Ryu General Thread: Eternal Wanderer




This is the launcher shoryuken. I’m not sure when they took it out though


That was the shin shoryuken, It was a bit different and thats all.


I think one of his crush counters launched from memory, I think it was maybe crouching fierce. I’m trying to remember the beta because I played Ken a lot.


Guys I have a question about frame traps/pressure. I’ve been fighting this Chun player that does her 3f cr.jab after every blocked stand mp by me and it seems like a viable option for her. St.MP is +1 on block and all my normals after that will at best trade with her jab or straight lose to it. Compared to Cammy and Necali where their medium attacks have +2.

Cr.mp is +2 however the best I am able to get is a counterhit cr.lp after that which does not convert into anything good. What are my pressure options up close? Do I use light attacks and start the tick throw/frame trap game and just drop medium meaties altogether?


You can lp shoryuken after a blocked MP if they are habitually mashing jab. It’s high risk, but remindingbthem that you do have that option can lead to enough hesitation to open up your options.



Saw Tokido do this in a match recently so decided to lab it and get the input down. Seems quite practical. You can easily react to the parry and punish with f+hp/ST RH into full combo.


It’s just this.


You do the string, which would start with either st.lp, cr.lp or st.mp, then follow with any other button followed by vskill input shortly after. It works out about 10f or so later. You can do it from jumpins. You just OS the second part of the string with vskill and it’ll always activate the parry if they Vreversal as it will delay the input by the number of frames needed for the vskill to take precedence.



I usually just mash the parry input twice immediately after the st.mp and it always times it perfectly for me. However this timing doesn’t work with the st.mp > st.mp frame trap or off a jump in. Could you turn your inputs on or give me any tips on when exactly to time the parry during the st mp hitstop?

Edit : NVM, managed to get it down. Thanks for the video!


So that meaty HK tatsu that Daigo used frequently in the Chinese Round Robin tourney, anybody else been experimenting with it? I decided to play around with it and man my results have been very good lol. It takes care of a lot of options like jumping, back dashing, and most obviously throw tech’s. The fact that HK tatsu doesn’t hit low and starts up in 14f is actually a good thing in this situation. The long start up will still hit guys delaying their throw tech and if people crouch and do nothing then Ryu will fly away, hopefully without a punish.

Yes it can definitely back fire. If your opponent does wake up crouch jab then he will air reset Ryu. If he does wake up nothing he can react with a medium or heavy button reset for a decent punish. And if they actually wake up stand blocking then you can get blown up pretty badly. I’ll take my chances though, stand blocking on wake up is scary and most people just won’t take that risk. In my estimation it’s either hitting or or I’m getting away unscathed about 70%.

Right now people aren’t accustomed to it. I haven’t ran into another Ryu who has tried it on me. But I don’t think that will really matter. I feel it’s purely a guessing game and not something that you will know how to deal with better with more experience. You have to just commit to not tech’ing or take a bigger risk and stand block to punish a Ryu for doing this. If I face someone that doesn’t have a DP then you bet you’re ass I will do this without fear. The repercussions haven’t been there so I will continue doing it until I run into someone who convinces me not to because he’s psychic.

And besides, it’s hilarious to see this work over and over. My record is 3 like Daigo. Instead of going for 4 I decided to finally switch it up and go for a throw instead. Which worked so I guess it was the right call.


Yeah I did a little analysis of it in the match up thread in the main section. I think it’s good for characters that want to make space like Nash/Karin/Chun, anyone with good mobility options.

It also works from a jump in since people will also delay tech there.

It suits the play style of this game which is still taking bigger reads at the minute. I was hoping the ground game would develop but I think for us in particular that area is shot. I’m going to do a video on Ryu Footsies next.

The worrying thing for me is that watching Tokido/Daigo play, they are getting all their damage from opponent mistakes, Supers or V trigger. I’m not sure if in the long run this might lower Ryus position in the game. I’ve lost count of the amount of matches Tokido has won with hit confirm super. Although I guess at the minute it’s still powerful.

If Ryu were to receive any damage nerfs I think you’d see him slip quite a bit.


I realize how scrubby it makes me look, that’s part of the reason why I find it funny when it works over and over. But like you said, it suits this game. It’s a gimmick, but I think it’s a good one. I actually prefer it over the back dash shimmy because I think it’s both safer(vs the st. HK option) and more guaranteed to hit a early or delayed throw tech. I’ve had many situations where the first spin kick whiffed but the 2nd hits because they were delaying the hell out of their throw tech. And yeah, I use it a lot after a jump in LK or MK. If I use the j. MK option I try to land it high, I just need enough block stun to get the tatsu airborne.

As for Ryu’s future in this game. IMO the game won’t really develop much more than what we’ve seen thus far. I think Ryu’s place in the top tier will hold until next years rebalance. I hope Capcom sticks to their word and not nerf any characters, not badly anyways. But other characters getting good buffs while he remains stagnant or a little worse is definitely a possibility.


Can somebody test this:

Meaty CC St.Hk links into F.HP on their wake up. I’ve pulled it off twice now vs Mika.




Seems like the timing is really strict. Wonder if any other knockdowns would be easier to set this up with, maybe lk tatsu or sweep?


Meaty st hk isn’t really worth it Imo. It loses to crouching lights on wakeup which is huge. Id rather SPS if theyre gonna backroll, or just take a cr jab or st mp meaty etc, which are better alternatives.

However st hk meaty is great vs Claw I found whose only 3f normal is his st lk which claw players will press on wakeup a lot.


what the shit was that ryu cr mp whiff against mika v reversal? Does that have strike invin?


I noticed from some high level matches that parry vs jump-in isn’t a popular choice. Am I missing something because it seems simple to confirm the Parry into cr.HP, HP DP or other various combos and vs empty jump-in use a late mp.DP?


Too many draw backs. For one you leave yourself open to both empty lows and empty jumps. Next point would be that if you’ve got time to parry you’ve got time to DP which is 100% free damage where as Parry is a risk. Third would be the fact that the player has to land a jump in high for that proposed combo to land and most players will jump in deep.

If I see someone parrying jump ins I know they are looking for gimmicks to win.


Doesn’t VS setup a potentially underused tool for AA - HP SRK. Think about it, you parry a couple of jump ins, then they empty jump to bait your VS and you net even more damage. (20HP to be precise).


If they don’t empty jump you eat a jump in though…

In my opinion if you can Anti Air you’ve already got that damage in the bank. I’ve personally been using parry occasionally when they think they can have their turn , mostly situations like a blocked axe kick - parry.