Ryu General Thread: Eternal Wanderer



Fair enough, I can see it happening. I’m just wondering why the OS works within the engine.

It’s sweet tech though!


I think the v-reversal flash “eats” the second jab input, giving you just the parry?


That’s what I’m wondering. That or maybe the hit freeze delay from blocking versus the whiff that occurs from a VR is doing it.

Jab Jab is a link though so it shouldn’t matter unless it’s a chain?


hey my first post, been lurking and reading a lot of insightful comments thats helped my game. The following video I’ve added shows the light tatsu cover all options set up. could anyone explain how to do this properly.



It’s a safe jump against slower DP’s (like Rashids) but not against anything 5 frame and up. I don’t think all of the info in that video is correct, but I’ve not at been in the game for a long time.


i have tried it against 4 frame dp, it makes it a safe jump from a back roll as well. only necalli and ryu can beat this with ex dp as its 3 frame. The way i think its meant to work is to cover all options, if they quick rise/back roll they will have to take the medium kick. by basically holding up you take the pre jump frames and then forward jump to make it a 4 frame jump (thats what i was told)


Mmmm, maybe then I didn’t think the j.mk connected if they back rolled. I might test it out, I tried this a while back but I used the dummy to do the reversal, sometimes the dummy can auto correct and fuck up the inputs so it does something that’s not possible by normal people. I’ve def seen tokido use it a lot, I just assumed people were not Dping because it looks ambigious sometimes.


yeah exactly what i thought but then i saw this mentioned in daigo’s stream with xian. Its actually really helpful to apply the pressure, however there is a specific timing, manually timing 1 fame is hard but what you see here in this video the guy is holding up right when the tatsu lands and then up forward to get the perfect timing. Its hard to practice consistently so would love to know if you find any tips


Anyone noticing Daigo using a lot of cr.mp as a anti air lately?

It’s better as a anti air than jab, really good when you need to zone Mika/Zangief, st.hk just doesn’t cut, end of Mika suffering for me


I think he uses it a lot against characters that can change their jump arc. Like Necalli - dive kick, Mika splash etc. It still carrys a bit of risk but its quite good.


Made this a month ago but I think some countries can’t see it because of the music I used. Putting It here in case it works.



I’m really enjoying your videos highlandfireball, especially the one on fireball game. Didn’t know you was total sagat had subbed you a while back. Just have a question on dp from close range especially walking back, i seem to do better from mid range, but close range i cannot react quick enough, any tips?


Dp close range is a problem, this is due to the footsie game being played much closer than other games allowing those close jumps.

Personally, I like to block ( safest) or walk underneath the jump and press Jab. Either way it is a dead spot because certain characters ( Nash springs to mind) have a really steep jump angle from close in.

At high level the answer is usually jump back jab, but playing online ( if you do) then it becomes just that bit harder to deal with.

Daigo is really good at the cross cut DP, but there’s a definite moment where the character has not quite passed over you but their normal will still connect. I find the cross cut DP much harder in 5 than I did in 4.

PS - When Sagat hits… I’m off!


ahh i see, and yes i do play online but it can be frustrating playing against people who even though you anti air them still want to jump.
i normally press jab but it gets stuffed occasionally, i think i need to learn to just block as I’m always feeling the urge to press a button. Will take on board the options you laid out though!
Your right cross cut i can do in training but can only hit a few times online, still i think id rather lose online trying that.
And Im patiently waiting for more content :wink: love your player analysis of tokido, perhaps now because of the recent success of daigo (not ect lol) we can get a new video on his exploits.


I was actually thinking of doing a Daigo one, he has the better playstyle now I think. Tokido’s early meta worked a charm but I think Daigo’s got it down now.


I find cross cut DP easier to do than a regular shoryuken, can do the input faster on a keyboard/hitbox, the window is huge, and usually you have more time to react than a regular jump in. I think most Ryus don’t do it much because they didn’t tried to practice it before.

Jab is good from upclose but it loses to a lot of jump-ins, i can’t land a single one against Vega.


Parry can also be an option for those ambiguous jump ins… Just don’t use it too often or they can bait it out.


Yeah parry’s ok too occasionally, just so you can steal a turn, you get nothing out of it but it’s still an option for sure.


oh yeah I’m going to use the parry like you guys said, totally forget i can do that once in a while. I mainly have problems with kens ex dive kick from up close can be tricky.


It’s about time Ryu players started using spaced out fireballs into super, to avoid v reversal, in order to chip out or get a guard break. Some dirty stuff.