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Against backdash, I think there are a few options.

If you’re up close and have the time to set up a true meaty, st.mp, st.hk, and b.hk (axe kick) should all light up backdashes. With a counter hit, I think.

You can also walk up sweep or dash st.lk, cr.mp, cr.mk.
If you’re close enough, f.hp (rush punch) can land super meaty on a backdash, I think.

And there’s always meaty hk tatsu. I did this from a meaty empty neutral jump on a bison just yesterday after I noticed his wakeup backdash on the first knockdown.
This one is more of a read, but it can be pretty safe. Beats backdash and throw tech, can escape or avoid a hard punish if they crouch block (maybe a crouching normal to air reset you). You’ll eat a big punish if they stand block, but that’s just the mixup. Again, it’s good if you think they’ll backdash or throw tech.

Fireball can be safe, but you don’t get much out of it.

As for landing raw sweep in neutral, I try to only use it when I’m sure they’ll be walking back or forward. I like to see how they react to simple blockstrings, like st.mp, cr.mp, or cr.mp, cr.forward. If they are offensive and hit buttons or jump forward, I’ll cancel into fb to catch them or block if I think I can punish the jump hard.
After rushing people down pretty hard, I find that a lot of people will try to walk back after blocking a string to build some space. This is when I’ll sweep.


seems like he primarily uses c.MP and less frequently s.LK to control space against dashes and in punish range those plus more weight to s.HK and occasional plasma

On another note, I’ve been starting to get a feel for where Ryu excels and it’s in his hit confirms and wakeup pressure. So without further ado here’s my list of Oki I created using toolassisted and tested with a preference towards 50/50 (s.MP/Throw) and the fewest buttons possible. It’s a lot to memorize so right now I’m only focusing on the most common: c.HK, MK Tatsu/HP Shoryu, MP Shoryu, Shoulder Throw and V-Reversal. Any of these that end with throws I’ve confirmed that it’s active on the 3rd frame unless otherwise noted, and any with s.HK will hit crouch on wakeup as well

V-Reversal - None: OKi19 KDR: Oki18 KDBR: Oki13
Shoulder Throw - Corner: Oki16 KDR/KDBR: Oki17
c.HK - None: Oki20 KDR: Oki2 KDBR: Oki3


LK - None: Oki8 KDR: Oki7 KDBR: Oki9
MK - None: Oki1 KDR: Oki2 KDBR: Oki3
HK - None: Oki4 KDR: Oki5 KDBR: Oki6


LP - None: Oki15 KDR: Oki13 KDBR: Oki14
MP - None: Oki12 KDR: Oki10 KDBR: Oki11
HP - Same as MK Tatsu

Oki1 - Dash + c.HK + c.HK + (s.MP, c.MP, or Throw)
Oki2 - Dash + (s.MP, c.MP, or 1-2f delayed/plinked Throw)
Oki3 - Dash + s.HK
Oki4 - s.HK + s.MP + c.MP + (s.MP or c.MP or Throw)
Oki5 - s.MK or s.HK or or b.HK
Oki6 - b.HK or s.LP + (s.MP or c.MP or Throw)
Oki7 - c.HP + (s.MP, c.MP, or Throw)
Oki8 - c.HP + c.HP + s.MK + (s.MP, c.MP, or Throw)
Oki9 - s.MP + s.MP + (s.MP, c.MP or Throw)
Oki10 - Dash + (b.HK or c.MP or s.MP or 3-4f delayed throw)
Oki11 - Dash + (b.HK or 1f delay s.HK)
Oki12 - Dash + c.MP + c.MP + c.LK + c.LK + (s.MP or c.MP or Throw)
Oki13 - Dash + c.LK + (s.MP or c.MP or Throw)
Oki14 - Dash + s.MP + (s.MP or c.MP or Throw)
Oki15 - Dash + s.HK + s.HK + c.LK + (s.MP or c.MP or Throw)
Oki16 - s.LP + (s.MP or c.MP or Throw)
Oki17 - s.LP + Throw + s.MK + (s.MP or c.MP or Throw)
Oki18 - Dash + s.HK
Oki19 - Dash + s.HK + s.MK + s.LP + (s.MP or c.MP or Throw)
Oki20 - Dash + s.HK + c.MK + (s.MP or c.MP or Throw)

Ryu Q&A Thread
Ryu Q&A Thread

I just played a Juri with Ryu.

