Ryu Hit Confirms



Let’s use this thread for common hit confirms for Ryu

Light Combos
cr.LK -> cr.LP xx HP.shoryu
cr.LK -> cr.LP xx HP.shoryu xx CA
cr.LP -> st.LP -> st.LK xx MK.tatsu
cr.LP -> st.LP -> st.LK xx LK.tatsu -> CA
st.LP -> st.LP -> st.LK xx MK.tatsu
st.LP -> st.LP -> st.LK xx LK.tatsu -> CA

Medium Combos
st.MP -> st.MP xx MK.tatsu Can go into st.MK to push the opponent away if both are blocked. Puts you in perfect range to follow up with hado.
st.MP -> st.MP xx HP.hado
st.MP -> st.MP xx HP.hado xx CA
st.MP -> st.MP xx CA
st.MP -> cr.HP xx MK.tatsu cr.HP -9 on block. Only continue if st.MP is unblocked.
st.MP -> cr.HP xx HP.shoryu
st.MP -> cr.HP xx HP.shoryu xx CA
st.MP -> cr.MK xx MK.tatsu
st.MP -> cr.MK xx HP.hado
st.MP -> cr.MK xx HP.hado xx CA
st.MP -> TC Target combo not safe on block.
st.MP -> TC xx VT - > CA Tight timing window. Too early and CA goes under. Too late and CA whiffs over. Same damage as st.MP -> st.MP xx HP.hado xx CA but harder timing
cr.MK xx HP.hado
cr.MK xx HP.hado xx CA

Heavy Combos
st.HK -> st.LK xx HP.shoryu
st.HK -> st.LK xx HP.shoryu xx CA

Feel free to post any others that you find below and I will update the list


There’s not much point in listing or even knowing all of these. Ryu combos are easier (in my opinion) to illustrate by breaking them down to a simple foundation.

Any LP or st.LK can special cancel(not HK Tatsu)
Any MP can special cancel
cr.MK can special cancel
cr.HP can special cancel (causes stand on hit)
B+HK can special cancel (causes stand on hit)
F+HP can special cancel

cr. LK cannot special cancel
st. MK can cancel into CA i believe

Combo structure (all combos end with a special and/or CA cancel)
cr.LK/Any LP -> st.LK/Any LP
(I can’t remember if cr.LK will link to st.LK will need to test)-I never got the 3 links to work but just add it in. I need to work on these!

Any MP -> Any MP/cr.MK - I don’t recall if cr.MP will link to st.MP
st.MP -> cr.HP

st.HK -> st.LK
B+HK -> st.LK
F+HP -> cr.MP/cr.HP

j.LK -> Any Light / st.MP
j.Any Heavy -> any Medium or st.HK (not sure if B+HK will link)

Hadouken is used as safe combo ender (default)
LK Tatsu is used for easy CA cancel on standing opponent (only hits standing)
MK Tatsu is used for corner carry and more damage than Hadouken (only hits standing)
HK Tatsu can be used for corner carry and in some mixups as it puts you right next to the downed opponent to meaty a quick rise. (only hits standing)
HP Shoryuken is used for big damage and CA cancel
Can replace special cancels with EX versions for more damage.

EX Tatsu can end into EX Shoryuken (this may be corner only)

Overall, Ryu combos are very free form once you understand the structure. You don’t really need to practice and memorize every iteration of Light links. Timing with each combo foundation is nearly identical regardless of which button you inject in the sequence.


It won’t, cr.LK is +2 on hit, st.LK is a 4f move.

It won’t, cr.MP is +4 on hit, st.MP (and cr.MP) are 5f moves. Meaty it will work, counterhit should work too.


You have to v-trigger cancel the s.mk to link CA.