RYU is back with poor mobility option, bad projectile utility and predictable gameplay

After the projectile deflect and being stripped out from his TVC and UMVC3 updates, Ryu is back to be the most un-interesting character. Ryu had returned to the most usual boring character in this game than he was because his lesser now than his former TVC and UMVC3 counterpart, His back from having poor mobility option, bad projectile utility and predictable gameplay.

He just went back to basic plus with new things to deal with that isn’t meant for his character design. This is new radical update that is the projectile deflect that easily make his sole command projectile move not viable tool anymore this messed up with his whole playstyle and Capcom didn’t even gave anything to compensate and cope with those radical gameplay fundamental change.

You can always play him in SFV

Wait nevermind

Well the viable solution to this is simply not use him and just replace with other more technical characters that had less predictability, better mobility options and had wide range of zoning utility variants that would be Morigan, X, Arthur and Ironman.

Well he’s kinda expected to be generic. What tools were you exactly looking for?

Even if he looks kinda lame we don’t know how good/bad he is yet. Maybe he hits like a truck with optimal combos, shinkuu is super fast and can punish everything, maybe DP tag cancel is an invulnerable reversal and somewhat safe, overhead tag cancel maybe combos, etc. There’s some stuff to test so that even if his mobility is absolute ass he might have a niche among those characters you mentioned.

Something like they have already done in past like in TVC air dash while in UMVC like the “Ren Hadouken” and the “Hado Kakuseisimilar a like mode without the buff damage and drain life other than just updates his 2 hyper combo to that similar effect of powerful version.

Ryu has never been top tier in Marvel. He’s too ordinary for Marvel

It’s not like you couldn’t make Ryu good, it’s a conscious decision.

Ryu is meant to be a simple character that does above-average damage but not quite as much as the likes of Hulk. He does that well enough in most games, and I think the system is flexible enough for someone to pick Ryu and not be at a disadvantage. The real question is, is Shoryuken invincible? That’s the closest thing he has to a unique tool within the context of Marvel.

Ryu’s has never been good in Marvel simply because vertical space messes with what would be the perfect moveset in any other 2D fighting game. The shoto moveset is good because of how much space it controls in a normal 2D fighter, the threat of eating a shoryuken means that people are forced to have to stay grounded and try to work their way past the zoning. In Marvel however, super jump height means that shoryuken isn’t that big a threat anymore, allowing people to bypass his space control. That said, I believe they’re thinking that the tag system, combined with gems will help Ryu overcome some of his limitations, e.g. time game helps with mobility, etc.

give him back his hop kick from xvsf. it was great for tick throws and lead to an infinite on hit.

When’s hado shoryuken?

Those mentioned move and utilities doesn’t makes him top tier but it does help him at least to cope up with the environment. It’s not about making him top tier but rather making him have a potential from the usual he was in UMVC3 and TVC.

Since everyone had new updates and flash moves in MVCi that can enhance there mobility option HULK gets wall jump and Thanos gets air dash. So Ryu could also bring back his Air Dash in TVC since his a martial artist.

Ironman, Cap, Dante had nice movesets updates in MVCi beyond there UMVC3 counter parts. While Ryu just need the usual in UMVC3 like Ren Hadoken and Hado Shoryuken.

Characters made from scratch like Arthur and X had there “power-up” based from there games and lore. So Ryu could also bring back the Hado Kakusei like even without the buff damage and drain life other than updating his 2 hyper combo to a better powerful version in UMVC3.

Utility provided in UMVC3 helps him to cope up the situation like the others that can also used the gem advantaged along with there new mobility option and new special moves.

Even smash gave him new tools to make him effective to their gameplay system.

[] Ren Hadoken
] Hado Shoryuken
[] Hado Kakusei -without damage buff other than super enhancement like in UMVC3
] Air Dash

He doesn’t need in fact “new moves” or “new” stuff what he needs was his usual tools isn’t broken in MVC standard compare to the new update of others in MVCi. It doesn’t even make him top tier or threatening to others than just being the usual in his UMVC3 and TVC counter parts.

Just pick time stone and use infinity surge as an air dash.

In any case, he still has access to the super jump directional influence short hop, which is looking to be more important than air dashing anyway.

That’s the same option other had but they have new tools like I mentioned in the comments from.

The thing is that the best of what Capcom can come out with Ryu to deal with the new radical update that deflect projectile? it’s not because… other were treated with new personal counter play updates to deal with the situation. It’s not making him better from scratch but rather better by bringing back the usual or what it was.

The most I could imagine him getting are better normals and some changes to the knockdown on Tatsu so he can convert from that super jump space.

Tatsu should be multi-hitting to knockdown so that it works as a great starter for tag shenanigans.


Cause it’s M-a-H-V-eL b-A-B-e





Pretty much. You’ll get the small stint where the Rayray of Ryu does some work, but there will be no actual reason to use Ryu in tournament. His mix up in Marvel is too honest for Marvel. Just generally the spaces he covers aren’t that great for Marvel

Not like other character don’t get over the top moves.
How about giving him a fireball that goes diagonally across the screen or downwards from the air or some shit?

I don’t get the argument that Ryu was always bad in vs games, and that he should stay that way.
It’s like saying Thanos is godlike in the comic books or another game, so let’s make him the same way here.
I mean I haven’t played any Marvel except Marvel Superheroes, but designing characters to be shit within in a game sounds dumb, unless it’s a joke character by design.

Also that projectile deflection shit is retarded. Capcom revolutionized the genre by adding fireballs to a fighting game, something that hasn’t been seen before, now they try everything they can to make them as trash as possible.