Ryu in Modnation Racers

I’m pretty sure this is considered art since this game is so detailed with creating cars and characters, it’s pretty much of like drawing since you can create anything you can think of (as long as you don’t go passed the sticker limit)

So in celebration of Street Fighter X Tekken, I decided to create Ryu and Kazuya mods on this game. If anyone here has this game and wants to download these mods, my PSN ID is MykleH



Ryu actually looks pretty nice, Kazuya, not so much.
Great work though. (:

What’s wrong with Kazuya though? I thought I got it pretty accurate


Great work! Have you made any other SF/other fighting game characters?

yes but they’re old and don’t have nearly as much detail. They’re decent though





And here’s my most popular mod with over 4000 downloads:

I like the Hakan & Dictator ones.

any chance for a blanka one?..id love to add it on my stick lol

IMO Kazuya is very accurate. And I agree, the Hakan one is really good. Bison is great too. KIU! Make a Juri and Cammy next!