Ryu General Thread: Eternal Wanderer



No, I think it’s stupid that the spacing is so punishing and exacting for perfectly normal things. But you’re right, SFV is dominated by lots of easy frame-perfect punishes of things that would be completely safe in any other game. Why you think that’s a good thing…?


It wasn’t hard to space at all, from my experience, other characters have character specific punishes as well, that Ryu can only match with CA + godlike reactions, or just gets much better punishes meanwhile Ryu can only do a sweep in the same situation.

Also, it had more utility than punishes, cr.mp, st.lk xx tatsu was a good confirm to stop dashes on reaction.


That’s more to do with the buffer. I don’t really understand why you’d think nerfing his st.lk would be a good thing. That practically destroys his counter attack style.

It’s a given that Ryu has a weak mid range so the st.lk punisher keeps badly spaced moves in check. It’s also one of his main footsie buttons.

If you are saying that his st.lk got a distance nerf then that makes him free to any crush counter button in the game. He just has to sit there an take spammed heavys/specials on block from any distance whilst racking up grey life.

-4 is a very common frame disadvantage for long ranged moves. So we can’t whiff punish with stubby normals and apparently we can’t punish if we block them either.

That’s if these changes even stick. There’s a lot of mis-information being thrown about.


Got my hands on the (alleged) S2 Ryu.


-AAing with MP DP doesn’t feel that different than it used to. The time that I noticed it a few times were on deep cross cuts, but otherwise I don’t think the dp nerf affected AA that much.
-st jab and j lk have been adjusted to be more reasonable.
-Will have to condition myself to use st hpxx lk tatsuxx CA in shimmy situations now instead of cancelling st hp straight into CA like I used to. Its more damage.
-I’m not sure ho b+hk being cancellable will be used. IT’s a difficult move to use in neutral. And I don’t think they’re able to push a button between any of the hits so it can’t be used as a frame trap? Or am I missing something? I saw people talking about using it as a trap abpve.
-Wish EX DP had a bit more range to comenspate for no meterless invincibility. IT whiffs in some wakeup or interrupt situations that mp dp would have previously hit.
-You can b+hk/cancel into denjin fb into EX DP in the corner, not sure you could do stuff like this in the past since it would have been hard to land a point blank fb like that in the corner in the past.
-Overall it doesn’t feel like much has changed, I think Ryu is still good. But, I haven’t played against the other S2 characters yet.


How do you apply pressure now that Ryu’s forward throw has been nerfed? Him losing his meaty setup from forward throw makes opponents hard to pressure. They just sit there and take the throw.


Try ex fb in close range. It works as a bait and it’s +2, follow through with s.mp etc


Having to burn meter for pressure is not a good strategy, especially when your CA is probably one of your biggest strengths


Agreed if in s1 but in s2 ryu has ton of challenges getting in. The ex fb is an extremely good bait for buttons. Try it.


Might be useful in the corner but outside of that im not seeing how ex fireball will be useful for pressure. Your opponent will just take the throw since ryu throws now lead to nowhere and if you don’t get any damage out of ex fireball on block you will have wasted your meter


That’s the problem though. Ryu isn’t supposed to be about getting in. He is literally designed with the intention of keeping people away. However, they made it really easy to get in on him.

Had they made him more akin to Nash S1 who can dictate the pace of battle and move in and out, I would say fine.

My issue is that they took a zoning character and put him in a game that is almost completely anti-zoning. That’s fine but then give him options to deal with that. Nearly all of his changes don’t seem to really make him any better at dealing with the fact he is easy to get in on. That is only compounded by the fact he is by design, supposed to be a linear character, in a game where being restricted on your pressure options is really difficult to get around.


They turned Ryu into low / bottom tier, now he have zero pressure, mediocre damage output… I really can’t see a proper way to play him, he was my second character and for my luck the first one (Nash) got even more nerfed, I really liked SFV season 1 despite all the wrong shit that Crapcom did, but now seems like they are trying even harder to make people drop this game.

Does anyone see something that Ryu got that can make sense? Even Daigo and Tokido seems like dropped Ryu :o .


Daigo still using Ryu



Is this s2? I did not see anything new and he went for throw loop in the corner.


Not s2, he also got meaty off a v-reversal


If you guys happen to block Akuma’s EX DP you can parry the final 3 hits instead of blocking the whole thing so you can get some extra V guage while still getting a Crush Counter punish afterwards.


Yeah there will be a lot of optimized crush counter combos against Akuma’s EX DP.

Oh and whoops, that was Season 1. Here’s the right seasoning.




Eh, more I play, more I realize this is the worst modern 2D fighting game on the market. No point in playing a game I can’t enjoy nor feel like grinding. Good luck fellow Ryu’s hold it down


Some videos. Some Ryu, some universal stuff.

Jab Uppercut Trades

EX Hadouken stuff

Throw Timeline


fuck what they did to him in this game