Ryu General Thread: Eternal Wanderer



It doesnt. It’s a gimmick, I knew that before they gave him it though, could see it coming a mile off. Counter moves are never good in any game.


Most will probably keep VT1 as their VT of choice. But I’m actually going to stick with VT2 the majority of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I think it sucks. But at least it does something. VT1 timer doesn’t give us enough time to actually land something significant. You activate and throw a bunch of fast fireballs and your opponent plays keep away for a bit and it’s over.

With VT2 I activate and then pretend I don’t even have a VT. But my opponent on the other hand will never stop thinking about it. It’s not much but I’ll take it over 5-6 fast fireballs and Capcom teasing me about DP juggles that I’ll almost never land.

But man, what if we had gotten a juiced up DP instead of juiced up Parry? Imagine a VT that powers up fierce or EX DP to 250 damage? It would basically accomplish the same task of scaring your opponent to not press buttons or pressure you while you still get guaranteed damage by using it in combos or as a AA. It would not help the Guile match up or the Menat match up one bit. But at least it would be fun to see a huge chunk of life drain instantly.


I think that’s probably it’s only use - activate - actually get to play.

The V fireballs are pretty juicy though, you basically get machine gun fireballs, just not enough of them.


It has it’s uses but VT1 is a much better option. I’m really enjoying the buffs Ryu got this time around. His VT1 does run out quickly but It’s a little bit scarier this time around at least. Still though, buffed fireballs, buffed throw and buffed cr mk are all a big deal imo.


Daigo not coming back to Ryu. Capcom broke Street Fighter to that point.


I thought it was queer with all the “Daigo Ryu back!” Youtube videos too…

Go with Menat or something instead… There’s probably no worse feeling than getting panties wet for hardcore-gamer boys so I completely understand Daigo.


When the CA2 shin sho releases…i bet the damage will be insane.


You can’t do a dp~súper in vtrigger if your vtrigger is almost running out, this seems like a glitch, can anyone test this for me? I mean I tried like 20 times and I hope this is a glitch with the new patch.


Anyone still uses Ryu even though he is still not good? I am.


Everyone saw sagat? Man those fireballs. Ryu officially dead lol.



Ryu looks pretty cool with a beard.