Ryu in the next update/sequel

The thread in the Abel sub forum inspired me to make this. It was about changes they’d like to see in “SF4: Dash” for Abel. A update is likely to happen, so what would you like to see changed with Ryu. I know Ryu is really solid, I don’t need to go into the reasons why he is, you guys all know it already. Basically I want all his normals/specials and health/damage output to remain exactly the same. But I would like at least one new special move to play with.

I’m a Ryu player for life, but I’m annoyed by the fact that he has the same exact moveset that he had back in SF2(just talking about special moves). I’d like to see him get a new move that is really just his own and won’t be taken away like the red fireball and the Joudan. Nothing that will drastically change the way he plays(like a charge move) or ruin the game balance, just something that will compliment his game.

I don’t have any crazy suggestions, but if they wanted to give Ryu the fake fireball from HDR or Akuma’s current red fireball in SF4 then that’d be enough for me. The fake fireball would be really useful against non Fireball characters and the red fireball would be specifically just for Sagat. We could sit on our side and say “no no, you come to me”. But something new and useful would be good as well.

Yeah, give us back the 3rd Strike side kick so I can use that to juggle into Super/Ultra. Woooooo!!! Besides that it was fun to pressure with. Shit… just give me Akuma’s sHK. God tier Ryu with those changes right there. Or maybe a little less start up on f+HP, it’s pretty unusable outside of focus crumble/dizzy right now.

Ryu’s 3s sidekick and the ability to super, EX tatsu, shoryu from it and I’m happy. Oh, and bring back the 3 different supers and replace with 3 different ultras in SF4 Dash!

C.HK xx Hadouken

1)invincible Shoryuken from START to Apex just like in SF2/champion/hyper fighting.
2)ALSO, give him back his AIR Horizontal Hurricane kick like in SF2 hyper fighting, that would increase his strategy alot.

  1. and 2) applies to KEN too.

Evil Ryu…

I use it often as a poke during footsies.

I try to use it as a poke during footsies as well, I’m just not great at it I guess. I get SRKed outta it pretty often.

Evil Ryu would be nice oh and Super/Ultra Arts would be fucking bad ass. Good idea

Hopkick! I miss that thing.

no changes whatsoever. He plays perfectly as-is.

It will be dependent on the nerfs/buffs for other characters. Alot of the things I see in these update threads, is people adding moves giving X character X ability for X situation, not taking into account whether they are unbalancing the game. For example above it seems people are asking for yet another way to combo a super, really? Ryu doesn’t have enough (and come on admittedly easy) ways to link his super/ultra? there are a few characters that have no practical mean to link their ultra whereas Ryu has more than a few practical options lp shoryu, shoryu fadc Ultra, ex tatsu in corner ultra, ex fb Ultra, heck lets throw fa crumble >ultra in there too, now you want to add one more. Thats 5 count em 5 ways Ryu can link his ultra, now you want a 6th.

Maybe this is just spite on my part for playing Dan.

costume that isnt just him with no shirt on

this. Alt costumes is the only area where ken is A-tier, give ryu something cooler.

Spinning Pile Driver.

Hmm I don’t see how you can get srk’ed unless the person just spams. At high levels it’s used without being punished so I’m not sure what’s going on there. I try to use it a couple times per round now. I just incorporated that though so still trying to figure out the best thing to so after it’s blocked. On hit obviously just combo.

Nobody said he needed another way to combo the Super. It was a joke. Wow.

I sorta agree with this i spose. Expect for 2 ( minor ) changes

  1. Make Ex Hurricane more reliable , sure it works most of the time , but when it drops after 2-3 hits it often ends in disaster ( instead of a win\ultra etc ). Also the way it combos into itself in the corner ( on some chars ) is also a tad iffy imo.

  2. Take away SOME recovery on the cr.hp ( and standing? not sure here ) its like 16 frames ( so basically any ultra can hit you on the recovery , not that people do this (yet?)but 16 is just too much… ):\ Something more like 10-ish would be fine

Other than that , i would of course welcome any sort of fun change , like fake fireball , Joudan kick , old air hurricane trajectory , but the last thing i want is for Ryu to become overpowered , so I prolly wouldnt like any more than the two ive stated ( unless of course other changes were made to his and the casts moves\game )

Really? SRK has invincibility frames. You know that Digi, we all do. If the person is on the ball and waiting for a poke, they can SRK it on reaction.

cr.hp is supposed to always be canceled into something. it is retarded disadvantaged on block, but not if you cancel it into a hadouken.

Ryu is fine already. do not make him more broken than he already is… he has no flaws.

Name a real flaw of Ryu… not a nitpick.