ryu hit confirms



is there any long list of hit confirms aka bnb combos out there


No meter:
cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.mk, HK tatsumaki (hits only on standing opponents) [182 dmg]
cr.lk, cr.lp, far st.mp, HK tatsumaki (the same, deals more dmg, use the one you get most comfortable with) [198 dmg]
cr.lk, cr.lp, cr.hp, HK tatsumaki (hits only on very close standing, hits almost always on crouching opponents, cr.hp forces stand so use it whenever you see your opponent is crouching while you hit confirm) [208 dmg]
cr.mp, cr.mp, cr.hk (this is for frame traps or footsies at mid range, deals hard knockdown which is good) [192 dmg]
SPS (towards+HP), (cr.lp), cr.hp, HK tatsumaki (good damaging combo, use it when you hit focus lv2 or 3, cr.lp is optional, deals the same dmg) [286 dmg]
If you are close to the corner, you want to do LK tatsumaki instead of HK so as to not corner yourself. You may finish it with LK tatsumaki, MP Shoryuken if you have your opponent cornered.

With meter:
You can do any combo into EX Hadoken, FADC, Ultra 1. In the corner you don’t even need to FADC.
You can also do any combo into Hadoken, Super. Don’t do this if your opponent is dizzy from a combo, it will do little damage and you end with no meter.
Jab Shoryuken, FADC, Ultra 1. This is another nice way to combo into U1.
Air Tatsumaki, Super. You will probably do this while crossing up someone with air tatsu. [390 dmg]

Extra: if you land a jab Shoryuken on a jumping opponent you can juggle into strong Shoryuken (no meter), EX Hadoken (1 meter, more consistent) or Ultra 1. You should only use jab shoryken if you’re certain i’ll hit, otherwise use strong Shoryuken because it has more invincible frames. Diagonal jumping strong (air to air) also juggles into the same combos.


This was my bread and butter hit confirm back in the day.

Jumping hard kick…if it connects, hard sweep. If it doesn’t connect, hard sweep anyway.


First of all, jumping.
Second of all, why would you “sweep anyway”?


That was a joke, had he been trolling, you would be feeding him…


Lol dammit. ._.


Sheeeeeet, who’s joking haha. I’m a bit older then most folk here I assume(mid 30’s).

I remember when SF2 Hyper Fighting hit arcades. That was my go to combo for every single character in the game, lol. Man those were the days. I miss arcades :frowning: