Ryu General Thread: Eternal Wanderer



Yeah I started using that chip out when I saw Daigo using it a month back. Basically game over once the FB gets blocked.

I’ve noticed higher end players sometimes decide to V reversal cr.mk xx fireball cancel ( because it sucks).


What’s crazy is that fireball, hp super is a true blockstring around 3/4 screen which is pretty nuts. Anyways there’s some pretty good ways to bait v reversals with meaty fireball into super chip that I’m still working on. Pretty good one is setup after fierce dp. Spaces Ryu out with enough frame advantage that Kens reversal won’t connect.

Also Jodan Nirengeki, V cancel, lp dp, ex dp is pretty fun to hit. Trading out lp dp with hp DPxx super is stil a tough juggle, but the damage is up there.


i have a question, why does tokido and daigo and probably other players back throw when they get their opponent stunned? does that give their opponent less meter?


Throw builds more meter as your final action for the kill as opposed to a hit.


nice i will have to try this, and that fireball into super chip damage sounds delicious :slight_smile:


Anyone notice that slick counter hit, hit confirm Tokido uses off s.jab? Where he follows it up with s.mp, confirms the counter hit prompt and links fierce dp? Smart stuff.


Yeah, trying to implement it, i waste too many bars on 2 mediums xx ex haduken for mediocre damage when i don’t have super, just for the knockdown


Delayed cr.lk, cr,lp xx shoryuken after a jump in is godlike, you guys should try it, it covers so many options.


i have some questions for Ryu mains.

  1. Is it possible to parry Aegis Reflector?
  2. Is it possible to parry Ibuki’s bomb explosion?
  3. Is it possible to parry Veg’s rose? And if you can parry Vega’s rose does Vega still follow through after it?


None of those have follow up options that you can punish, like why would you parry Ibukis bomb? Or the Rose?

Unless your making some kind of “tricks” video. Just put on training mode and try it … How bout that.


Need tips for the Alex and Birdie MU. When they play lame it’s just a nightmare for me to deal with. They usually just walk backwards and press buttons anytime I get close. All their buttons have better range except the “poke hadouken” and they’re always ready for the AA. I just find it difficult to pin them down and get them in range of Ryu’s normals and when I do, they’re blocking.


Well you don’t play footsies with birdie , and Alex is a similar kind of match. Basically I play long range fireballs staggered to bait their long ranged specials and jumps. Then once I AA DP or whiff/punish something like an Elbow or a head butt/chain grab - anything that knocks down, I bulldoze in and use some close pressure traps mixed in with throws, if they defend it , I just then back off and start again with that same process.

Basically you don’t want to be pushing anything other than fireball in footsies against these characters. If I get cornered I’ll air tatsu out then start again making my way to the other corner.

Basically play both of them like Zangief but with no wake up game.

A character without a fireball can’t play as lame as one with one. It’s just then a spacing battle.


Anyone find easy punishes for Urien’s specials? The frame data I’m looking at says most of his specials are punishable on block, can’t even get st lk to connect. No FM so I can’t take it to training mode to see if its the lag or something else.

Chariot Tackles
Knee Drops
EX headbutt <- Supposedly -17??? That’s sounds like I can walk up and press anything, haven’t been able to do shit consistently.


I’ve got the season pass on my PC, I’ll try some out tonight.


Took your advice and played a patient long range projectile zoning approach and I had one of my cleanest wins against Alex so far. Seems like this matchup takes a lot of patience to gain the life lead with projectiles while also building meter and trying to score a KD for a safe approach.

Any advice on the Cammy matchup?


Cammy is tough if you don’t know her patterns. Generally I don’t rush Cammy at all unlike those others. I wait til she makes her play then deal with that situation. With some patient zoning - ALOT of blocking.

Generally things I do in the Cammy match are - don’t Quickrise , especially in the corners, it’ll disrupt her momentum.

If you block a st.lk , that’s a big tell she’s going for a tick throw.

Cr.mp is by far the best single button you can use for almost everything including far jumps.

Save your super, there really is no need to spend EX.

Don’t jump on her - stay grounded and look for how she’s trying to get in.

Do not press anything at mid range if she has V trigger , it’s not worth it.

After a couple blocked mediums or lights, try using jump back.

Generally I play a sort of - let me see what you got and I’ll see I can counter it.


Ok so I did some training room - here’s Urien -

Standard ( the shoulder move) Tackles are all punishable with cr.mp xx special or just raw DP - the block stun is weird though, you’ll have to practice it.
EX tackle is safe

Standard head butts are non punishable but you get a turn after - he must be negative
Standard headbutts lose to meatys on wake up
Standard headbutt ( apart from LP unless my timing is off) are throwable
Ex is fully invincible
EX headbutt is crush counter ST.HK on block - easy punish
EX Headbutt starts up extremely slow - it’s possible to do - sweep ( or any meaty set up) dash up - cr.lk pressure and Ryu will block the reversal in time for a full punish so basically my gut feeling here is you will want to attack Urien on a KD at every opportunity.

The knee dives are all punishable with jab jab special a bit like a badly spaced Cammy dive kick
EX dive is safe and plus on block it seems

The knee dives seem like Parry party time for sure, you can parry them for a max damage punish fairly easily.

His back HK crush counter ( the one where he jumps in the air) is punishable with st.lk xx special from almost any range apart from the tip

Blocked point blank fireball is punishable with sweep or DP

Thats all I got for now after a quick 20 minutes - I think most of that should be right, I tried each option a few times.

Also looks like Urien get’s no pressure after either throw apart from that Axe kick he has, so if he dashes after a throw - kill him.


Thanks, it seems like all of his specials have odd blockstun timings or something. Must be fucking up real hard if I can’t even CC sthk the ex headbutt on block.


Knee drops seems to be safe when spaced low. Interestingly enough, I don’t think I’ve seen a blocked knee drop that was ambiguous on block height.


wow excellent video on daigo, really enjoyed the break down. I try to use this style from time to time in ranked (im super gold currently) and its hard because for me gold is really really random. Any tips to get out of gold? and is gold the new silver lol


yea mate, sick. I’ve honestly come to the conclusion that the Japanese are simply not human