Ryu General Thread: Eternal Wanderer



How do you deal with Ryu’s unreactable dash into normal/throw mixup online? It’s absolutely brutal when combined with the slow white life recovery and his high damage.


Do Rog’s unreactcable dash back at him and apply your higher damage?


That doesn’t make sense. If his dash is unreactable how can you react “back” by dashing? Unless you’re saying just guess when he’s going to dash and use your backdash then. If that’s the case you’re now in a position where he’s forcing you to risk a crush counter for your attempts to predict his dash.

Also I’m pretty sure their non Vtrigger damage is the same. Ryus non crush counter damage may actually be higher. You don’t start the match with access to vtrigger.


What he means is that you hit first and twice. Not as a reaction. Use your own dash towards him, press buttons and watch magic unfold before your eyes. You’ll win, Because Ryu sucks.


I can think of about 8 powerful things you can do to control Ryu at midrange. Since you play Balrog it’ll cost you $2 per item.

OR you can all of them for $30! I call this the “How to beat Ryu with your eyes closed” pack.

Rise up!


The issue is that Ryu, no matter what, has to guess right like 4-5 times CONSECUTIVELY to beat Balrog.

Balrog, if he takes no damage, has to guess like 3 times consecutively to win. Once Balrog gets VT, he literally has to guess twice (or once if his opponent is already at 40% or below) and Balrog wins.

The math for guessing correctly is skewed immensely in Balrog’s favor…on paper, it’s like a 37-0 matchup in favor of Balrog.


I’m no tournament level player but I’m pretty sure you don’t start the match with Vtrigger. Yeah it’s in Rog’s favor, but there’s a bit of melodrama going on in here. Ryu hits like a mack truck with his basic bnbs and crush counter combos and he has great defense via 3 frames, DP, and parry. If he rushes Rog prior to Rog getting trigger he can definitely get the W.


Ryu CAN hit like a truck, but his tools for positioning himself to do that damage are extremely limited against Rog, which means he rarely gets the opportunity to hit like a truck. Most of the cast can hit like a truck (Fang excluded) so it’s really not a difference maker. The issue is that Rog hit’s like a harder truck and that damage output reduces the amount of guesses he needs to make which is REALLY important. Reducing the amount of guesses you need to make by 1 is a monstrous advantage against anyone.

Rog has the best AA answer to Ryu jumping in, and pokes that dominate Ryu’s ability to move in. Ryu’s CC’s are pretty limited. s.HK whiffs crouchers while s.HP CC doesn’t really lead to anything either. DP requires meter to be a true reversal, which is something you can’t afford to burn since a lot of Ryu’s damage is tied to his CA.

3f s.LP is pretty bad considering the range…compare that to 3f for Balrog…

Starting with VT isn’t really a big deal when Balrog is guaranteed to get it over the normal course of the match. Like I said, if I’m beating you, Balrog naturally goes from needing 3 guesses to 2 guesses to win. It’s like you’re literally gaining ground on me for taking punches, which makes very little sense from a game theory perspective.

When Ryu does beat Rog, it’s when Ryu consecutively guess right in a long succession that leads to Rog not getting the chance to play. Like I said, that’s cool, but any character can be beat any character if one character is guessing correctly 100% of the time.

The not starting with VT thing isn’t really a valid point IMO.


Talking shite Bill. I’m usually not that harsh but youre on mushrooms.

List me some basic BnB damage that’s realistic.

Pro tip - Don’t start with a jump in.


It’s not even anything to do with damage.

Boxer beats Ryu very cleanly. Longer pokes. Better frame data. Better AA, that leads into better mixups. Better V-Trigger.

It’s at the very least 7-3 Boxer.

Anyway, official combos.



Nice editing there too.

Howcome you don’t utilize the st.hp during a v-trigger combo? Surely it must be useful.

I’ve recently started using it in place of cr.mk to fireballs.


I can see Ryu’s SRK is still dog shit. Good job Capcom.


I mean the shit you’re saying, beyond lol omg vtrigger, is strictly subjective. What I said isn’t. Ryu has big damage, a 3 frame normal, parry, and a dp. I never said he was some kind of beast in this build–so unless you don’t know what the word melodrama means–which wouldn’t surprise me, I don’t know what you’re talking about.


I could break it down for you bit by bit, but you wouldn’t believe me anyway bill. It’s pretty much one of Ryus hardest matches in the entire game. The strengths you mention don’t even play into the Balrog match. Parry? Parry what? Big damage? From a jump in? When you can’t jump in on Balrog because of his one button AA? Ryus hit confirms are all sub 200 at best maybe 250 with meter, same as pretty much everyone , less than the top tier. A DP? Sure if I’ve got meter, why are you mentioning things that Ryu has like any of them somehow effect the Balrog match different from any other character?

Since you’re complaining about Ryus dash, what you really mean is “I can’t deal with dashes” since there are around 6 other characters who have equal or better dashes than Ryu either due to start up frames or because the animation is deceiving ( including Balrog).

Ryus throw sets up nothing … nothing. You’re out again, free to continue herp derp buttons a random unpunishable half life TAPs. Unlike Balrog who gets corner vortex and a meaty from forward throw.

Lesson? Just take the throw. There’s all the info you need.

