Ryu General Thread: Eternal Wanderer



That is the best that you can do? Cmon man.
So, you suggest neutral jumping and dps. I need to make a new account and start giving those bronze Rogs a beating.


If you’re losing to Ryu players while using Balrog you just flat out suck period


I’m beating a dead horse here Highland, and I realize it’s just an online forum, but like 90% of your comments are strawmen. It’s to a point where responding to you is like arguing with a teenager (which in fairness you maybe for all I know).


If only you knew bill. You are fishing son and we are not taking the bait. Good luck with that Ryu match, PR Rog had it at 6.5 Rog last time I looked maybe he can help you out.

#Was probably playing fighting games when Bill was sucking on his mums tits.


So you want people to give up the corner against you?


This is hilarious. I just stopped by to say: At this point… Could we all just agree to ignore this Bill guy?


Anyway, moving on…

This version of Ryu I think benefits more from some of the nerfage than his own (small) changes. I’m already noticing some of the horseshit ( which there is still fucking plenty of) is just enough to take the edge off of matches now.


Let me be clear. Ryu does NOT beat Balrog. That’s a strawman that Highland is arguing because that’s just his modus operandi. But the 7-3 It’s unwinnable thing is melodramatic.

First, if by DP you mean screw mash, that is only beating a neutral jump if the Rog player predicts it AND spaces it correctly. It is not a real dp. To be honest, I’ve watched a lot of the top Rog players on youtube etc. and the only one I’ve ever seen consistently use it to stop neutral jumps is Smug. Everyone else is hit or miss with it. It’s one of the main reasons I think he’s the best Rog.

Second, Balrog wins thr neutral if you play traditional hadoken focused Ryu. He forces Ryu to change his game–that’s why he wins the maychup. But you have options.

You keep saying Rog doesn’t have to take risks. Not true. Let’s say he wants to approach you. Well we both agree hadoken is a bad idea. But you aren’t going to do that. We both agree Rog shouldn’t jump. So now we know he has to either dash, walk, vskill, dash punch, or TAP. Let’s run through those options.

  1. walk: lol who cares
  2. vskill: Assuming you are playing a good Rog this will be cancelled from a dash pumch. This is kinda like Laura’s vskilll or Bison dash–intimidating at first but unsafe. You can jab him out of it sweep mk etc. This doesn’t apply if he’s doing it after knocking you down. You gotta hold it or dp.
  3. dash punch- hella risky unless properly spaced. Basically what I said earlier is what you want to do.

I mean if you’re in your late 40s sure. But that’s pretty bad if you’re middle aged and can’t arrange a premise and a conclusion without creating a strawman.

Focusing on my actual point: if you really think it’s an absolutey unwinnable matchup outside of guessing right I don’t know what to say. I’ve seen lots of sets of Daigo vs Iwate that say otherwise but I guess you SRK guys have got it all figured out. Peace.


There are no unwinnable matchups in sfv.
Ryu loses atleast 6-4, i would put it to 6.5-3.5 myself (atleast before the patch).


6-4 sounds about right if you just let go of the fear.

Come on, dude :lol: Dash punch is like a hadoken except 'Rog moves his entire weight with him, ready to crush counter your ass, and it’s faster and safer to boot! :lol: I have no idea what universe you are playing in but I think you’re all alone there in that huge space of space and time :lol:

But seriously, the big question is who gets to have the initiative in a match-up, and here it’s Balrog and not Ryu. Look at round start and Ryu can start with hado and Balrog with dash punch and Balrog will win, and that’s just about how the entire match goes.


You’re not describing anything specific to Ryu Bill. You’re pointing out ( very minor I might say) weaknesses in Rogs design, then somehow trying to attribute them to Ryu, or are you just generally defending Rog for some odd reason in the Ryu board of all places - not sure? I have zero problems with Rog myself, I play a few Diamond level Rogs and take my share of games so I think I know the match up pretty well. It’s not one of my personal bad matches ( Laura wins that award). I’m just replying because your perception of the match ( and Balrog in general) seems wrong.