I’m pretty new to Ryu but I think this will demonstrate some aspects of the matchup. Video incoming


Lol it took me a minute to understand wtf was going on, but i like it. Good shit bro


Recent Daigo and Tokido tactics to take note of at EVO-

Both of them have switched to the Bonchan style of fireball fakes. For those that don’t know or didn’t pay attention, Bonchan had a unique style of fake fireball with SF4 Sagat. He would bob up and down with no button press to simulate the quick start up of low tiger shots to entice people to jump. Daigo and Tokido have both adopted this at mid range in matches where closer range HP fireball is a threat.

You’ll see them walk back bobbing up and down, or walking straight back with sharp foward movement for a frame as a way to control space with a fireball threat. When the opponent either gets close to press buttons or sits on down back in anticipation of a fireball they use that as an opportunity to jump or dash forward.

If the opponent doesn’t respect the fakes, shown by walking forward without flinching, they throw a few close range fireballs to show that the threat isn’t always empty.

What’s interesting is that both of them never threaten with buttons for space control from neutral at all aside from the occasional sweep, or a space eating poke when an opponent lands from a jump inside stand mk range. All space control is done with fireball or threat of fireball. Pay attention to their movement this weekend to see what I mean.

Another thing i noticed is them both doing wake up DP into super. No crush counter punish on supers, and on block you’re usually out of range for big punish combos.


Any particular replays/matches from either that come to mind? I can see it in my head, but I’d love to really watch it and learn.


I’ll link you to two YouTube channels that have a ton of Daigo and Tokido. The titles are in Japanese, but basically any thumbnail with Ryu is Daigo or Tokido.

This guy


And this guy



Why do Daigo, Tokido and others use j.hp s.mp, c.hp m. Tatsu when the opponent is cornered? It gives you the same wake up as ending with c.hp xx h.DP but does 28 less damage with the same stun. I can’t find any characters or spacing where c.hp hits but h.dp misses. Is it maybe because if c.hp misses m.tatsu is less punishable?


Maybe to setup a empty jump low afterwards, i see Tokido doing a lot of light tatsus enders and doing safe jumps right after.


Yep, safe jumps from light tatsu. Also all tatsus end in perfect meaties.

I experimented with safe jumps with j.mk after light tatsu but it’ll only beat slow reversals like Rashids EX mixer.

If you empty jump after the light tatsu on necalli it beats all his non-Ex reversals.


I’ve been experimenting with cr. HP utility and found that it’s actually an amazing button for catching opponents pokes. Standing just out of their cr. mk or sweep or (insert favorite poke) and anticipate them throwing. If the cr hp connects you can buffer a tatsu or fireball or VTC out of it.

Can some better players comment onto the viability of this as a tactic. If you make the wrong read and opponent doesn’t throw there is long recovery, but since you’re usually out of their range when throwing it I’m wondering if it will be harder for them to punish?


I always try and cancel my V-trigger from cr.HP or sweep. So many times cr.HP xx trigger will catch a delayed jab and because it force stands it’s a full combo. Only problem is that it’s range isn’t that great.



Anti bison tech I’ve been messing with. Posted this up in the matchup thread too but thought I would post it here too. More info over on that thread


The more I’m playing Ryu the more I’m finding raw VT activiation to be a waste. If it’s early in the round it might be wise be agressive and go for a sweepxxVTC but if it’s closer to the end of the round I will save it for an opponents jump in just to ensure I get the DP. Often times, especially in a close match it can make the difference between a win and a loss.

Also, in those end round nail biting moments is when the opponent will break and go for one of their gamble moves (Birdie EX dolphin, cammy EX hooligan, etc). I will pop VTC as soon as I see movement on those characters and it will give me time to either DP or some other decision, while the opponent is committed to their action.


[quote=“Highlandfireball, post:447, topic:175459”]

First tutorial, really basic but still the basics work. These will get a bit more complex depending on how many and my time. It was originally a 10 minute speech driven video with thoughts, but I tend to ramble on a bit. Tell me what you guys think of the style and information, other things you would like to see etc. Next up is Meaty’s then probably something like Mind games and approach, then maybe even character specific stuff. Hopefully it helps some people.


