Ryu General Thread: Eternal Wanderer



Personally, i think his toughest combo is
J hp x s mp, cr hp, vtrigger, s hk, s lk, h srk, ca on P1 side.
Though now by adding a forward input after the h srk, the CA comes out consistently for me.

I can help you with the CA portion. I’m going to be using a clock hand analogy for your joystick.
If on P1 side, aim to stop the qcf motion at 2:30 when you hit that punch button.

On p2 side, stop at 10:30.
Let me know how that goes.


The end point of the CA I have down pretty well. Here’s my complete input that I’m working on

  1. UF + HP (j.HP)
  2. neutral + MP (s.MP), slight delay then F
  3. DF + HP (c.HP), F + HP (h.DP)
  4. buffer D, DF, F, D, DF, F CA

Where I struggle

#2 - sometimes I put the F input too early and it does the overhead instead. Mainly an issue from the P2 side so I’ve started trying more b.MP to slow down my movement
#3 - since the transition between #2 and #3 is so quick sometimes I miss an input and get the DP without the c.HP or miss time it and the c.HP is blocked
#4 - sometimes I’ll miss either the D or F inputs of the CA either on the first or second buffer usually because of fatigue

As far as the VT combo, yes I struggle with the h.DP xx CA when it doesn’t start with c.HP from P1 as well. I haven’t worked on that combo specifically but I do trials of b.HK, s.LK, h.DP xx CA as a meaty setup


one thing that helped me with the s MP + cr HP timing (and I’m no self-proclamed expert…still drop them every big once in a while) was to isolate that section and do 10 reps on each side.
Helped me get the timing down into muscle memory.

Set #1:
[stand next to opponent] S MP + CR HP x 10 reps each side

Set #2:
Jump (mk or hP…whatever you like) + S MP + CR HP. NO DP. 10 reps each side

Set #3…add the DP only…

Set #4…DP + CA.

It’s a long, grueling, elementary process, but it’ll soon bleed into natural reactions.


Better off using downback as your HP input for me, means you never get premature DP’s or shortcuts.


I try to start from a cardinal down + fierce. I used to start with df.fierce in sf4, but hitting the fierce too early in sfv will give you the stand fierce target combo. Doesn’t come out with the cardinal down. I assume the same for db.


Was curious if people have been able to confirm the following consistently as a frame trap.
cr.:lk: -> cr.:lp: -> s.:mp: [counter hit] -> cr.:hk:

Been noticing that cr.:mp: xx fb doesn’t really give you much for the frame trap. Resets to neutral which is fine, but need pressure options

I can do it fairly consistently (identifying the CH is tough, but with some drilling, it’s pretty consistent), but was wondering if this is just trash tech. Biggest fear is that if it isn’t really confirmable, rather not waste time.


s.MP is hit confirmable into c.HK. I prefer c.LP into s.MP as a block string which links on CH. if they block the c.LP and s.MP gets CH then I confirm into the c.HK. This way you beat 3f light responses


Try to use ex.tatsu instead of ex.fireball on meaty hits if you can react to it. Does around the same damage as a hp.srk. Only thing is that you’re left back into the neutral instead of the dash pressure on wakeup that ex.fireball gives you.


Random sitautional tactic vs Ibuki- If you are fully stocked with VT and CA, pop VT as soon as she reloads kunai and go into CA. Can be useful to close a round out and it many Ibuki’s don’t expect it. As soon as they get smoe distance they feel it’s safe to reload.


New update actually makes practising this possible, and can be 100% consistent with the execution after only a couple hours. Cheers to Ramza for pointing it out not long back. Lost a lot of interest in the game, mind.


plus bonus Raoh version.



How come you don’t like it nev? Interested to hear since I’ve always been borderline about it.


Input lag. Rewards guessing/checking disproportionate to skill required to do it. CH/Throw game lacks nuance and is less based on timing and finding your opponent’s tech, and more on just picking an option (again). Reward for whiff punishing mediums (possible) too low compared to the skill required to do it (on reaction).

Tbh, it all stems from high input lag. It affects all aspects of the game to the point where playing reactively is pointless. Which makes it less fun for me.


Yeah , pretty much agree with that and I said similar things even in the beta stage. The options are just not as powerful for the risk required, at least not for Ryu.

I’ve battled with switching between the heavy control style Daigo plays but I’m just not successful with it, I seem to play better when I play with lots of movement and pre-emptive buttons. I’m going to a tourney this Sunday which will be only my second offline event ( bar casuals) to see how the game feels with just a little input lag shaved off and matured a little bit more than those hectic first couple of months.

I’m not playing it as much as I was though. It feels like there is very little to explore match up wise and it’s just about avoiding whichever characters flow chart.




I like the video but what is the effectiveness of conversion from common use blockstrings of more than a single attack?

I ask because the OS is being used from a single jab which is pretty much non-read territory. Guessing to parry off a single attack seems highly risky. Although, I’m assuming you wanted to show the concept more than a rigorous proof (which is hopefully coming?) :slight_smile:


Do you know what an option select is?


Here is the thing if the opponent doesn’t v reversal then the parry won’t come out. It will only come out if they attempt a v reversal, the key thing is to hit the v skill button during the animation of your attack, if you do it too late then ryu’s parry will come out even if they don’t attempt it.


I can see it being super handy against the V-reversal happy characters like -

R Mika
M Bison


I do know what an option select is, it’s a sequence of buttons that give you different results based on your opponent’s actions.

My question was whether you were simply linking into parry on block. I understand the 2nd LP should be whiffing, but what I don’t understand is why exactly a parry isn’t coming out after the second punch if your opponent chooses to block the 2nd normal. Unless there is a cancel in there that I’m missing or if your frames are different on block and whiff (which they shouldn’t be).


The second jab isn’t whiffing, it either comes out if they don’t v-reversal or you get parry if they do v-reversal.

As @JustinAkatsuki explained the parry won’t come out if they continue to block because you’re ‘hiding’ the input in the second jab.