover in just 20 frames , which is actually faster than you. so he now has the 2 or 3 frames advantage stated if you read that thing correctly.

what might be wrong (im quite sure really) is c.hk’s data. the “Guard advantage” frame data is definitely worse than -4 frames. and a little calculation shows someone left a 1 out.

4 hit frames + 28 recovery for ryu (so if hit on first frame, has 31 frames of recovery) , while block recovery is 17 for opponent. 31 - 17 = 14

it should be -14 frame advantage for guard. so it should be…

HK 5 4 28 -14 __ 17 __ 90 100 60

if anyones interested i found this meaty ass combo yesterday. I was able to do it twice. Against akuma its DEADLY. Takes about 70% damage for him. its
Jumping hp, Crouching hp , hp shoryuken , into Shinku hadoken. its a normal cancel, not a SADC for the c hp and the hp Shoryuken into Shinku Hadoken. if done right the hadoken should hit there feet while there in the air. The Shinku hadoken is right after the shoryuken, not like his ultra combo. Hope this is useful.

Question that has been nagging me for awhile now:

In all the vids I’ve watched thusfar (mind you, I haven’t played the game at all), I have yet to see a fireball corner trap like in ST or the like… Is that no longer a worthwhile tactic for Ryu in SFIV? Is he so much better at rushdown that a fireball trap is insignificant or is there some other reason why people aren’t bothering? Is it the ability of many characters to EX move through fireballs?

It doesn’t look like projectiles are any easier to deal with in SFIV than they were in previous iterations, but I’m happy to be corrected if someone could give me some explanation on this.

Fireball traps are actually still very potent in this game, against some characters at least.

lots of characters have powerful options that go right through fireballs so this isn’t always a safe bet

I disagree…the fireball trap is VERY good against a pretty extensive portion of the cast, however you need to watch out for those Ultra’s. Another thing, the fireball trap is a bit more “evolved” then it was in ST. It’s not as easy as fireball over again and srk…(though for Sagat it’s still a lot like this it seems). Things to watch out for are ultra, focus attacks, jumps, super armor attacks and multi hitting hadoken’s.

It’s all about being able to read your opponent’s tendencies, and being able to know when they are wanting to do any of these options. Always be on the look out for the jumps to SRK…however be careful not to get tricked by a neutral jump or jump back (you’ll whiff your SRK). If they have ultra, don’t even go for the trap, your just asking to get blasted. So this means all you have to look out for are focus attacks/super armor attacks and multi hitting fireball specials, and THIS gets beaten/stalemated by EX hadoken. It really is worth it to do a string like hp hado, ex hado, hp hado…wait. At this point, your gonna get a reaction from your opponent…this is when you decide to continue with the trap, or come in with a jump in (if they jumped you’ll hit them with your jump in…if they fireballed they’ll get hit off of the recovery of their special, if they SA/armor attack immediately DP to not get hit by the attack). The only thing you really have to be scared of is THEIR anti air…which should be the LAST thing on their mind.

The only real ways to get out of the corner trap (unless you fuck up) are: teleport, ultra, fireball followed by SADC. These are the only options I can think of right now.

From what I understand, the fireball trap works on: Honda, Gief, Guile, Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Abel, Rufus, Akuma.

Me doing the fireball trap on Cole (this was awhile ago). - [media=youtube]dFD9uZrRRKE[/media] from 0.50 - 1.10

how are you disagreeing if you agreed that many characters have powerful options to get out of it…

oh yeah, abel could easily roll or ultra through one

Umm…I was disagreeing on you saying: This isn’t always a safe bet. I disagree in the fact that yeah people have ways of getting out of the trap, however that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. It’s fucking GREAT to make the opponent think one thing when you have options to DO ANOTHER…I’m sure you wouldn’t understand why this would be good, but whatever.

And Abel would get fucked up through roll as it’s VERY easy to see and expect it to happen…neutral jump up if he plans to EX command grab me…and if he aint got no more meter, that kid is gonna get thrown the second he comes out of his roll.

It’s character specific…and I already said not to fireball trap if certain characters have ultra.

that wasn’t a fb trap at all. the whole point of setting up the trap in st is that once you got the conditions to set it up it was brainless to execute. keep throwing fbs till they reset the trap, then stop doing trap. there’s so many more variables both for offense and defense in this game(not to mention the fbs themselves are slower to startup and recover), its not gonna pop up too much if at all. you could technically keep one going with ex, but i don’t really think that’s efficient unless its gonna chip or something.

“Another thing, the fireball trap is a bit more “evolved” then it was in ST. It’s not as easy as fireball over again and srk…”

Your right, It’s not a fireball trap AT ALL, Cole wasn’t pinned to the corner for 20 seconds…and my Ryu didn’t get off 50% because of this “non trap”

Please…I can’t teach you if your not willing to learn…You act as if any information given to you aint good enough unless it’s from the Japanese or top players themselves.

whatever, I’m done with teaching SRK.