For sfv, the Ryu fireball game does not work so well against a good number of the cast. Even if the opponent doesn’t jump or do a high risk fb bypass special, he or she will still eat you alive with their long range pokes and slides will either stuff you, knock you down, or eventually CC you if they maintain constant aggression (Karin s.mk, s.hk, Alex c.mp, gief c.lp., HP, Mika slide, dropkick, shoulder roll, ex peach, normal peach, bellyflop, chun all pokes and slide, ibuki hop, slide, boxer tap, birdie mk, shoulder, rashid s.hk, df.hp, v.skill, Cammy c.hp and s.mk, Ken s.hk, v.skill, Cammy divekick dp baits, etc. ). And of course, fb is useless against Nash, dhalsim, and Fang at any range. So, Ironically, the Ryu fb game works best on … Ryu lol. You can’t even win against a good zangief by fb he’ll just flex all day and build a v trigger and now your fb is useless.

So far, I’ve found most success by:

  1. Zoning ryu , some Kens, laura, bad cammies and bad giefs.
  2. Rushing down the remainder of the cast with surprise dash-ins and j.lk because characters with no dp generally can’t anti air j.lk.
  3. Throwing just a few fbs for effect at max range, then in the mid range dead zone just wait to dp or dash-in or jump in myself.
  4. Get the knockdown with dp, sweep, throw, etc. And let ryu’s ridiculously good okizeme do the work (throw/meaty 50/50, tick throw game, shimmy delay tech people, and wakeup tatsu backdashers and jump away tech OS guys.

… Or am I just horrible at this game lol?

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[quote=“depraved_heart, post:655, topic:175459”]

I disagree somewhat (by no means am I saying that I’m any good at this game).
While ryu’s fb seems nerfed from sf4 (they had to nerf it as there’s no focus attack), I still think is fireball game is incredibly relevant.
For the moves that you posted, while many or all of them can beat FB, only a few of them can beat fb on reaction (cammy ex.drill, rog’s TAP/v skill). Things like ibuki’s command jump, mika’s dropkick, and chun’s cr.strong slide need to be done pre-emptively on a read or guess.
In these instances, you need to beat the opponents option that beats your fireball. I like jump back fierce or jump strong xx air tatsu for Ibuki (or crosscut DP if the range is appropriate), st.strong/fierce or neutral jump or DP or parry for mika’s charged drop kick, and st.short xx ex.tatsu for chun’s slide.
Once your opponent can no longer throw out these moves for free, they have to exercise some discretion.
Only then can you throw some fireballs.

It’s the same as having your AA on point. If you can’t AA their jump ins, they aren’t gonna stay grounded.
If they don’t stay grounded, then you can’t really throw fireballs.
I find that sometimes I have to walk around outside of sweep range doing nothing. It’s not until I convince the opponent that I’m not going to FB and that they can walk forward that I can throw the FB.


Hey man, I think we’ve actually run into each other a bunch of times in Casuals. I’m that semi-crazy Ryu that does solar plexus a lot.


Is there any trick in optimizing combos with tatsu enders?

I notice i finish my combos with ex haduken way too often off meaties, since i have trouble noticing if someone isn’t crounching, and only finish with tatsu when i jump over a fireball, or with a force standing move, like cr.hp/axe kick.


From close range you’re probably not optimized as DP is the best ender afaik from cr.HP/Axe:

Axe Kick + s.LK + h.DP
j.HP + s.MP + c.HP + h.DP

The tatsu ender in those situations are probably because it’s less difficult to perform especially when you need to cancel into CA

Tatsu ender is best from a long range confirm like s.MP + s.MP (or c.MP) but only works against standing. For crouch you don’t have any better options other than hadouken (without meter) and ex Tatsu


As an addendum to my last post, approximately how long does it take to build up the stamina to master Ryu’s toughest combo (j.HP/j.MK/j.HK + s.MP + c.HP xx h.DP xx CA) on an arcade stick?

My execution rate is pathetic at about 75% from both sides on a good day but after about 20 or so attempts it drops to about 50% because of muscle fatigue (and a lot quicker from the left side). I’ve been practicing this for about 2 hours a day over the last 3 weeks and I’m slowly getting better but not quite where I want to be (95% with 20 attempts). I mainly struggle with the CA portion (I double buffer QCF because it gives me more consistency) but also sometimes mess up the s.MP to c.HP link as well