Ryu help


Hi guys, I have played SF in years and just downloaded this game to train for SF4. My question is how do I consistently execute Ryu’s Dragon punch? I’m playing on a Dual Shock 3 controller and I get it sometimes on the d-pad. The analog stick is too sensitive and I can’t use that method. Thanks!


buy a stick.


Sadly I can’t afford at this time.


when I play on the d-pad I make like a Z with my thumb, starting from the center. With training you can execute DPs consistently and even faster than some people with a stick. The problem with d-pad is that its hard to pianoing moves, and that’s why I have a stick.


Well I’m thinking of picking up the new fighting wireless pad when SF4 comes out. I’m hoping that will help as well. I never could catch on with sticks. Thanks for the Z tip, I’ll give it a shot.


http://www.japanvideogames.com/Sony-PS3-Street-Fighter-IV-FightPad-Ken-p/ps3j-sf4fightingpadken.htm —40 bucks

http://www.japanvideogames.com/Fighting-Stick-3-p/ps3j-fightingstick3.htm —50 bucks.

just spend 10 more dollars for a stick, please. you’ll be glad you did.


Get a stick man. Yes… it will suck for the first week you have it. if you stick with it you will realize how awesome it is. The fightpad expects you to use 1 thuimb for 6 attack buttons. With a stick you have 3-5 fingers that can be used.


What I used to do was start at the forward position on the D-pad and then make a small circular motion with my thumb moving to the center of the D-pad…to the down position…and then back to forward. I could bust DPs non-stop, but after a while your thumb will hate you. No more sore thumbs for me though…Hori has become my savior.

GET A STICK BRO! I’m not too sure about this but are there really any people that play “competitively” on D-pads!? I don’t see how you could do it.


yeah dude. the guys above me couldnt be more right. getting a stick is the best way to play and get better. Put money to the side and get the SF4 stick when it comes out, worth the purchase.


Walk forward then do a fireball. Then gradually do it quicker. That’s how I learned.


I was a pad player since the old Sega Genesis/Megadrive on SFII CE. I recently bought the HFS3 and I still haven’t got completely used to it. I have problems with the from right to left and to the SRK quickly and on reaction on both sides. I also have some problems with Air Hurricane Kicks. But I got to say that cancels and combos are much easier with the stick because we can piano a qcf with mk and P to get cr.mk xx hadouken. Get the stick. HFS3 it’s not the best out there, the stick itself is a bit crappy but the buttons are ok.