You can beat Ryus fireballs on reaction, I’ll say that again, on reaction with V-skill if the Ryu player is zoning, if he’s close you have longer ranged buttons to counter his own stubby limbs. Including better Crush counters. Smash buttons - win.

It’s probably a 6.5 to 3.5 match in Balrogs favour. Again this means that either the Ryu players you are playing are just better than you or in general you have a weakness to dashing.

Get in to training mode, practice and remember it’s probably not a good idea to come into one of your characters best match ups threads and expect to be greeted with open arms when Ryu can’t use any of his tools and has to rely on gimmick dashes to stand a chance.


He has to be trolling.


No this is what happens when you make characters dumb, their brain falls out the back of their head.

I mean even if you can’t react to dashes, you can literally down back with Rog, AA jumps and throw out cr.mp and it’ll deal with that tactic.


sigh, if only players like Bill step into Ryu players’ shoes for once to understand how tough it is to deal with Balrog… Or maybe you should consider trying just that for a day and see how it goes, Bill? To see how DPs or parry help you out ?

I personally try my hardest to avoid complaining about this game, but when it comes to this match up, the amount of salt is seriously too damn high, cant help it lol.


Nah Shino I’m not trolling; there is a lot of melodrama going on in here. Not that you have any idea what that means.

In fairness to highland, other than that hyoerbolic statement about just downback and anti air to beat Rog, his second post was legit ( well thr advice about just taking the throw was horrible too considering the white life mechanic but whatever ). Yes it’s a bad matchup but other than Zangief this game probably doesn’t even have a character with a 7-3 matchup. Shotos in particular are designed in such a way as to prevent that. But the changes from season one and shoto players being accustomed to being top tier

I think the irony about all the bitching about how weak Ryu supposedly is now is due to him being stupid in season 1. You could
basically turn your brain off and play the season 1 shotos. Season 2 has probably been a real shock to the system.

And you know what, as far as beating Balrog, there are a lot of strong tactics Ryu can use.

#1 neutral jump. This is huge. Unless you’re playing Smug, this is going to give him huge problems. Simply laying back and doing neutral jump into HK totally shuts down dash punches. One landed jump HK is basically 1/3 damage.

  1. Balrog has no crossup at all. This is actually a huge weakness that people try to brush off, but it basically means he can’t jump at you at all. Whenever he jumps at you literally never have to guess. Just mash one of your many anti airs or worse case scenario hold back. No need to worry about a cross up.

  2. He’s a charge character with no reversal and an especially wide crouching hurtbox. This is jump fighter V; and let’s be real you play Ryu. You know you’re jumping in with cross up mks etc. every other second. Well keep doing it–but only after you knock him down or corner him.

  3. You have a damn dp and it’s not a charge move. Play like shotos eternal and randomly use it in the middle of strings and mix it up with wakeup throw, block, and wakeup 3 frame. Having a 3 frame and dp is big. It practically puts the person on offense into a mix up when you factor in all of your options

  4. Balrog is one of the easiest characters to crush counter in neutral in the game. TAP and his vskill are his main ways of gaining ground rapidly other than dash. Both of them are basically free to Ryu’s sweep (unless his TAP is very high level–which isn’t likely) . Balrog’s approach in neutral is risky as hell. He should basically lose half his life bar in his approach.


Random DP in block strings, random sweeps and use lots of cross ups.

#Updates Bronze league match up tips



how does ryu win the neutral? this is SFV, the aggressor has the advantage. how does ryu aggressively win the neutral? neutral jumping isn’t aggressive, you’re relying on your opponent dash punching. what do you do after you get a KD isn’t an issue, how are you getting a knockdown in the first place? in fact, why does balrog even need to dash punch? what is stopping him from just reacting to your neutral jump with a DP? are you seriously saying ONLY smug knows how to do this? he can just sit and react to fireballs. he has better range in neutral, he doesn’t have to take risks.

also why the hell would balrog want to jump at ryu when ryu has a DP and balrog already wins the ground game? if you think ryu is going to fireball, just react with vskill. the point being: balrog only loses this matchup when he takes unnecessary risks. by playing smart and patient, balrog wins. ryu HAS to take risks or hope that balrog takes UNNECESSARY risks.

do you not understand that ryu is the one that has to play risky to beat balrog? you haven’t explained why ryu is at advantage in this matchup. everything you said either implies, you’re playing from advantage (have the knockdown), or you’re taking a gamble (neutral jump, DP in strings, frame trap with move that is minus on block) that’s not in your advantage. i mean, you are literally telling ryus to guess DP during block strings to get a knockdown. you do understand the risk/reward in this situation is in balrog’s favor right? but you’re also proving what i’m saying. ryu has to take a RISK.

note, i’m not saying ryu doesn’t have high damage, a 3f, or a DP. i’m saying, balrog doesn’t have to take risks to beat ryu in the neutral game, so how does ryu win the neutral game without making risks? because ultimately, that’s what SF5 (well, any SF game really), boils down to. land a knockdown from neutral, apply pressure. if you score another knockdown from it, congrats, if you don’t, well now you have a life lead.

according to you, the way for ryu to win the neutral is for ryu to toss out st.hp/st.hk and pray for a CC. because according to you, balrog uses vskill and TAP randomly in neutral. because apparently, when you’re the better character in neutral, you’re supposed to take risks. other than that, hail mail DPs during block string i guess.