Ryu Hadouken or Cammy Spiral Arrow spammers SSFIV 3D Edition


I’m new to the whole SF universe (used to be a MK guy) and really love the game ^^
So this will be a really beginner question.

Can someone help me against Lite mode Hadouken or Spiral Arrow spammers? I always play as Ryu or Ken. If I block and / or jump the get closer, I get a Shoryuken or a Cannon Spike if I’m close enough, so I have to start to get closer all over again. If I stay far from the enemy, I can’t do anything.
Also I can’t even block Spiral Arrow, even when I’m constantly pressing down-back like hell.

It is annoying, altough I know that there are more solutions for “shooting” spammers. Just couldn’t figure it out yet.

Thanks in advance.

Play Guile and do Lite Sonic Booms :oops:

Focus Attack, slowly moving forward and guessing the Hadoken so you jump when he just does one (then he can’t SRK), Character specific stuff (e.g. some characters have slides which let them go under Fireballs), etc. There’s a lot of ways around Fireballs.

Spiral Arrow really just comes down to blocking and punishing it. “constantly pressing downback like hell”? You know that you can just keep it pressed and you will block?

Telling us who your character is would help.

Also, the 3DS version is crap if alone bc the touchpad controls are essentialy cheating (charge moves executeable without needing a charge). I’d really advise you to get it on a different platform.

Yeah, I read that this is the worst platform for this game, but since this is the only console I own which has SF, I must go with this. And also, probably it doesn’t matter for a total beginner, I can learn some tricks on 3DS also. Like how to handle a spammer :slight_smile:

I always play as Ryu or Ken, because I also read that they are good for beginners, to get the feeling of SF. When I have enough of the spammer, I switch to Dalshim, to slide. But I know that I could beat it with Ryu, just couldn’t find out the tactics.

“constantly pressing downback like hell” I mean I knew that he will attack with spiral arrow, and already pushed down and back. Can it be a problem that I do it seperately? So not down-back, rather press down (but not down-back) and push the pad to the down-back position. So are low block works only, when you push the pad to downback position with a single move?

I just watched a youtube video tutorial about Focus Attack. Am I right when I think that I can “focus dash” forward into the hadouken? So gettin closer and not hit by the hadouken? Can I do this against Spiral Arrow?

Great. I think I watch all the tutorial videos and read the locked begginer threads, before asking again.

You can always buy the PC version if your PC isn’t really really crappy.

Ryu is good for beginners, Ken not so much. If you’re playing Ryu, I don’t really know why you would have problems against Ryu - if he throws a Hadoken, just throw one as well, they cancel each other out.
I’d thoroughly advise against playing Dhalsim at the start, he’s difficult.

Pressing back then downback blocks low just as if you pressed downback instantly. You just need to be in downback position before the Arrow is hitting you (maybe you’re too slow?). Blocking it should really not be a problem.

You can FocusAbsorb Fireballs and then dash forward. FocusDashing into the fireball won’t work (the absorb projectiles part is only during the Focus Attack, not while you’re dashing). You can do this against Spiral Arrow too (don’t even need the Dash here, can just absorb the Spiral Arrow, then let go of the Focus and it will hit Cammy), but be careful because at certain ranges Spiral Arrow hits twice (breaking your Focus, since it can only absorb 1 hit).

I don’t really understand your last sentence?.?

"I don’t really understand your last sentence?.?"
Sorry, my English sucks, have been learning it for a few years only.
I will watch some tutorial videos on youtube and read some beginner’s guide forum threads here, before asking. After you said Focus Attack, I’ve search it on youtube and found the tutorial video. In that video, I saw how can it be used against Hadoukens. So if I’d watched the tutorials, I would have my question answered :slight_smile:

"just throw one as well, they cancel each other out."
Yeah, but the other players playing using Lite control mode, so they always rapidly hitting the Hadouken button, don’t have to quarter circle forward and punch, I got no chance to do the same with Pro controls. At least not any chance as a beginner.

Thanks for the many help!

Ah. That was pretty much the correct way to word it, I just took it as sarcasm. My bad.

You can search for “only pro controls” matches, but I’m not sure whether one finds anyone there (I didn’t when I tried to). And yeah, Lite controls are part of the game, sadly.

If you want something simple use Ibuki.

  1. Slide kick command attack goes under projectiles with ease.
  2. Neck breaker move is useful to get anyone who spams an uppercut from range.
  3. Ibuki’s grab attack can out grab cannon drill, even the ultra version.

Thanks guys, you’ve helped me a lot.
Now I’m definitely want to learn how to play SF well :slight_smile:

Just a tip, you are gonna eat alot of Anti airs if you constantly jump in

Against Cammy, counterpick with Honda and keep doing headbutts. Against Ryu, play Guile and keep doing light sonic booms.

Although Cannon Strike block strings its where its at in this game (I play this on the toilet).

I think the 3DS controls are sh*t :slight_smile: And I’m saying this as I never saw any another SF4 on any other console. It does not block down back many times, but I am definitely pushing it in the right direction. For example Ibuki gets me with her Neck Breaker 3-4 time of 10, even if I’m pressing the down block the same way I did it when I blocked 6-7 times.
It’s even hard to dash forward with the circle pad, but seems soo easy with a stick or a controller’s longer analog joy.

Anyways I could block many attacks with focus attack blocking (or whatever is the name) and get closer. Hadouken spammers always get confused when their oppenent close enough to hit them :slight_smile:

"Just a tip, you are gonna eat alot of Anti airs if you constantly jump in "
Yeah, I learned that the hard way :slight_smile:

Many many thanks for the comments, tips and tricks :wink:

Try playing with the D-Pad instead of the circlejoystickthingie, it’s more accurate. Will feel bad though since hands will have a very asymetric position. Also yeah, the 3DS controls are terrible, if alone because you’re essentially playing on a pad without the Triplebutton-Support. Pressing all 3 punches at the same time is a hassle.

The D-pad seems to be a better choice. I use the circle pad, but always do the ultra or super combo on the D-pad. Probably I’ll use it all the time from now on.

Also: is it possible to go through the trials on 3DS? I watched some tutorial videos and it is seems to me that every frame counts. The home console versions are running on 60fps and usually a player has 3-6 frames gap to execute a move, super, combo or whatever, after blocking or between combo commands. I’m pretty sure that the 3DS version does not have 60 frames per sec, meaning a player has half the time to execute something. Am I right?

Yes, thats where I start to “cheat” and use the LK+MK+HK fast button on the touch screen. It is almost impossible to push them at the same time. The 3DS is not even as comfortable as a ps or box controller.