Ryu infinite and combos?

Any ryu infinite and combos? I’m tired of seeing storm, magnut, iron man and psy. Time to go old skool.:stuck_out_tongue: Time to go with the one that started it all.

You can Tiger Knee Shinkuu Hadoken and it’s kinda like AHVB. Of course, you have to DHC it into something else so that the hideous lag doesn’t kill him.

B&B: C.Short -> S.Fierce XX Hadoken XX Shinkuu Hadoken.

Have fun.

Ryu sux. GGPO

Combos -

jump in fierce or roundhouse

c.lk c. mk, haduken XX shinkuu haduken

you gotta be sure your jump in hits deep and up close, ditto your crouching light kicks, otherwise the haduken XX shinkuu haduken is not gonna work.


c. lk, c. mk, hurricane kick XX shinkuu haduken.

kinda risky

in conclusion - this guy blows

if you insist on playing him, be sure to tiger knee a lot of fireballs to zone out the opponent. use the jab ones because they travel slower (stay on the screen longer)


corner infinite is hella easy… for all those rookie shit talkers talking shit to a master need to reck. before you get checked

  • in the corner d. hk, tornado kick super, xx lp, mp, tornado kick super…ect

I’m pretty sure you can roll out after the d.hk

Does anyone know any cool combos with his level three, besides something generic like hadokenXXShinshoryuken in corner?

Don’t pay attention to 4x4. He’s a scrub. He likes to use rollable comboes, which may only catch a good player the first two times if he’s lucky. He talks shit about the Big Four and professes the “broken dominance” of 2nd and 3rd Tier characters. If you look back at that combo he posted, the notation isn’t even correct. Ignore him.

:lol: dang, embarrassing…:lol:


Love how “the infinite” is not only not an infinite (in that it requires meter), but it’s also impractical in that you can only do it on certain characters (I’ve only seen the second super combo on Mags), and you have to put yourself in the corner to even do it.

myleftshoe: Launch (+ Capture Assist) into short AC / Shinsho is the only one I can really think of.

yeah, it’s a semi infinite

i don’t know about good solo ryu combos, but i know a few with team shoto as a whole

ryu - projectile
akuma - expansion
ken - anti air

ryu / akuma
clk+ call akuma, clk, dash, when akuma’s hurricane ends, hurricane kick xx shinkuu hadouken, DHC messatsu gou hadou

akuma / ken
clk, clk, hurricane kick, land, messatsu gou shoryu, DHC sho ryu reppa

ken / ryu - a bit hard, and works only on small peeps (megaman, roll, etc)
clk + call ryu, chp, sj, lp, lk, hp, hadouken hits, shoryu reppa, DHC shin shoryuken… any1 else falls wayy too fast for this to hit… and i’ve only done it a few times myself… so it’s not really practical…

akuma / ryu
clk + call ryu, clk, hadouken, xx messatsu gou hadou, xx shin shoryuken

ken / akuma - corner
j.hk, land, call akuma, clk, clk, shoryu reppa, dhc messatsu gou shoryu, dhc shin shoryuken

anyways… nothing flash… but those are some pretty decent damaging combos that u can do in a match… this team is alot about DHC’s… and using akuma’s assist wisely, and kens’ assist defensively. the best way, IMO to setup for shin shoryuken, is to DHC from it…

good DHC’s…

ken - shoryu reppa
akuma - messatsu gou shoryu
charlie - qcf+kk
guile - tkqcf+kk
magnus - grounded tempest
felicia - scratch attack (qcf+pp)
spiral - metamorph
(almost any other grab or melee super that keeps you on the floor during the middle part)

Shinkuu Tatsumaki link works on everyone except Sent, Servebot, and I think BH and Juggs also. Hard to land on Cable and Megaman IIRC. Impractical and hard to land, though you can DHC into it with Storm on point if you get them close enough to the corner.

Ryu has a bunch of combos that are just assist -> hurricane kick, which do good damage. for example crouching Short+Akuma-G, crouching Forward xx Roundhouse hurricane kick can take off like a third of the other guy’s life. Works with other assists to varying degrees (Sent-A, Hulk-B, Cammy-A, Gief-G, Silver-Sam-A, etc). You don’t want to add the super onto the end unless you’re gonna DHC tho, since it’s really not worth the damage with a few exceptions (ie if you do it with Iceman-A or Mag-A a few other assists…it’s a positional thing).

Another basic combo is launch, sj Fierce xx Shinkuu Hadouken (good for DHCs, also). That doesn’t work on all characters tho (Ruby/Gambit size and above, IIRC), so sometimes you have to replace the SJ Fierce with a fireball.

Slightly more advanced version of this combo goes launch+AAA, sj Fierce xx Hadouken xx Shinkuu Hadouken. You can’t DHC out, because of flying screen tho. Works with Dhalsim-G, Megaman-B, CapCom-B, Cammy-A, etc. More damage.

Jumping Roundhouse xx Shin Shoryuken connects, as does jumping Fierce xx Shinsho. I will gladly lose a match just to have landed this combo. There’s some fancier stuff in the corner (ie crouching Short+Strider-B, standing Fierce xx Roundhouse hurricane kick, assist hits, Shin Shoryuken, etc) but Shinsho combos in general are impractical since DHCs make better use of meter (and are easier to land). You can DHC into it, but then Damage Scaling and the fact that DHC supers are weaker than the regular versions comes up.

You can throw Ryu’s AAA in simple combos like most AAAs (ie crouching short, crouching Strong, standing Roundhouse +assist ->whatever combo with Storm, etc), and his Gamma assist (hurricane kick) is randomly useful depending on your character (“glitch” damage like other shoto’s jumping hurricanes).

Can’t air combo into hurricane kick midscreen and have it hit multiple times unless it’s a larger character, but if they’re close enough to the corner crouching Short, crouching Fierce, sj Jab, sj short, sj Forward xx Roundhouse hurricane kick connects for 2-3 hits, depending on the timing. You can also do SJ short, sj strong, sj Forward into hurricane kick, but that doesn’t work on the smaller characters (and conversely the previous combo doesn’t work on the bigger ones).

That’s the stuff that isn’t weird.

Some good simple combos are the basics like sweep into a hurricane kick super and regular hurricane kick cancelled into a shinku hadoken. what’s really awesome is comboing into Shin shoryuken. You can launch into it or cancel a hadoken into it(corner only).