The fact that you are saying that “walking forward” doesn’t matter is a big give away that you don’t know how to play against zoner/defence type characters or the mid range in general.

Remember this whole conversation started because you said you couldn’t deal with Ryus dash -

Ryu - 16 frames - 135 distance
Balrog 17 frames - 144 distance (plus a deceiving animation)

Your dash is at least the equal if not better than Ryus considering you have other forward moving specials that you can mix in with dash and we do not -

Rush punch both high and Low.

Also the following characters have a better dash than Ryu -

Chun Li

With more mix up potential.

So… ? We should probably stop this now. I already gave you the answer to Ryus particular threat - if you must, just take the the throw.


What frames does Ryu’s medium DP have complete AA invincibility? I’ve had it trade during matches somewhere after frame 3 and I’m not sure if it was me accidentally pressing light or hard. Prolly should go replay it.

Edit: http://www.capcom-unity.com/combofiend/blog/2017/03/15/street-fighter-v-season-2-balance-update

Frames 1-6. So I’ll need to make sure it’s the old Sagat style “deep” DP


That sasaki sure is something.


Man lp dp on defense isnt a terrible option to mix in. Its at least on the level of mashing stand jab. You’ll beat throws and command throws, trade with most frame traps, and you don’t fly in the air for so long that you always give an optimal punish.

I feel better about doing that than i do about burning meter on ex dp.


It’s not a bad option, I use it sparingly. A lot of other characters can use it aswell, I was playing a large set with a Diamond Ibuki player an he was using it almost exclusively as his wake up button.


My new shit trying to play a slow reactive game is to play just outside opponents dash throw range.

Trust the spacing and react to the jump.

If they dash react with a sweep a bit slower than the timing you would normally tech a throw.

If they whiff anything your sweep whiff punishes. If they double dash sweep punishes. If they stick out a button you block.

It’ll get beat by dash slow button or dash low block tho. Also be mindful of the corners and dont give too much ground. You could even swap the sweep for crouch mp or something.


You can do sort of the same thing with cr.mk EX tatsu. Although it’s slightly more of an attacking option than a defensive one.


I did have the shit backfire on me in the mirror. Plan was working as long as he tried dash throw or dash mp. Then the guy dashed stood there for a second then did stand mk v trigger super.

I doubt it was intentional tho. Like he didnt plan on delaying his 8 frame button to get a counterhit. It just happened.


Anybody else like to burn meter on EX fireball in the corner besides me? I do it every chance I get and it’s practically a free throw because people are either pressing buttons or doing nothing. I think I’ve only been tech’d once in the 100+ tries I’ve gone for a throw. The only other times it didn’t work is when I would mistime my throw and get hit by mashed lights. Admittedly I feel like this is only working because people don’t know or have forgotten that Ryu’s EX fireball is now +2 on block at point blank range. Although the chance to get a counter hit might be there as well I always go for throw because I’m afraid my opponent is just going to do nothing so throw feels like the more guaranteed option.

I know it’s frowned upon to burn meter because that removes Super from the equation but I’ve always preferred using meter for EX bar rather than saving for a hit confirm. Admittedly part of the reason why I do that is because I’ve never developed the habit for it. Super was kind of useless in SF4 so that was 7 years of me not really caring about landing Super and I just continued the habit of ignoring it in SFV outside of punish situations.


I like EX fireball from cr.fierce in the corner. Basically gives you a solid frame trap that on block gives you the throw/strike 50/50. Two for one deal.

Something like st.jab -cr.fierce xx EX fireball , the gap between the st.jab and the cr.fierce is just sweet and if they block you get your trap with EX FB anyway.

You can also use the same cr.fierce xx EX fb with a shimmy trap in the corner then not have to worry about if you mis-time the cr.fierce.

Sasaki uses that a lot ( although he confirms into DP which is harder)