Ryu General Thread: Eternal Wanderer



I apologize if there is already a thread but I didn’t see one and Ryu definitely needs one. Ryu seems really strong which is wonderful.

Use this thread to discuss him.

Seems like the parry window is pretty small and its not always easy to follow up which sucks but it is what it is.


Hmm… something seems to have gone screwy with the move. For some reason, instead of being moved, the thread got deleted, and when trying to restore it, only this first post was restored.

Street Fighter V Lounge "We on South Central crack addict status"

That wheelchair is contagious.

First it affected Ryu himself, and now the Ryu thread from SRK is receiving the wheelchair treatment as well.

My condolences.


I’m looking forward to see all the great tech shared in the Ryu forum!



At least the Ryu general discussion will have fresh info closer to the front. Unlike every other character with dozens of pages of beta talk.


Is Diego gonna play Raiyu?


@d3v What’s funny is that most/maybe all of the comments from the old thread merged into the “The Masked Narcissist Enters The Tournament: Vega Thread”


That’s plain old weird.


Anyone remember what else you can do off 3 hit TC VT cancel besides:

[] TC xx VT, LK Tatsu, CA
] TC xx VT, H/EX Shoryu
[] TC xx VT, M/EX Tatsu (EX does little damage but side swaps)
] TC xx VT, really any normal that will reach (st.hk works, and its slow)
[*] st.mp, TC xx VT, CA (can’t juggle into anything except CA as first st.mp pushes you too far out to connect Tatsu/Shoryu)
I know that I could be wrong about the st.mp lead in not connecting to anything except CA while in the corner, and I know I’m missing something here as there were some things I didn’t know posted in the old Ryu thread.

Also wondering if:

[*] 2 hit TC, xx VT, H Shoryu xx CA[/list]
will work, because I know that the H Shoryu can’t cancel into CA off the 3 hit TC because the Shoryu hits too meaty and they get launched too high for CA to connect. I don’t think anyone has experimented with just the 2 hit version (straight up st.hp xx st.hk) to try and find differences between it and the 3 hit. Maybe you can link into full EX Tatsu off 2 hit VT, or hit H Tatsu (can’t off 3 hit), etc etc.


you can do 2 hit TC, VT, st lp dash for a cross down.
you can also time the dash to stay on the same side. Can be a nice mix up reset.


holy shit Ryu’s board is empty as fuck.

It looks like Ryu’s got a lot of his old combos back. He can do ex tatsu into ex dp in the corner again and link down fierce after solar plexus.


A lot of the other characters are getting tons of really informative videos and stuff to talk about. As far as Ryu is concerned though, every good video out there seems to be 5 months old or more.



I posted this not too long ago, everything you see here is still working in SFV final version.
the matches are solid and I do think I have played well except my few execution errors on the SRK.
Im working on some ken stuff vids now, but I will be back on the ryu section ASAP with new stuff



Vtrigger super is unblockable or no?


You can block it. Its so fast that you can activate V-Trigger and use super to punish a fireball from full screen tho. With good timing.


Denjin super still guard crushes on block, yes.


It is nice that they brought back his combos. I feel that TC is much more useful now.


guys… guys…

low forward… it’s back… it’s… guys… ;_;


They fixed it?!


it feels like it reaches farther. I can do solar plexus > st.mp > cr mk into tatsu. I’m almost positive it reaches farther than the last beta.