Ryu General Thread: Eternal Wanderer



Actually I find counter hits to be a touch easier than SF4. I think the hit stun and buffer helps. Also you’re going to be looking for a counter hit in the same spots which means you’re pre-prepped.

Cr.mp - st.mp - counter hit -
st.jab - st.mp - counter hit -

I think at least linking a sweep off a st.mp counter hit is something that every Ryu should practice.


don’t forget, off st.mp counter hit you can link into st.mk and v-trigger cancel, or st.hp > st.hk target combo and v-trigger cancel

also, good setup for super after DP is dash forward st.mk, if it hits counter hit you can link into super. condition them to press buttons after a DP first by dashing forward twice and throwing, or just block if youre expecting theyll react, but you gotta get them pressing buttons first.

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Anyone know any trick to do crosscut DP into CA?

Saw Momochi and Tokido doing, wonder if there is any easy way to do the motion.


do you mean empty jump c.lk ? or is this another tech that is different?


Hi, I noticed alot of mentioned of “counter hit prompt”. Does this mean that a follow up attack, as long as the “counter” prompt is on screen that it will hit ?


He means when you walk up to the opponent but delay the cr.lk cr.lp a touch so they press throw but you catch them with the short before the throw comes out. Daigo uses this a lot. You can do it from a jump in too so for this he means -Ryu jump in normal ( blocked) very slight pause - cr.lk cr.lp xx DP.

For counter hit if the counter hit message pops up you’ve got 2 extra frames of advantage but only if the counter hit message pops up, the timing is still tight but easy with practice.

I use a lot of cr.mp - St.mp ( counter hit) sweep.

You’re Antiloop from Singapore right? You’re Ryu is solid if you’re the same person. We should play some sets! I really hate ranked I prefer just long sets. Much better practice.


Anyone else experience inconsistent timing parrying chun’s super?


Yeah I’m the same antiloop … I’ve been playing by feel all this while… trying to look at theories to improve my game. Yeah. We should play some time… !



V-trigger hadukens are harder to counterpoke with normals and it seems like it doesn’t get crush counter as easily, interesting


Just noticed Daigo using a lot of solar plexus after a tick throw bait lately, shits godlike, much better than Ryu other options, never thought it would work in a real match.

He is also using st.hk and axe kick when he makes people block a jump-in, the slower startup cover many options, it’s better than delayed cr.lk - cr.lp xx shoryuken which is easier to mess up and leads into more damage.


could you link those videos please? that sounds interesting.



Here an example, at 1:40, he also does the other stuff i talked about on other videos in this channel, but i am too lazy to search for that now.

You might just want to just use a regular shimmy against characters that have a reversal though.


that looks really good, need to try that. I see tokido use axe kick after a hard kd cc set up, he jumps down with st hk then does the axe kick.


Are there any essential setups or OS’es I should know with Ryu? I’m comfortable playing an all-fundamentals game with Ryu, but I’d like to take advantage of any “tech” that exists out there. I’ve never utilized OS’es in my game and have relied strictly on reads.


Jump tech OS is a must IMO


Everything else is optional.


You’ll need to know meaties at a minimum otherwise you’re pushing shit up hill with any character. Click on the link in my sig and I have some vids that will show some tips. Even just watch the meaty video.

If you can’t be bothered the simple ones are -

After any tatsu
After EX fireball ( double Dash)
After DP ( dash)
After sweep ( dash)

Wouldn’t bother learning the throw - solar plexus it’s getting removed.

For unblockables just keep it simple - Crush counter sweep - V-trigger -whiff cr.mp - full charge is unavoidable unless they have an invincible move that can hit you.


TOOLASSISTED added S2 ~secret beta~ Ryu to his footsie hitbox machine, clarifying some changes and debunking some others I heard. It definitely reinforces the whole “added 1 frame of startup” thing ppl were saying about ALL characters. Here’s some changes I found and thought were interesting. Please don’t freak out about this stuff or assume these are the only changes or whatever. There are lots of small changes just chill. Also, no special moves.

cr.mk - 1 frame slower, +1 active frame. Importantly there is no range increase. I saw otherwise knowledgeable people say otherwise, it’s just not true.

cr.mp - 1 frame slower, lower hitbox. Basically, goodbye AA cr.mp, sorry Daigo.

cr.lp - +1 active frame, otherwise the same.

cr.hk - 1 frame slower.

s.mp - very small horizontal range nerf, also his body hitbox moves forward very slightly. A small nerf overall. +7 on hit now, probably so combos to cr.mk still work.

s.lk - a lot of people know this, but this move had a big range nerf, you basically hit closer to the heel instead of the toes.

s.hp - one frame slower.

s.lp - Hitbox is now below head hurtbox. Before it was parallel with the top of his head, which was why you could AA with it. As a point of comparison, this is EXACTLY the same height as Rashid’s s.lk. So, it can AA, but its bad at it.

overhead - 2 frames slower. i’m sure there’s someone who’s super mad about this but who gives a shit.

Stuff whose hitboxes or speed did not change even though ppl think it did: cr.hp, s.mk, f.hp. They still may have different frame data (we know f.hp is more plus), but boxes are the same.

Also, again, these are not the only changes by a longshot, and other characters are getting similar adjustments. Please do not conclude that Ryu is top/bottom tier because of this shit. ty


there goes a lot of punishes, sad


I always thought that was stupid, it made spacing stuff like ken s.hk or balrog rush punishes nearly impossible. Same thing with Chun s.lk, which is similarly nerfed by becoming 5 frames. It’s a good change IMO.


You think it was stupid that people had to space stuff…

Sf5 ladies and gents.